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Addiction professional Outreach and marketing Behavioral Health Network Resources

Addiction Professional Outreach LinkedIn Wasted Time

Using LinkedIn Beyond Addiction Treatment Lead Generation

Many addiction professional outreach profiles on LinkedIn demonstrate they must better understand this valuable business vehicle for networking and addiction treatment marketing. Many need to stop wasting time on LinkedIn and take the time to learn its power. Learning to use this medium, understand its power, secrets, tricks and back-doors is becoming paramount in our industry considering the high turnover rate and daily pressures outreach professionals endure.

addiction professional outreach addiction treatment center marketing behavioral health network resources LinkedIn has over 500 million professionals, it is too big to ignore. Many professionals in our industry do not try to use this medium until they are looking for a job. At this point it is  late in the game to get the best value of this professional “networking” site. It takes time to build a targeted audience and become well known in this extremely large community that goes beyond their normal limits within our industry. Addiction professional outreach in particular should be using LinkedIn for several key reasons.

Their Next Employment Search

The average length of employment for addiction professional outreach for addiction treatment marketing is 6-12 months. Behavioral Health Network Resources knows this because many contact us in panic mode looking to gain access to our resources to find a new job. This first thing we look at is their employment history. The blame here is not entirely on the short-term lengths of employment by the individuals, but also on the treatment centers. They do not provide the tools, or training for their marketing staff. Wherever the blame is, it doesn’t change the fact that these professionals to need to find another position to support themselves and their families.

Becoming a Known Addiction Treatment Center Marketing Professional

When you regularly use LinkedIn you also organically build an audience. This should be a strategic plan to connect and get to know different segments of people that may help you in the future. For outreach professionals these segments include CEO’s, Executive Directors, Marketing Directors and other outreach professionals. It should also include anyone that fits into their future employment plans. Waiting until you need an addiction professional outreach job is not the time to start doing this. You need to already have them as level one connections. This is critical because if they are connected to you, and you have utilized LinkedIn with pulse posts, groups, remarks and likes they should already know about you. This provides you with a warm lead source when job hunting.

Branding Your Current Organizations

LinkedIn should be a part of every treatment centers marketing plan. It is an excellent place to brand your organization. All but a few organizations that understand the value and power of LinkedIn use it for branding.  Many treatment centers, detox’s, sober living facilities and sales/service organizations do not have this in their marketing. LinkedIn can do several things for these organizations if they not only start using it, but also get their staff to use it. LinkedIn can provide mass exposure to the brand, drive visitors to their website and increase their organic SEO. A treatment center, detox, sober living, or sales/service organization with savvy marketing will be able to track visitors from LinkedIn through their Google Analytics and Call Tracking Metrics. If your organization does not have these two vital components they do not understand marketing very well,

As for outreach professionals, if you are branding your organization, you are also branding yourself. It is in your best interest to utilize the content your organization has and push it our strategically on LinkedIn. It should also be noted that you must be careful on what you are posting. This is a reflection of you and you must consider the content of the posts. Posts that have no value to the reader, do not attract and engage your targeted audience, are a direct reflection of you. On LinkedIn, you want to keep it extremely professional, on Facebook you can be a little more relaxed, however you still must attract, engage and bring value to the reader.

Understanding LinkedIn

LinkedIn Addiction professional outreach Charles DavisLearn and understand the powerful attributes that produce specific results in order to stop wasting time on this site. LinkedIn is like going to an addiction and behavioral health conference and their are 20 million addiction and behavioral health professionals there to meet. Being there is not enough, you need to attract them, make them go to your website and engage with them to get results in you’re addiction professional outreach efforts. You also want your organization to provide links on their blog to your profile. This benefits them by a good back link, and benefits you by getting new page views and possible connections. Your organizations blog should be posting new content and engaging visitors.

Addiction Professional Outreach

Behavioral Health Network Resources was started with addiction professional outreach efforts. We have extensively studied and mastered many secrets, tricks, and back doors on LinkedIn. We have built up over 30,000 LinkedIn addiction and behavioral health level one connections, over 35,000 addiction and behavioral health followers and we own 12 addiction and behavioral health groups with over 50,000 members. We also also own 14 groups on Facebook that have over 60,000 members with the Addiction Professional Referral Group (20,000 members) being our most active group. We have built these resources to benefit addiction and behavioral health professionals in their difficult job, and in an effort to gain support of our conferences educating on ethical business and marketing practices.

Addiction Professional Outreach Needs to Build a Network

Behavioral Health Network Resources has a total social media footprint in the millions. We are on LinkedIn 2-3 hrs/day (unless we are putting on our Addiction Executive Ethical Marketing Practices conferences,) FACEBOOK 4-6 Hrs/day, G+ (30 min/day) and Twitter (15 min/day.)

LinkedIn Addiction Professionals Stop Wasting Time

wasting-time-addiction-professional- outreach-rehab-lead-generation

The reason we have dedicated our time to these social media’s is due to the lack of in-depth participation form organizations in our industry; treatment centers, detox’s, sales/service organizations and behavioral health organizations. The rules on getting distribution of posts on social media are changing. Facebook is limiting views of business pages, and personal posts. One of the best ways to get your posts viewed is through groups. Every post is either placed on a group members personal page, or placed in their notifications. If organizations in the addiction treatment industry do not start building a targeted audience through groups, they will continuously have to pay to play. As an outreach professional for an organization in our industry, if you build a targeted group, you provide a valuable asset not only to yourself, but also the treatment center you are working for currently.

Many addiction professionals on LinkedIn are wasting their time by not knowing how to get more reach. A post can potentially reach 100,000’s targeted individuals. This is combined with incorrect postings, poor branding, lack of understanding that marketing has several distinct purposes and no activity at all. Millennial’s have changed how to market and you need content and a social media footprint.

LinkedIn Addiction Marketing Ideas

Addiction-professional-outreach-who-are-you-drug-and-alcohol-addiction-treatment-marketingLinkedIn addiction professionals specifically need to demonstrate their products or services without being cold or hard edged, brand them as a leader, produce traffic to their companies website to increase organic SEO, get the visitor to call or purchase their products or services, establish new relationships that will bear fruit and most importantly attract and engage their target audience.

Outreach professionals for centers or sales/service organizations use this extremely valuable medium in connecting with referral sources, networking, branding, generating traffic and used in conjunction with other pieces of their marketing mix.

Last week, I noticed one respected addiction executive professional wasting his time trying to market his center on LinkedIn. This was an excellent opportunity to pitch our ‘Get Linked for Addiction Professionals” training. So, I personally called him. I said, “I noticed you’re a little active on LinkedIn. How is that working for you?.”

Linkedin Addiction Treatment marketing professional Charles DavisHe said, “Wow, your a real person, I thought your profile was a machine. To be honest, I have received very little results. I’m trying to bring awareness to potential referral sources on our new medication assisted therapy service. Can you tell me how I can do this better on LinkedIn.”

I asked him, “How much time do you spend on LinkedIn?”. He said about an 30 minutes a day. I then asked him, “What results have you gotten from it?” He said, “nothing”.

I told him that I already figured that out by looking your profile and poor activity. I had him pull up his summary of Pulse posts (one of the best indicators on post views inside LinkedIn,) and showed him he was only getting between 10 and 50 views per post. Many are not even doing pulse posts. To put that into perspective our Pulse posts get 300-10,000 views.

I said, “That is the reason for my call. I have been noticing your activity, what and how you are doing it, and couldn’t stand to watch you waste so much time.” I then asked him, “How much is your time worth?” He said, “About $300/hr-$500/hr.”

Addiction Professional Outreach Learn How to Use LinkedIn


I told him, “What if I could save you 1000’s of hours a year on your marketing efforts on LinkedIn, drastically extend the reach of your posts, by giving you two hours of training showing you many of the secrets, tricks and back doors of LinkedIn, how to utilize your LinkedIn contacts inside and outside of LinkedIn and get you 1,000 new targeted level one connections?” He said, “Oh, here’s the pitch that’s going to cost me $1,000’s of dollars.”

Addiction Professional Outreach Needs to Work Smarter

I told him, there are so many wasted marketing dollars in addiction treatment marketing including time wasted on LinkedIn. This program offers a “lifetime value” as these new connections are yours for life. You will get many life time views of your articles and continue to save hours and hours of wasted time for the rest of your life. Our “Get Linked for Addiction Professionals” program is much less than you think. In less than one week your LinkedIn will blow up with new targeted contacts, and two weeks after the training you will be able to see the views on your posts drastically increase. (If you would like to get trained, or have your staff trained give our Charles Davis a call at 561-235-6195.)


LinkedIn addiction professionals also must realize that LinkedIn is only a small portion of the marketing mix that treatment centers, detox’s, sales/service organizations, and behavioral health organizations need. Finding their marketing mix is confusing and overwhelming. However, LinkedIn has uses within and outside of LinkedIn, and should be in the marketing mix for everyone in our industry. We provide social media training (LinkedIn and Facebook) for outreach professionals at everyone of our Ethical Marketing Practices conferences. Check it out and consider attending our next event on 3/30/18.

For all this to work many pieces need to be put in place; properly set-up website, SEO, optimized articles, Google Analytics, call tracking metrics and more. The addiction industry is experiencing major marketing changes and those that do not use social media to get their message in front of their target audience will not survive in web marketing.

Addiction Professional Outreach on Rehab Marketing Consulting

We have several social media marketing programs (90-day Social Media Marketing Program) tapping you into our targeted audience, growing your own targeted audience. This new audience consists of;

  • 1,000 new targeted LinkedIn level one connections
  • 1,500 targeted Facebook friends
  • Facebook group guaranteeing 2,000 targeted members.

The program gets blog posts in front of our built targeted audience for 90 days. We generate 500-1,000 views with in 10 days per blog post using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Scoop-it, press releases and emails to 40,000 addiction professionals. After 90-days we train you on LinkedIn and Facebook so you can do this in-house. Our current audience consists of;

  • Linkedin 30,000 LinkedIn addiction professionals and behavioral health professionals
  • Linkedin 14 groups with over 50,000 addiction and behavioral health members
  • Facebook 15,000 addiction related friends
  • Facebook 12 addiction and behavioral health groups with over 60,000 members
  • Twitter 12,000 addiction and behavioral health followers
  • Addiction and behavioral health active email list of 40,000

If you would like to chat about how to market in our industry, or are interested in our events Addiction Executive Ethical Marketing Practices (EMP) email us at, or call me anytime at 561-235-6195.

CLICK HERE to join 30 of the webs best Addiction and Behavioral Health Groups.

rehab marketing practices content ideas

Google Forces Better Rehab Marketing Practices Top 5

Rehab marketing practices have been scrutinized for a long-time. Patient brokering is the #1 topic in our industry. The New York Times recently released the article “Google Sets Limits on Addiction Treatment Ads, Citing Safety”. Many industry marketing experts agree that this is a good thing for our industry. We spoke with Jim Peake, CEO of Addiction-Rep, a national leader in best rehab marketing practices. He said, “Treatment centers that have the proper SEO, a large organic audience, and a large distribution channel on social media will be the ones that survive.”

Google Forcing Drug Rehab Marketing Practices from PPC to SEO, and Organic Marketing

rehab marketing practices content ideasThe Google restrictions are going to rock our industry. BHNR has been educating the addiction treatment industry on organic marketing since it was founded. Our entire business model is based upon ethical organic marketing. Not only do we provide this for our clients, we also hold addiction executive conferences on ethical marketing practices. At every one of these events we educate on why treatment centers must do organic marketing. It is the most effective and powerful marketing strategy.

Wasted Time and Rehab Marketing Dollars

Addiction treatment centers are now understand the magnitude of the major shifts occurring in our industry. These shifts include paid AdWords, organic rankings and marketing. Consider this, 5-10% of all internet traffic that is clicked on is attributable to paid search. While 50-60% is attributable to organic search. Organic searches are results from a search engine that appear because of their relevance to the search terms. So, why have treatment centers not done proper SEO, and organic marketing? Many do not understand the importance of proper website structure, and are not educated on exactly what needs to be in place structurally on a website. Their lack of knowledge extends even further with on-site, and off-site SEO and social media marketing. All these components must be in place to start ranking in the Google 3-pack and in the top 5 organic slots on page one of Google. The reward is 1000’s of calls which out performs all other marketing combined.

rehab marketing practices content ideasMany centers take short cuts with their marketing. They don’t understand that these short cuts are costing them money. In fact, they don’t even realize that if they invested in having their website built properly, with proper SEO, built a proper distribution channel and grew a targeted audience that they would receive the many calls pushed through by the Google Gods. They will never get there unless they dedicate to a long-term marketing strategy, along with marketing specialists, time, and resources needed to start ranking.

Addiction Executive conferences

Get educated on proper website structure, SEO, and building a targeted social media audience by 5 Executive Panelists.

BHNR has spent the last four years building a targeted audience to bridge a gap for treatment centers. We have built a large targeted audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and G-Plus. We took the time to build these electronic assets to benefit treatment centers. Since social media is earned over time, they need a vehicle to help jump start them in driving traffic to their website. BHNR’s 90-day social media marketing program instantly taps treatment centers into its targeted audience. This program also builds a substantial audience for treatment centers that becomes their electronic asset. This traffic (500-1000 views per article in 7-10 days) it also increases SEO, if it is set-up properly.

Google SEO rehab marketing practices content ideas

The Google restrictions make it paramount for centers to have proper SEO, and to start building a social media presence. It’s going to affect all addiction treatment center operators. It’s probably the biggest event to help ethical operators that we have seen. Our industry has been complaining about bad rehab marketing practices, and click bait tactics for a long- time. The blatant abuse of brand infringement tactics including; website hijacking, changing Google business information, and keyword clicking needed to be addressed. Google’s power is immense, and the ultimate in marketing for all that appear on page one.

Google’s restrictions will assist the big players, and the small players. The ethical players that will benefit will be the one that have correctly set-up their marketing foundation. Below are 6 essential items needed to achieve high organic ranking on Google. These 6 items are a must for all treatment centers.

Addiction Treatment Centers Google Business Page Listings are Being Hijacked

The deceptive marketing practices on Google are not just with AdWords. We have seen marketing companies, and treatment centers hijacking Google Business listings. BHNR has brought national exposure to this issue. Stealing, or changing Google business listings for organizations in Florida is a bad idea. If someone changes those listings in Florida, they are subject to the new deceptive marketing laws passed on July 1, 2017. These new laws bring jail time, felonies, and heavy fines for anyone participating in deceptive marketing practices. You can read these news laws at the bottom of this article, “Patient Brokering Top 5 Legal Things Nationally.”

If you find incorrect information, or information where your website, or phone number are being redirected, you can do several thigs to correct this;

– Confirm your Google business listing, and get one here, if you don’t have one
Correct mistakes to your listing
– Go to this Google My Business Community. There are Google My Business staff in this forum that can quickly get it corrected, and delete the unethical entities that are stealing your leads.

We urge all treatment centers and detox facilities to check their Google business listings daily.

Addiction Executive conferences

Get the essential tools to a successful marketing strategy at the Ethical Marketing Practices Conference.

Best Rehab Marketing Practices

Marketing in the addiction industry is now paramount due to the new laws directly affecting Florida. These laws indirectly affect the entire US. If you don’t get your marketing in check, you will be out of business within the next 12 months. Now, with the Google restrictions, many treatment centers are scrambling with their marketing efforts. They have survived with limited marketing knowledge and experience, however now they must understand, track, and wisely invest in a heathy marketing mix.

Website Rehab Marketing Strategies

Many centers do not understand or value their website. Your website is the foundation of all your web marketing. Many treatment centers judge their websites on its aesthetics, however this is only a small piece of what your website does, or can do, to generate clients. Think of a website as a watch, there are a lot of moving pieces underneath that need to work in perfect harmony. You buy a cheap watch and it looks beautiful, however in a short period of time it doesn’t work. You should think of your website as a Rolex and invest in it correctly the first time with a web company that only services our industry. A company that has years of experience because if you don’t, you will be paying for someone’s education and mistakes.

Building a Targeted Audience that Treatment Centers Own

Think of all the dollars you have spent on marketing and take inventory of anything tangible that you have as a result. Treatment centers should have a large audience on social media, and a large active email data base of addiction professionals for referrals, individuals seeking treatment, and their alumni.

Consider this, LinkedIn has 500 professionals (over 20 million addiction professionals), Facebook has 2 billion people (millions belong to addiction groups), and Twitter has 328 million monthly users. These are the sites that will build your audience and drive traffic. Done correctly, you should be able to drive 1000’s of targeted visitors to your site in 7-10-day periods with a blog that has proper SEO. This drives target market traffic and increases SEO.

SEO Rehab Marketing Strategies

The term SEO is extremely broad and often misunderstood. Your website must be structurally correct to achieve SEO rankings. This is the first step to proper SEO, and is often not done properly. Many centers have a friend that does websites, or a staff member that does websites on the side. You must use a web marketing professional to build your website. Preferably, a professional that specializing in the addiction treatment industry.


After the basic structure of your website has proper SEO, you must start using a blog. The blogs need to be focused on keywords you want to rank for, and it must be attracting and engaging your target audience. The blogs must have proper SEO to get the Google spiders to start ranking them. This takes time ,and a minimum of 2 blogs per week. Writing a lot valuable content that attracts and engages is not enough to achieve rankings. Everything on your website must be in the proper format, structure, keywords, and several different back-links play a critical role.

Once the blogs are in place, you need to push them out on social media. This takes an intimate understanding of the specific social media, and a built (targeted) audience. There are several specific goals you are trying to achieve. These goals include; driving targeted traffic to your website, getting “do follow” back-links, and having the content get shared. This sharing can take place directly on the social media platform, or at your website.

Google Analytics Rehab Marketing Practices

Your addiction treatment marketing should be about 20% of your annual revenue to achieve growth. Many break this down in different ways; some include salaries, all operating costs, cost of operating per client, and other factors. No matter how you break it down, you are spending big dollars on marketing. You MUST be able to track the results of your addiction treatment marketing.


Many centers do not have, do not use, or don’t understand Google analytics. You must have your analytics configured correctly and understand the data. You need to know what is generating clicks to your website, what pages and articles are getting the most click troughs, geographic location of the clicks, real time visitors, click troughs for the day and month, traffic sources, articles that are producing visitors, and many more.

Call Tracking Rehab Marketing Practices


This is must information for centers CEO’s and Executives. With the many marketing pieces in place with your marketing mix, you must know the call metrics. Each marketing avenue, landing page, splash page, source, purchased call center leads, and many more have a distinct phone number assigned to it. There is no more guessing on what is producing the calls. You can tell where the call comes from, how long the call was, who made the call, what produced the call, geographic location and much more. The cost of call tracking metrics in addiction treatment marketing is extremely low. CLICK HERE to check out the most efficient and popular call tracking system in our industry.

PPC Rehab Marketing Practices

Google’s restrictions have affected all players. Certainly, the players that have part of their budget in AdWords. We will see them shifting to GEO targeting and using the smaller search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and MSN. They will not be able to scale to the large numbers of Google, however they will get clients with a CPA that will be lower.

This is a critical time for many treatment centers.

The steps and actions treatment centers put into place now, will determine if they survive. If you would like to speak about proven rehab marketing practices, interest in BHNR’s 90-day social media marketing program, or be a panelist at our EMP (Ethical Marketing Practices) conference in November, you can call BHNR’s CEO, Charles Davis at 561-235-6195.

CLICK HERE to check out our next Addiction Executive Conference.

Top 3 rehab marketing mistakes behavioral health network resources

Top 3 Rehab Marketing Missing Links Losing Revenue

Addiction Treatment Marketing Consultants

Written by:
Charles Davis
Behavioral Health Network Resources

The top 3 rehab marketing missing links are critical in treatment centers marketing plan. Rehab marketing is complicated, competitive; it must be respected and understood to achieve results. Treatment center marketing is a red ocean with many competing to have a page one ranking in organic searches. It takes specialized and experienced professionals in many different areas; web development, content SEO writers, Google analytics, call tracking professionals, and many more to produce calls. Hopefully, you are including the top 3 rehab marketing missing links.due dilligence understanding rehab marketing

This article assumes that you properly invested in your website, and it’s not included in the top 3 rehab marketing missing links. You must have an industry experienced professional firm build, and strategically construct your time piece. I say time piece because a website is like a watch with many intricate moving parts underneath that must work in perfect harmony to satisfy the Google Gods.

Top 3 Rehab Marketing Missing Links|  Understanding Mistakes

treatment center marketing behavioral health network resourcesThere are many nuances that are unique to our industry and having a family member, or a friend build your site will cost you wasted dollars in the end. This thing is, you will not know they are wasted. If your website is not set-up correctly, you will lose web traffic from organic searches because you will not be ranking high on organic listings. In addition, to having the top 3 rehab marketing missing links, you need social signals from many sources to get Google juice, from the Google spiders, to gain organic rankings on Google (2.3 million searches per second).

Top 3 Rehab Marketing Missing Links  |  #1 Google Analytics

The first of the top 3 rehab marketing missing links is Google analytics. Many say they have it, but few understand this extremely valuable tool. This must be used to understand what is working, and what is not working in your marketing mix. It’s in our top 3 rehab missing links because this travel guide is telling you exactly what to do for your addiction treatment marketing to produce results.

This rehab marketing tool should be used daily.

Google analytics can tell you geo locations, traffic sources, content visited, in real time, or over any period. It can also tell you the number of visitors to your site for any period, your visitors interests, engagement, what pages your potential clients are visiting once they are on your site, and how long they were there.

Top 3 Rehab Marketing Missing Links  |  #2 Call Tracking

call tracking behavioral health network resources Rehab Marketing

The second of the top 3 rehab marketing missing links is call tracking. This is an absolute must, and an inexpensive tool providing vital data for your treatment center marketing. If you don’t have it you can check it out by CLICKING HERE.

This tells you exactly what parts of your addiction treatment marketing mix are generating calls.

Call tracking is slick tool that tells you the path they took on your website, name of the caller, location, date, time and length of the call. Even more powerful for your rehab marketing is you can assign a unique phone number for every aspect of your marketing. You can assign a single number for all your Facebook marketing. A single number for each of your splash pages. A single number for the call center you are using, and many more.

Top 3 Rehab Marketing Missing Links  |  #3 Social Media

The last of the top 3 rehab marketing missing links is social media marketing. This was an unexpected lesson I learned when I started my rehab marketing firm Behavioral Health Network Resources. I kind of understood social media by intimately knowing LinkedIn. However, I did not realize how much powerful Facebook was in growing targeted groups, and driving much more targeted traffic to a website (500-1000 views per article in a 5-7-day period). It made me realize the mistakes that many treatment centers make in their marketing.

Social media allows you to reach the largest audience over any other medium. Used correctly, you can reach potential addiction treatment clients in large numbers. Here are the must use social media for treatment center marketing; Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and G+.

Many centers do not understand the different social mediums, and how to unleash the power they possess. Each medium has its own secrets, tricks and back-doors that treatment centers executives, and marketing professionals must understand. Many addiction treatment marketing professionals are wasting tremendous amounts of time when using social media.

Business Marketing is Not Social

First, let’s understand business marketing has specific goals, and steps to achieve those goals. The goals of business marketing are to attract, engage, capture, and convert. You are not going to attract addiction treatment clients with; “Were Sunshine Addiction, JACHO Accredited, and Have Empty Beds”, or “Check Out Our New Website”. The two ways to attract your target audience are with the pic, and title of the post. Remember, you are competing against massive amounts of traffic on Facebook (billions of interactions every day).

addiction treatment marketing top 3 rehab marketing missing linksTreatment center rehab marketing must have engaging content with blog posts (proper SEO, housed on website with a good CTA) that are relevant. The goal is to touch and engage those that may need help.

Here are some interesting facts on users (2 billion) of Facebook. Remember what you are competing against to get potential addiction treatment clients to click through to your website;

  • 90% of web users ages 18-29 are using Facebook
  • 80% of the US web users ages 30-49 are on Facebook
  • 70% of web users that are college educated and earn more than $75,000 per year are on Facebook

Facebook is the #1 used social media site in the world, that is why we included it in our top 3 rehab marketing missing links. Facebook paid marketing works, however you must completely understand how to use it. Either way, Facebook marketing must be in your rehab marketing mix organically, and, or with paid advertising.

Organic Rehab Marketing on Facebook

Addiction Executive conferences

Get the essential tools to a successful marketing strategy at the Ethical Marketing Practices Conference.

Social media marketing is earned over time, so it makes sense to build a target audience (capture) that you own along the way. Many centers severely lack an audience that is their intellectual property. You need large numbers, tens of thousands to produce results. You can CLICK HERE to see our 90-day rehab marketing package that instantly taps you into our already built large targeted audience.

Organically growing friends (Facebook), level one connections (LinkedIn), followers (Twitter), and an email list is a must for your treatment center marketing.

Top Five Criteria Sober Living West Palm Beach

Check List When Searching for a Sober Living West Palm Beach

The Top Five Criteria for Sober Living West Palm Beach is important because even though the new laws fighting patient brokering are helping to weed out bad operators, it is still important to be aware of criteria when seeking a sober living. At the same time, there are 5 Legal Things Addiction Professionals Must Know in order not to have serious legal issues. These 5 things do not have a boundary that is only in Florida. Anyone who is referring into Florida from another state faces the same charges as if they were in Florida. CLICK HERE for the “Top 5 Legal Things Addiction Professionals Must Know” and a break down of the 5 new laws.

Sober Living plays a critical role in the recovery process. Individuals that decide to drive the road to recovery encounter may detours and obstacles that can sidetrack their recovery. While there are many choices of sober living homes, you’ll want to make sure the home you choose offers the highest level of care, qualities, features that foster total support for your recovery success, and are not operating unethically.

>Sober Living West Palm Beach Rocommendations 

Below are the Top Five Criteria when picking a recovery residence in Florida, however the recommendation to contact the following organizations will help reduce the risks of being in the wrong hands and life-threatening situations. There are two very important organizations that one should contact or meet while in the process of picking a sober living. These organizations are; Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition (PBCSAC) and Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR).

The PBCSAC is a collection of ethical treatment centers, government organizations, and individuals setting the framework protecting against “patient brokering“, and better treatment for the addiction treatment industry. This organization has many ethical centers, meets every Tuesday from 9:30 am – 12 Noon at 2300 High Ridge Rd, Boynton Beach, FL., and you can contact them at 561-374-7627.

FARR is an organization that holds sober livings at a higher level and is extremely concerned about patient brokering and a high-quality care. They have intense and strict guidelines that sober livings must produce and maintain to have FARR certification. FARR works closely with law makers fighting for regulation of sober livings protecting the many that need sober living West Palm Beach. You can contact FARR at 561-299-0405. You may also be interested in treatment centers addiction professionals should visit.

Be Aware of Patient Brokering

Individuals seeking sober livings or being recommended to a sober living by a treatment center, or individual, must be careful and cautious before making the decision. Unfortunately, there are “unethical” players out there preying on many addicts that are vulnerable, scared, and clueless to what is actually happening by letting these scumbags place them in a sober home or treatment center. These situations are serious enough that law enforcement,  by the Florida State Attorney, Dave Aronberg have been prosecuting (felonies with long jail sentences) dozens, fighting for addicts and individuals seeking help.

Be Care picking Sober Homes West Palm Beach

Sober Living West Palm Beach

These individuals have back-room deals with treatment centers, or several treatment centers brokering addicts for $500-$2,500 a head. The treatment centers can gain anywhere from $10,000 – $100,000’s of dollars on a single patient. If you are ever offered money to go into treatment, you need to report them to the Sober Homes Task Force toll free tip line at 844-324-5463, and get far away from that individual and centers associated with them. You can read the patient brokering act (CLICK HERE for Florida Patient Brokering law) and you will be able to determine exactly if you are being taken advantage of and if you are in danger.

Research Sober Homes West Palm Beach

Sober Living West Palm Beach

While this seems to be a great opportunity to get some much needed cash, they are placing you in the hands of people that do not care about you, your treatment, your future, or regards to your life. They will talk a great game, be your best friend, connect with you sharing their recovery story, pose as a recovery advocate, and make you feel like they can help. However, they only care about the personal monetary gain from placing you, and how they can manipulate the insurance to continue to pay for “treatment”. These entities have been known to allow drug and alcohol use, entice relapse so you go back to a higher level of care, extortion, and use tactics to keep you in their hands.

These situations will put you at high risk for; relapse, homelessness, and death.

There is much confusion for the sober living operators over the laws regarding regulation of “recovery residences.” Many operators do not clearly understand what is required from the loosely written regulation with several “loop holes.” These new changes have put much-needed regulation in place to fight the vast, national underground network of “patient brokers“. When you are on-line typing in sober living west palm, it would be wise to also call the organizations below to help you make the best possible decision on finding a residence that is safe, and fits your individual needs.

Patient Brokering Arrests

The corruption and unethical practices are widespread, and nationwide. These unethical entities are doing patient brokering, illegal drug testing, enticing to use, and shuffling patients from one center to another to name a few. However, Florida is setting the precedence with the laws that were put into place July 1, 2017.

We educate the addiction and behavioral health industry CEO’s, executives, marketing professionals at our Addiction Executive Thought Leader Conferences in (Riviera Beach, FL). This is a talk show host/town hall forum. Our industry panelists discuss the industry changing new laws (including administrative and patient brokering) that are now in place, what the future landscape looks like for centers and Sober Homes, addiction treatment in general, what’s in the future for the task force, and how they are fighting for addicts to ensure ethical business practices. Our nest event will be in November 2017, check back soon to see our line-up.

Sober Living West Palm Beach Patient Brokering

When you decide to get clean and sober you need to have the best possible level of care in treatment and in a sober living. You are setting up the foundation for your life long journey of sobriety. When you first decide to start your recovery journey, you are scared, confused, and over-whelmed. You must have the confidence that your treatment and sober living choices give you the necessary tools, highest quality of treatment, and assists in your recovery process.

Once you are in treatment at a well-qualified center that fits your individual needs, you will be basically inside a bubble and exposed to that facilities best options for your treatment plan. While you are in treatment you need to start planning for your second phase which is sober living.

Again, the choices will be over-whelming and some treatment centers will bait you with ‘FREE Rent” (this is illegal), or force you to a facility they recommend. If that facility is shady it is usually owned by the treatment center as a LLC, or DBA, or receiving a kick back from the sober living facility. This is considered patient brokering and is illegal.

Finding the Right Sober Living Home

Sober Living West Palm Beach Finding the best recovery residence

Sober Living West Palm Beach

Sober living facilities are needed to provide a supporting and pro-active healthy transition, allowing you to leave the safety of rehab and enter a less-restrictive living environment while maintaining a focus on recovery. Residents enjoy a less structured atmosphere while developing the tools and skills to sustain sobriety in the “real world.”

Sober Living West Palm Beach Top 5 Criteria

While there are many sober living facilities in Florida, especially sober living West Palm Beach, you need to make sure the home you choose offers the highest level of care, qualities, and features that support recovery. You should never commit to living at a sober living home without visiting and talking with the owners and residents.

Top 5 Criteria Sober Living West Palm Beach

#1 FARR Certified Residence

Picking a FARR certified residence is one of the best possible choices because they are regulated with the highest standards currently available. This is a critical decision that affects your recovery. You are faced with an overwhelming amount of decisions each day; many affect your sobriety. You need to know the sober living has a proven structure to assist and support recovery. That’s why it’s so important to find a sober living home that implements a higher level of care. It should also implement rules and regulations, such as mandated curfews and a zero-tolerance drug-free environment.

#2 Safety

Being in a safe environment is an absolute necessity. Look for things like; 24/7 staff, if the entire staff is trained in CPR, do they have an emergency kit in case of an overdose, and a protocol for emergencies. What steps and measures do they have to absolutely make sure there are no drugs or alcohol on the premises? Is there a zero tolerance for possession and use of alcohol and drugs? Check out and speak to the people currently living in a sober living facility. Ask them about the technology and safety measures used by the facility.

#3 Connecting Atmosphere

The camaraderie, atmosphere, mood, energy, and vibe at the sober living house with its current residents are very important. During your tour ask to speak with the current residents, they will be valuable in your decision to pick the right place for you. What types of activities are there to help you develop new skills; assistance with job search, life skills, better eating habits, health and fitness. Make sure you feel a positive vibe; your gut will tell you if it is the right place for you.

#4 Supports and Assists Recovery

A solid support system is crucial for anyone in recovery. 12 step recovery is not for everyone, however the sober living should have other actions on and off the property in place like; relapse prevention, AA, NA, and counseling to assist you in recovery. When evaluating a sober living support team, it’s important to find a staff that truly cares about you and your success…but you also want a staff that’s unafraid to enforce necessary rules and regulations.

Everyone’s recovery path is different and at proceeds at different paces, however individualized recovery plans are essential for staying sober. The employees should be professional, and be there to keep you on the road to recovery. They should be encouraging 12 steps, AA, NA meetings or a support system that fosters sobriety. There should also be some sort of drug testing policy in effect.

#5 Take Responsibility; Own It

Remember, you must own your sobriety. That means that you may not always like following rules and regulations like a curfew, structured events, meetings, etc. You must be willing to do the difficult things to maintain sobriety. The sober living home should challenge you to be able to make that step to be fully functional on your own.

You can be confident that if the sober living is certified by FARR that the above are addressed completely by the sober living facility.

Best Sober Homes Prevent Relapse

For many people, the most difficult aspect of an addiction recovery program is remaining clean and sober after the inpatient program ends. In fact, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 40 to 60 percent of drug addicts revert to drug abuse after rehab. For some drugs, the statistics are even more grim, with relapse rates for drugs such as opiates approaching 85 percent in some studies. The reasons for this vary, but the most common factor is a lack of preparation for the outside world. Recovering addicts are caught off guard by triggers from which they were protected during treatment, such as drug-abusing friends, old party hangouts, and the stress of everyday life.

The purpose of this article “Top Five Criteria Sober Living West Palm Beach” is to make you aware of some things to look for when seeking a sober living. The more research you do, the better your chances of finding an ethical recovery residence. It would be wise to contact the Sober Homes Task Force, FARR, or the PBCSAC to vet any sober homes.


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Treatment Center Marketing LinkedIn Level One’s

LinkedIn Treatment Center Marketing Training

Treatment Center marketing LinkedIn secrests and back-doors

Using Linkedin for treatment center

marketing tool can be extremely valuable. It has over 500 million professionals and many tell me that they don’t know how to use it for treatment center marketing. I have studied this social medium in depth because there is a tremendous amount of value for any addiction related business. It is paramount to know all the SECRETS, tricks, and back-doors to growing your professional audience and how to maximize LinkedIn for referral, sales, and branding. I have learned LinkedIn so well, that I have started my own company Behavioral Health Network Resources based on my LinkedIn addiction professional audience targeting the addiction industry.

Treatment Center Marketing

addiction treatment marketing behavioral health network resources

LinkedIn has an internal ranking system that I am sure many have seen “You are ranked in the top 1%”. I can make someone that has 100, 300, or 500 level one contacts rank in the one percent. This algorithm takes into account a rush of profile views, and is not an indication of your utilization of LinkedIn.  CLICK HERE to see your true performance on LinkedIn and compare it to my score of 90. Many addiction treatment center marketing professionals are fooled by this.

Linkedin Addiction Professional

I offer specific packages for treatment center marketing professional with LinkedIn training, LinkedIn profile management, and a treatment center 90-day social media package with Linkedin and Facebook. I present nationally “Get Linked for Addiction Professionals,” and have held 9 addiction conferences (attracting 160-225 addiction professional attendees) focusing on the ethical business side of our industry. I can tell within 60 seconds of looking at a profile if an individual is utilizing LinkedIn or just wasting their time. With the current landscape of the addiction treatment industry this a is must for treatment center marketing, and addiction treatment centers overall.

Addiction Treatment Marketing Questions

Linkedin audeince The first thing I ask is “How many level one contacts do you have?” The answer is usually around 500. Then I ask “How many groups do your belong to?” The answer is usually under 10. The last questions I ask is “How many people are following you?” The answer usually is I don’t know. I ask several other questions like; “Are you doing Pulse Posts?,” Are you sending them to your organizations website?,” and many more.


The most important thing I’ve learned as an Advertising Executive for the two largest papers in South Florida was that I wasn’t selling ads, inserts, and flyers. I was selling a large audience; a large audience. I tell them for LinkedIn to be effective you need to have an audience. You need to reach mass numbers of professionals that can assist in growing your business.

Treatment Center Marketing LinkedIn Power

Sure, you can post on the main board, but are you reaching the contacts and influencers in your field?

If you have 500 level one LinkedIn addiction professional contacts, you can send a message directly to their board. Now think if you have 10,000 addiction professional level one contacts (there are tricks in growing your level one contacts-more on that in future posts). Get the picture.

If you belong to 10 groups (LinkedIn allows you to belong to 100’s) and post in all 10 groups, assuming all group managers approve your post, you could reach 10,000+ depending on the number of members the groups contain. Now, if you belong to 50 groups your get 5x’s more exposure. There are ways of posting in all 25 groups or more at the same time which takes less than 30 seconds. I will let you in on that secret next time.

Now, look at the followers you have. This can be found at the top your profile page, in the box underneath the top box that has your name on it. You can’t control or solicit for followers. People will follow you if they are interested in what you are doing on LinkedIn. I have over 17.000 addiction professional and behavioral health followers. These followers see my activity.

Social Media Marketing Audience

Social media marketing must be included in every treatment centers marketing mix. However, CEO’s must realize that this takes time. You can’t gain access to this powerful tool overnight. It takes proper SEO on their blog posts, and a distribution channel that they own. There are only a few options to tap into an existing large audience, and grow an audience of their own.

I switched fields over 4 years ago and have grown my LinkedIn network to the following;

17,000 Addiction Professional Level One Connections on LinkedIn

Own 14 LinkedIn Addiction and Behavioral Health Professional Groups with over 40,000 members (Addiction Professional Referral Group has over 16,000 members)

Have over 17,000 LinkedIn Addiction and Behavioral Health Followers

Have 12,000 Facebook Addiction Related Friends

Own 8 Facebook Addiction and Behavioral Health Groups with over 50,000 members

Active Addiction Professional Email List of 40,000

Have 15,500 Addiction related Twitter Followers

EMP Addiction Conference Behavioral Health Network Resources Rehab Marketing Thought Leader

CLICK HERE to learn more at the Addiction EMP Conference November 2017

Addiction Treatment Marketing Requires a Large Audience

addiction professional social media groups on Linkedin 100,000 membersThis is a large audience in my field, probably one of the largest in the addiction professional field. I started my own company Behavioral Health Network Resources with LinkedIn being the foundation of my company. Since February 2014, I have branched off into many areas for treatment centers, detox’s, and sales/service organizations. This has only been possible because individuals see by my activity that I am a leader in the treatment center marketing arena for addiction professionals.


Treatment Center Marketing What Can LinkedIn Do?

stop wasting time on LinkedInI provide Addiction conferences (Click HERE to read over 30 testimonials from one of our SOLD Out events the Addiction VIP Symposium), 90-day social media addiction treatment marketing packages tapping your organization into my large audience and growing an audience for you, set-up referral relationships that are extremely valuable to treatment center marketing professionals, LinkedIn addiction professional profile package, connecting private clinicians, EAP’s, Interventionists, LMHC’s, attorneys, detox centers, and all addiction related businesses. I have several treatment centers that have contracted me as a marketing consultant. I have done marketing for; Challenges Treatment Center, Artesian Wellness, International Recovery Center, Sigmund Software, Pass It On (A live off Broadway play featuring Bill W & Dr. Bob), and I even helped high level addiction professionals find employment.


Addiction Treatment Marketing Being More Efficient

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional meeting place and the most underutilized medium in the addiction treatment marketing industry. If you’re not putting in the time to utilize it you’re missing out. There are many tricks and short cuts to utilizing LinkedIn which I will feature in future posts.

Ask yourself “How much is my time worth?… $100/hr, $200/hr, $500/hr. If your spending 5 hours a week on LinkedIn, that’s 20 hours a month, …240 hours a year! If you do not understand how to maximize your time, and get a return, your just wasting time and money. If you’re interested in learning all the secrets, tricks, and back doors of LinkedIn, or want to inquire about our 90-day social media marketing package feel free to contact me at 561-235-6195, or

connect on LinkedIn Charles Davis Linkedin Addiction ProfessionalCLICK HERE to join our most popular group with 16,000 addiction professionals and get connected with many addiction treatment marketing professionals trying to assist clients that they cannot provide the services for, get the latest addiction and behavioral health information, addiction and behavioral jobs, companies that are hiring, conferences and networking events, DCF information, Accreditation Information, treatment centers and Detox’s that are for sale, buyers that are interested in purchasing addiction and behavioral health organizations, and much more…

If you are in the addiction treatment industry please connect with me HERE.

Linkedin addiction and behavioral health groups

35 of the Webs Best Addiction and Behavioral Health Groups to Join with over 100,000 Members

CLICK HERE to check out these 35 outstanding groups

Charles Davis LinkedIn Top Contributor

Addiction Treatment Center Marketing [No IoT Assets]

Addiction Treatment Center Marketing

Addiction treatment center marketing is a big picture and you need a vision for long-term solutions. Many treatment centers are short sighted with their addiction treatment center marketing spend efforts. I’m not the only one that sees this in the addiction treatment and addiction sales/service markets. So much, that they don’t read, or understand their Google Analytics. Also, many do not have call tracking (CLICK HERE to get) telling them where the call came from (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, organic, paid, etc.). What articles are producing the most calls, and who made the call. You also get their contact information, and much more intel.

Top 5 musts in addiction treatment marketing

Many industry experts are saying that only about 5-10% of all internet traffic is attributable to paid search. While 50-60% is attributable to organic search. Organic searches are results from a search engine that appear because of their relevance to the search terms.

Addiction Treatment Center Marketing Spending Big Dollars

wasting money on Google adwords rehab marketing

There are big dollars spent on addiction treatment center marketing in the Addiction Treatment Industry. It takes a lot to get treatment clients and to get sales/service business. According to FORBES Magazine, 40 BILLION Dollars of revenue are generated from addiction treatment alone. If you are savvy in addiction treatment center marketing, you are spending 20% of your revenue on marketing. That means there are over 8 billion dollars being spent on addiction treatment marketing in our industry. Even well-established centers, and especially new centers should have an addiction treatment center consultant guiding, and steering them away from costly mistakes.

Addiction Treatment Center Marketing IoT

There are currently two national shifts occurring in addiction treatment center marketing. National large treatment centers are bullying the small to medium size centers with the GOOGLE ADWORDS market. GOOGLE is laughing all the way to the bank everyday. Consider this, GOOGLE is generating a whopping 100 MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY in ADWORDS. There are about 75 players spending $500,000-$3,000,000 per month in the addiction industry. This is causing major problems for the small to medium size players to be able to play the ADWORDS game. They are scared and don’t know how to resolve the problems. This combined with the new laws that were put into place on July 1, 2017 in Florida. It’s paramount that addiction treatment centers get organized and educated on their marketing practices.

Drive Visitors to Your Website

marketing mix including call tracking addiction treatment center marketing

It generally takes about 10-15 calls to generate one client in addiction treatment center marketing. The CPA is generally $1500-$3,000 per client depending how you break it down. In that process, there are 100’s that have touched upon their center. The days of being happy getting that one are gone. You need to repeatedly and continually get them back into your referral sales funnel. Also, focusing on a minimum of 4 social mediums (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube) is an absolute must. However, they need an established large audience, and solid content to drive traffic (we drive 500-1000 visitors every 7-10 days) organically growing SEO is paramount. Social media is a must for any treatment center, and they need to learn how to build their own electronic assets.

Addiction Treatment Center Marketing – Adwords

Many small to medium size players have unsophisticated marketing infrastructure in place. They have an overall lack of knowledge with marketing. They have been somewhat successful until now in the ADWORDS sandbox. For these centers to survive they must get smart and have something to show for the $15,000-$25,000/Month marketing spend. They need a long-term plan, with a large marketing mix, that gives them something to show for their yearly spend on marketing.

addiction treatment center consulting Charles Davis

With the ADWORDS game once you run out of money or stop paying up to $52 a click, your marketing is totally gone. No more leads, no more lead generation, and no more SEO. There mareting completely stops with nothing to show for their spend. Placing a solid organic model to their addiction treatment center marketing mix would of played better. They would still have a steady “drip” of conversions, and steady Eddy SEO with their audience they own.

Content Models take time to start producing (6-9 months), and 3 years to put your organization in their optimum position. It takes and understanding of social media, email marketing, SEO, call tracking, Google analytics, and much more. Contact Charles Davis at, or 561-235-6195 to make sure you have something to show for your marketing spend in the future.

Addiction Treatment Center Marketing & Consulting

If you are a CEO, or an Executive of a addiction treatment center you must have detailed marketing plan. One with a healthy marketing mix to generate clients. A marketing mix is constantly changing and being modified to the ongoing changes in the market. If you don’t have, you better get one because with the changes on the business side of our industry it has become paramount you have one in place.

Addiction Conference EMP Addiction Treatment Marketing

CLICK HERE to larn more about our Addiction Talk Show Host Conference

All treatment centers should own a targeted audience. Building and owning a social media audience gives a life-time value to your center that pays dividends year after year. If you haven’t, start building your center’s electric assets. Grow a targeted audience that is yours to keep. BHNR is a addiction treatment center marketing and consulting firm. Our team, with over 30 years combined industry experience can increase calls, traffic and revenue. Our 90-day marketing program instantly plugs you into our direct targeted audience on Facebook (100,000), LinkedIn (75,000), and Twitter (14,000). We run your Facebook and LinkedIn for 90-days distributing your quality content to millions. After the 90-days we teach you all the secrets, tricks, and back-doors on these mediums so you can finally have an audience that you own.  CLICK HERE for more information.


Patient Brokering Top 5 Legal Things Nationally

Addiction Professionals 5 Must Know Legal Items

patient-brokering-laws-addiction-executive-conferences-vehavioral-health-network-resourcesPatient Brokering is affecting treatment center owners, detox center owners, sober home operators and all addiction professionals. This hurricane has full force with 5 these bills that are now a new law; HB 807 (SB 788), HB 249 (SB 588), HB 477, HB 557 (SB 840), and SB 866 (HB 791). This hurricane is directed towards patient brokers, drug dealers, prescribing doctors, and hospitals (collection of OD data). However, it has drastically affected many addiction treatment centers in South Florida. It requires them to operate quite differently facing severe penalties, felony charges, and jail time. The old “Laissez-faire” operating mentality is gone and being replaced because of abuse, irresponsibility, and the loss of many lives. The patient brokering laws passed in Florida affect the nation. All addiction professionals must be aware of the new Florida patient brokering laws as of July 1, 2017.

BHNR Educates on Ethical Business Practices Fighting Patient Brokering

This is first time our industry we have regulations designed to get rid of the large underground network of patient brokers. The new laws are ultimately designed to address the heroin epidemic and save lives. If you do not completely understand all the legislation that has come, and is coming you will not be operating soon.


Top 5 Thing for Addiction professionalsAt Behavioral Health Network Resources (BHNR) October 27, 2016 event where we honored the Riviera Beach Civil Drug Court. We raised over $400,000 worth of treatment scholarships (services not monies). At that event, we said there was a hurricane coming to South Florida. We were preparing the addiction professionals for the upcoming changes. BHNR hosts addiction conferences (12 events total) educating Executives on the ethical business side of addiction. Behavioral Health Network Resources knew it was their responsibility to fight against patient brokering. To use our loud voice in the professional community, and on social media educating on these complex changes.

Patient Brokering Florida Understanding the Landscape

Early in 2017, we were attending the Sober Homes Task Force and Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition (PBCSAC) meetings. We did this to try and understand the legislative process and the changes that are coming from some of the industry’s addiction professionals. We sat quietly, listening, getting educated, and took in all the information that we could to get an understanding to educate the professional community and the Executives attending our events.

Changes in addiction professionals lawsWe sat in meetings and tried to get an understanding on these changes. We noticed that there are only about 40-50 organizations participating with these organizations. These organizations have formed the landscape for the legislative changes. Any organization that has not been present or decided not to participate could have helped mold the new regulated addiction treatment industry.



Educating Treatment Industry for Clarity

In our current journey there are still areas where we are confused. The legal jargon that the bills are written can be extremely difficult to understand. Trying to completely understand some areas where there are loop holes. We have spoken with many operators and addiction professionals. Many thought the changes would never happen. Almost all are relying on the interpretation of their legal counsel, or even worse an interpretation from their peers. We have also seen on social media the same type of reaction with many complaining, but few getting involved.

Our industry is changing fast, self-regulation, unity and positive messages are needed. We felt it’s extremely important for all professionals in our industry to gain as much knowledge as possible on these drastic changes and have allowed access to the Facebook Live feed below of the event. Below you can visit the panelist portion of the event and get educated on some of the issues.

Patient Brokering Laws in Florida

The current Florida law that was passed on July 1, 2017 (HB 807, SB 788) broken down to simplistic terms;

Rehab Marketing an Patient Brokering

Marketing: Drug treatment center marketers will need to be licensed by the state’s Division of Consumer Services. Deceiving, lying, or misleading about treatment services offered, amenities and the high jacking of 800 numbers will be a first-degree misdemeanor. We have been educating centers of the 800-number high jacking using our national social media audience, and as a personality on the national Radio Raw Show.

Patient Brokering Arrests Florida Legal Issues

Criminal Penalties: Statewide you can be investigated and prosecuted for patient brokering. Prosecution could result in a felony and the fines increase with the number of patients brokered. Brokering more than 20 patients will be a first-degree felony and a whopping fine of $500,000.

Patient Brokering and DCF

Top 5 Things addiction professionals must knowDCF’s Role (Department of Children and Families): It will now cost much more to license a facility and the penalty for operating without a license is a third-degree felony with a maximum 5 years in jail. DCF significantly increased licensing fees. Operating without a license becomes a third-degree felony, carrying a maximum five-year prison sentence. DCF now has new rules including; clinical, treatment best-practices, operating standards, levels of qualifications for addiction professionals and the number of staff that will be required to operate. DCF will is also allowed to visit your center anytime without notice and inspect all the above.

As a treatment center owner, detox center owner, sober living owner and all addiction professionals you need to completely understand the 5 bills that have passed below;

Patient Brokering Bills Now Law

HB 807 (SB 788) — Marketers will now have to be licensed and there are stiff penalties and fines for patient brokering. and centers will be help legally liable for deceptive marketing practices. It makes DCF the “big brother” and enforcer of the industry. You can find more information by reading “Top Five Criteria Sober Living West Palm Beach

Sponsors: Reps. Bill Hager, R-Boca Raton; Gayle Harrell, R-Stuart; and Joseph Abruzzo, D-Boca Raton; and Sen. Jeff Clemens, D-Atlantis.

HB 249 (SB 588) — Paramedics, emergency techs, and hospitals to collect data on overdoses and report them to the Dept. of Health. It also forces hospitals to adapt overdose protocols.

Sponsors: Reps. Bob Rommel, R-Naples, Larry Lee Jr., D-Fort Pierce; and Sen. Kathleen Passidomo, R-Naples.

HB 477 —  Directly attacks drug dealers with min. and mandatory jail time including heavy fines for dealing in fentanyl. It also gives prosecutors the option of imposing murder charges.

Sponsors: Reps. Kathleen Peters, R-St. Petersburg; and Charlie Stone, R-Ocala.

HB 557 (SB 840) — Directed towards prescribing physicians controlling the quantity of opioids prescribed to five days. The Prescriptions that are filled for any controlled substances must be reported in the State prescription drug monitoring database within one day.

Sponsors: Rep. Nicholas Duran, D-Miami, Rep. David Silvers, D-West Palm Beach; and Sen. Jeff Clemens, D-Atlantis.

Florida patient brokeringSB 886 (HB 791) — Protects individuals that have been Marchman Acted by making their court records confidential.

Sponsors: Sen. Bobby Powell, D-West Palm Beach; and Rep. Joseph Abruzzo, D-Boca Raton.

Addiction Executive conferences

Get the essential tools to a successful marketing strategy at the Ethical Marketing Practices Conference.

Patient Brokering Florida Sets the Regulation Pace for the Nation

While Florida has one of the worst reputations for addiction treatment in the US, we must realize that Florida is also one of the most popular destinations for treatment and one of the nation’s largest providers of treatment. The large underground patient brokering network is national and many other states have the same issues as Florida, however the spot light has been on South Florida. The work that has been done, and will be done, is setting a precedence to be followed nationally, and with Dave Aronberg, his army and national plans to save lives puts Florida in a positive light with the new “Florida Model” to be followed.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the current situation on new laws effecting the heroin epidemic. Leave your comments below.

Sponsor Future Addiction Conferences

Webs top 30 addiction professionals groupss and networking

BHNR is dedicated to educating Addiction Executives on ethical business practices nationwide, with our events attracting a national audience. We are in process of hosting our Addiction Executive Thought Leader Panel Series events in other states like California, Texas, and in the Northeast. If your organization is dedicated to ethical business practices and want to educate your peers, we would like to speak with you about partnering on an event in your state. Our conferences have helped us build up one the largest addiction professional audiences in the nation. These conferences have assisted us in being educated by successful thought leaders in addiction treatment marketing.

Addiction Professional Groups Fighting Against Patient Brokering

Facebook Addiction Professional Referral Group 19,000 Members (500 being vetted for approval). Extremely active group that is an outstanding ethical resource for Addiction Professionals. This group has banned over 4,000 questionable members. CLICK HERE

LinkedIn Addiction Professional Referral Group 19,000 Members

Facebook The Business Side of Addiction and Behavioral Health 2,500 Members

Facebook South Florida Addiction Professional Connection 1,900 Members

Facebook Generation “X” Addiction Unleashed 10,000 Members

Facebook South Florida Addiction Connection 2,000 South Florida Members

Facebook Addiction Treatment Industry Top 100 6,000 Members

Facebook South Florida Connection Addiction and Behavioral Health 10,000 Members

Facebook Addiction and Behavioral Health Events 5,000 Members

Facebook  ᗩᗪᗪIᑕTIOᑎ ᖇEᔕᑕᑌE; ᕼEᒪᑭ ᗷEᖴOᖇE IT’ᔕ TOO ᒪᗩTE 6,000 Members

Facebook Addiction and Behavioral Health Options 2,500 Members

Facebook 𝑩𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑪𝒚𝒄𝒍𝒆 1,000 Members

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Monumental Industry Changes Conference – Sponsored by RecoveryRadio.FM

Posted by on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

American Addiction Centers 800 Numbers Behavioral Health Network Resources

American Addiction Centers Addressing 800 Number High Jacking; Due Diligence

American Addiction Centers 800’s Being Stolen

American Addiction Centers sat down with Behavioral Health Network Resources, CEO, Charles Davis on a live national radio show. American Addiction Centers wanted to educate treatment center CEO’s, and Executives on the sophisticated marketing scheme on high-jacking treatment centers 800 numbers (View radio show at the bottom of this post). Mr. Davis said, “This is a huge national problem that, and many centers are unaware their clients are being re-routed.

american addiction centers behavioral health network resources 800 numbersThe addiction treatment industry is a 40 billion dollar a year industry. It’s in the midst of unprecedented change with battling patient brokering. On the forefront is “boots on the ground” patient brokering, however the power of lead generation on Google poses just as big of a problem. Treatment centers must get educated on their marketing practices to survive. Many are unaware of the “Top 3 Rehab Marketing Missing Links Losing Revenue“. Their foundation in web marketing is poor. They need to have their websites set-up properly, get back-links from reputable sites, and have proper SEO on their keywords. On September 16,2017 Google finally stepped up by restricting AdWords in the addiction treatment industry.

Savvy web marketers have devised ways to re-rout tens-of-thousands of calls per day. The scheme is using Google business listings. Many of the small treatment centers are not web savvy marketers. Their websites aren’t set-up properly, no Google analytics, no call tracking, and no blog. These are the perfect targets for the 800 jacking. This scheme is extremely sophisticated and are also targeting the big players like American Addiction Centers. When they get caught they just deny it. It is extremely difficult to prosecute. It is easy for anyone to change current information such as a phone number.

Anyone can submit a change to a Google business pages. Google will go to the person making the changes and say is this correct. This is why even the big players are having their numbers switched. One step, is to install call tracking, and monitor it daily. This is inexpensive, we just set-up a small client and they are only paying about $50 per month.

American Addiction Centers Warns Industry

Addiction treatment marketing professionals should be involved with social media. At the very minimum they should be on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+, and You Tube. The issue American Addiction Centers is warning centers about is in many Facebook social media groups including Addiction Professional Referral Group, (16,000 Members), and The Addiction Industry Top 100 Group (5,300 Members). Many are pointing the finger on this national problem without in-depth due diligence. Get educated on this national problem in the video below. Please note we experienced technical sound difficulties and the sound does not start until 2 min. and 15 sec. into the video.


Behavioral Health Network Resources addiction conferencesWe held an Addiction and Behavioral Health Executive Thought Leader Symposium, on May 10, 2017. in Riviera Beach, FL. addressing this issue. This event featured 5 Executive Thought Leaders (Asst. State Attorney, PBC Substance Awareness Coalition, PBSO, Indian Bob, and more…) discussing sober homes regulation, and treatment center busts. In addition, what’s in store for the future, and vital marketing intel from other panelists were covered during this unique talk show host/town hall forum. This event attracted 210 addiction professionals, 90 CEO’s and 20 exhibitors. CLICK HERE to check out the entire event. BHNR’s next event will be in November 2017.

If you are a treatment center and have not registered your Google business listing, you can find out how here.

Being involved with addiction professionals on a national basis is a must to be aware of the fraudulat practices that are happening in every state. Here are over 35 groups with well over 120,000 members that you can join;

Facebook Addiction Professional Referral Group 16,000 Members. One of Facebook’s most active addition groups, highly monitored over 4,000 banned in last 12 months.

Linkedin Addiction Professional Referral Group 14,000 Members

Facebook Generation “X” Addiction Unleashed 9,500 Members

Facebook South Florida Addiction Connection 1,900 South Florida Members

Facebook Addiction Treatment Industry Top 100 6,200 Members

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Recovery Radio RAW – April 21st 2017

Posted by on Friday, April 21, 2017


addiction treatment marketing Millennials

Addiction Treatment Marketing Neglects Millennials

Understanding Addiction Treatment Marketing

Millennials and Addiction Treatment Marketing

millennials and addiction treatment marketing segmentsAddiction treatment marketing neglects millennials in many ways. There is an understanding gap between millennials and addiction treatment marketing organizations in our industry. Millennial’s are changing addiction treatment marketing and behavioral health marketing.  I know, I am one and have been in treatment a couple of times. We are forcing businesses to truly engage and build relationships with us to get into treatment. We are in a scared and confused state, and need to be in touch and comfortable with our treatment center decision.


Addiction Treatment Marketing Neglects Millennials Lifestyle

Treatment center marketing mistakes I am part of a generation that currently represents the largest potential lifetime value of all the consumer segments. We are not uneducated, lazy, or unwilling, We understand that we need to seek help for our addiction and behavioral health issues. We all know that the national success rates of treatment are at about 10%. The reality is that we need to be in treatment more than once, and treatment centers need to not only attracted and engage us, but also stay in front of us after we leave their center.


Addiction Treatment Marketing Neglects Millennials

After attending a marketing conference in Las Vegas where millennial’s was the hot topic. It dawned on me that there is a huge gap between millennials and addiction treatment marketing. Addiction treatment marketing neglects millennials because they are failing to attract and engage us. We are their largest target market. The addiction treatment industry is being dominated on the largest social medium (Facebook) by patient brokers because they understand how to attract, and engage individuals seeking treatment. Treatment centers need to understand and use more sophisticated marketing that attracts, engages, and brings the viewer to their websites.

Addiction Treatment MArketing Behavioral Health Conference

Addiction Executive EMP Conference November 2017

Millennial’s are the largest audience of potential buyers of treatment.  A millennial is anyone born between 1980 and 2005; there are over 80 million. We are ethnically diverse, mainly college graduates, and know/dominate the internet. The internet, cell phones and social media are our BFF’s where we spend most of our time. Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, and yes even LinkedIn are some of our favorites The internet, cell phones and social media are our BFF’s. There must be an awareness, that this is the largest segment of potential clients, to get rid of the separation between millennials and addiction treatment marketing. Want to learn more about social media marketing? Click here to check out the Addiction “Ethical Marketing Practices conference” in November 2017.

Addiction treatment marketing neglects millennials by Lack of Engagement

content rehab marketing

When trying to figure out why they are not getting through to us, addiction treatment falls short in sustaining a truly dedicated effort to connecting with us.

This type of approach involves developing programs from scratch specifically for millennials, including: content, getting us to engage and building a trust relationship. We spend most of our time on mobile devices and want to be engaged.

Addiction Treatment Marketing

basic addiction treatment marketingFrom a marketing professional perspective, it really is the basics.  Offering potential client/service engagement using our language, in an honest and true story we can relate to, not clinical jargon. We understand what we are experiencing with our drug and alcohol issues and attacking us from a clinical perceptive does not work effectively. Please stop with the, were Sunshine Rehab, were JACHO accredited, and we have open beds. This type of marketing is useless and embarrassing to your center. Try hitting us up with content that relates to our lives, and what we are experiencing.


Addiction Treatment Marketing Neglects Millennials with Lack of Content

Addiction Treatment Marketing Neglects MillennialsThe bottom-line is millennials are going to use our “inner circle” to find out about treatment. We are looking for social mediums that are not polished and professional.  We are thirsting for, interesting, real life experiences similar to ours that opens us up, and email contact that touches us a makes us want to engage.  We prefer to see content that relates to us, not clinical crap, and not what a cookie cutter marketing agency thinks we want.

Examine your marketing model and take the time to engage with millennial’s; we are the most powerful buying group in the nation. If you don’t get in front of us and engages us chances are you will not be seeing us in your center.

Article written by Millennial, Madison Richards

One of the biggest problems is many treatment centers and sales/service organizations want an instant return. They used instant results with adwords and PPC. Social media is only a part of your marketing mix, and audience is earned over time. It requires your most important web marketing tool which is your blog. This requires content that is relivent to the reader. The landscape of social media has changed due to complex algorithms.

Addiction Treatment marketing neglects millennials by Not Being in Front of Them

The days of just posting and seeing results are gone for addiction treatment marketing. You either have to pay Facebook or Linkedin for ads, or build your own audiences within these mediums. Our 90-day social media marketing package not only taps you instantly into our audience, but also grows an audience that is your intellectual property after our 90-day social media maketing program.

30 of the webs best addiction professional groupsIf you are interested in tapping into our captured audience of 30,000 Addiction and behavioral health level one connections on LinkedIn, our 14 LinkedIn addiction groups with 40,000 members, our 12,000 addiction related Facebook friends, our 8 Facebook addiction groups with over 50,000 members, our 13,000 addiction twitter followers, and our professional email list of over 40,000 addiction professionals contact Charles Davis at 561-235-6195, or

Click the above pic to see 35 of the webs best addiction groups, or click the highlighted links below to join a couple of the most popular Facebook groups. Join over 16,000 Facebook group members and assist the dozens seeking treatment information in these two Facebook groups; Addiction Professional Facebook Group 17.000 members, and Generation “X” Addiction Unleashed 9,500 Members.

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