Top 3 rehab marketing missing links are critical for rehab lead generation in a treatment centers marketing plan.

This top 3 rehab marketing missing links list entails the most common mistakes made by treatment centers. Rehab marketing is complicated, competitive; it must be respected and understood to achieve results. Treatment center marketing is a red ocean with many competing to have a page one ranking in organic searches. Many centers resort to rehab marketing companies to buy rehab leads. Buying rehab leads is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. It's critical with the current state of our industry to include a long-term solution.

It takes specialized and experienced professionals in many different areas; web development, content SEO writers, Google analytics, call tracking professionals, and many more to produce calls. Hopefully, you are including the top 3 rehab marketing missing links.due dilligence understanding rehab marketing

This article assumes that you properly invested in your website, and it’s not included in the top 3 rehab marketing missing links. You must have an industry experienced professional firm build, and strategically construct your time piece. I say time piece because a website is like a watch with many intricate moving parts underneath that must work in perfect harmony to satisfy the Google Gods.

Top 3 Rehab Marketing Missing Links  |  Understanding Mistakes

There are many nuances that are unique to our industry and having a family member, or a friend build your site will cost you wasted dollars in the end. This thing is, you will not know they are wasted. If your website is not set-up correctly, you will lose web traffic from organic searches because you will not be ranking high on organic listings. In addition, to having the top 3 rehab marketing missing links, you need social signals from many sources to get Google juice, from the Google spiders, to gain organic rankings on Google (2.3 million searches per second).

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Top 3 Rehab Marketing Missing Links  |  #1 Google Analytics

The first of the top 3 rehab marketing missing links is Google analytics. Many say they have it, but few understand this extremely valuable tool. This must be used to understand what is working, and what is not working in your marketing mix. It’s in our top 3 rehab missing links because this travel guide is telling you exactly what to do for your addiction treatment marketing to produce results.

This rehab marketing tool should be used daily.

Google analytics can tell you geo locations, traffic sources, content visited, in real time, or over any period. It can also tell you the number of visitors to your site for any period, your visitors interests, engagement, what pages your potential clients are visiting once they are on your site, and how long they were there.

Top 3 Rehab Marketing Missing Links  |  #2 Call Tracking

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The second of the top 3 rehab marketing missing links is call tracking. This is an absolute must, and an inexpensive tool providing vital data for your treatment center marketing. If you don’t have it you can check it out by CLICKING HERE.

This tells you exactly what parts of your addiction treatment marketing mix are generating calls.

Call tracking is slick tool that tells you the path they took on your website, name of the caller, location, date, time and length of the call. Even more powerful for your rehab marketing is you can assign a unique phone number for every aspect of your marketing. You can assign a single number for all your Facebook marketing. A single number for each of your splash pages. A single number for the call center you are using, and many more.

Top 3 Rehab Marketing Missing Links  |  #3 Social Media

The last of the top 3 rehab marketing missing links is social media marketing. This was an unexpected lesson I learned when I started my rehab marketing firm Behavioral Health Network Resources. I kind of understood social media by intimately knowing LinkedIn. However, I did not realize how much powerful Facebook was in growing targeted groups, and driving much more targeted traffic to a website (500-1000 views per article in a 5-7-day period). It made me realize the mistakes that many treatment centers make in their marketing.

Social media allows you to reach the largest audience over any other medium. Used correctly, you can reach potential addiction treatment clients in large numbers. Here are the must use social media for treatment center marketing; Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and G+.

Many centers do not understand the different social mediums, and how to unleash the power they possess. Each medium has its own secrets, tricks and back-doors that treatment centers executives, and marketing professionals must understand. Many addiction treatment marketing professionals are wasting tremendous amounts of time when using social media.

Business Marketing is Not Social

First, let’s understand business marketing has specific goals, and steps to achieve those goals. The goals of business marketing are to attract, engage, capture, and convert. You are not going to attract addiction treatment clients with; “Were Sunshine Addiction, JACHO Accredited, and Have Empty Beds”, or “Check Out Our New Website”. The two ways to attract your target audience are with the pic, and title of the post. Remember, you are competing against massive amounts of traffic on Facebook (billions of interactions every day).

Treatment center rehab marketing must have engaging content with blog posts (proper SEO, housed on website with a good CTA) that are relevant. The goal is to touch and engage those that may need help.

Here are some interesting facts on users (2 billion) of Facebook. Remember what you are competing against to get potential addiction treatment clients to click through to your website;

  • 90% of web users ages 18-29 are using Facebook
  • 80% of the US web users ages 30-49 are on Facebook
  • 70% of web users that are college educated and earn more than $75,000 per year are on Facebook

Facebook is the #1 used social media site in the world, that is why we included it in our top 3 rehab marketing missing links. Facebook paid marketing works, however you must completely understand how to use it. Either way, Facebook marketing must be in your rehab marketing mix organically, and, or with paid advertising.

addiction treatment marketing top 3 rehab marketing missing links

Organic Rehab Marketing on Facebook

Social media marketing is earned over time, so it makes sense to build a target audience (capture) that you own along the way. Many centers severely lack an audience that is their intellectual property. You need large numbers, tens of thousands to produce results. You can CLICK HERE to see our 90-day rehab marketing package that instantly taps you into our already built large targeted audience.

Organically growing friends (Facebook), level one connections (LinkedIn), followers (Twitter), and an email list is a must for your treatment center marketing.

The thing to think about is, “Do you respect marketing?”, and “Are you willing to invest the time, resources, and investment to set-up and run a marketing mix to produce results?”. Also, completely understanding, Google analytics, call tracking and social media are paramount in the new regulated business landscape of the addiction treatment industry.

BHNR has been educating CEO’s, Executives, Directors and Outreach professionals since 2014 with their Addiction Executive conferences. Their talk show host/town hall forum enables the audience to control the content in an open forum. Each event has at least 5 Executive thought leader panelists, providing proven business, and marketing strategies. You can check out their last “EMP” Addiction Professional Conference where they welcomed Addiction Campuses to South Florida in front of 180 addiction professionals attending the event. They provide many business, and marketing tools for CEO's, Executives, Directors, and Outreach professionals, gaining knowledge for your organization to survive the difficult changes occurring in our industry. This event focused on the future of patient brokering, website structure, SEO, branding, organic marketing, and tools for Outreach Professionals. If you would like to sponsor one of our 2018 events, contact Behavioral Health Network Resources CEO, Charles Davis at 561-235-6195.

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4 thoughts on “Top 3 Rehab Marketing Missing Links Losing Revenue

  1. Tj petri

    As usual incredible information. One quick question. How do feel about online addiction referral magazines with subscribers over 10k and 75 or so treatment providers in there? Is that weaker or stronger than a website or blog
    Dont Label My Kid!

    1. Charles Davis Post author

      TJ, web marketing, done correctly, outperforms all other marketing combined. Getting on page one of Google, organically generates 1000’s of calls, and once there, you generally are there for a while. I was a very successful Advertising Executive for the two largest papers in South Florida (Sun Sentinnel, and Palm Beach Post) for 11 years. The newspaper industry for all intensive purposes died, due to the internet. Both papers were bringing in about 20 million dollars a month, and about four years ago they lost half of that revenue. There response to battling it, was to cut their sales forces commissions in half. That is why I started Behavioral Health Network Resources. Magazine advertising with addiction treatment marketing holds little value. You cannot not provide readership numbers, only circulation numbers. In addition, We have spoken with many centers, and BHNR has tracked several magazine ads for some of our customers, tagged with trackable phone numbers in the ads. They simply do not provide leads for treatment centers. If the centers use a trackable number in their ads, they will not be placing ads for a long period of time. We have seen very little drug rehab leads, or conversions from ads. Magazine ads only have very little value in overall branding. I would suggest in building high website traffic (SEO, and Social Media)to the magazines website, this will be valuable for the treatment centers, and you will be able to show them traffic, time on site, and click throughs to the treatment centers.

  2. Jackson

    What do you think of SEO as a marketing effort for us rehab owners? Since organic traffic from Google is more targetted. And I agree fully with your point of call tracking, I have my marketing manager launch a campaign to track incoming calls to understand the relation between clicks and calls on my website.

    1. Charles Davis Post author

      Tracking your marketing results is vital, and must be a part of your drug rehab marketing plan. This is vital information, and requires your Google analytics to be set-up properly, and call tracking metrics must be in place. With these two facotrs in place you must concentrate on SEO. SEO entails many, many different aspects, and should be done by an industry focused leader. When you consider 50-60% of Google’s page one click throughs are from organic listings (CLICK HERE for info) it’s a no brainer that organic is the way to go. Your SEO should also be done throughly on your blog, and then you should push those blogs out on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter). This will provide targeted click throughs on your blog posts. By doing this, you get your targeted audience on your website, and you increase your SEO. With the social media audience we have built (professionals, individuals seeking treatment, and in recovery), we generate about 500-1000 views per article.

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