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Drug Rehab Leads 8 Things to Know

Drug rehab leads have become a difficult task for drug and alcohol addiction treatment center marketing. There have been many business, administrative and marketing changes. Addiction treatment centers can no longer just rely on a buy rehab leads strategy. A detailed addiction treatment center marketing plan must be in place. A plan with a healthy marketing mix and many components.

Drug Rehab Leads 8 Things to Know for Your Addiction Treatment Center Marketing

  • Proper website structure with schema incorporated into it.
  • On page and off page SEO by an industry expert.
  • Detailed attention on NAP.
  • A back link plan to build high quality back links.
  • A local SEO plan focused on Google’s 3 pack.
  • Dedication of resources on social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, G+, Twitter and You Tube
  • Properly installed Google analytics.
  • Call tracking metrics set-up on the back end. This is a must inexpensive tool ($19/Month plus pennies per call.) This will tell you exactly what is producing your calls and where they are coming from.

Keep Educating Yourself on Drug rehab Leads Strategies

You should have a solid understanding of the competitive addiction treatment center marketing of all your competitors. With this understanding you will realize that it’s a highly competitive market, you need a decent investment and a knowledgeable marketing company specializing in our field.

Deception with Rehab Lead Generation

Deception with drug and alcohol addiction treatment marketing

It is not enough to have an addiction treatment center marketing specialist, you need to research them and get behind the smoke and mirrors. You need tracking metrics on the back end of your website that show you exactly where your leads are being generated.  We’ve had many addiction treatment center marketing clients that buy into an exclusive listings on high gloss websites with a ton of listings and banner ads of their competitors. Some sites have heavy traffic and some have very little.

Check Internet Rankings

The first step in drug rehab leads marketing is to check their visitor count. One of the best ways to check is to use Alexa. This is a website checker that will show you any websites traffic. Many of the ones that show heavy traffic use black hat tactics to show traffic. Some will buy fake traffic which is useless to addiction treatment centers. Once we put tracking mechanisms in place for our clients we find these sites generate very little leads and have wasted the treatment centers marketing dollars. One of the sites we do recommend should be in a drug rehab marketing mix is Psychology Today. Everyone of our clients say it does generate some leads.


5 Step addiction treatment center marketing plan

Formalized Drug Rehab Marketing Plan

You should have a written addiction treatment center marketing plan with many buckets that clearly outlines what you are going to be trying and documenting the results. It is going to take an investment, time and long term commitment to find your drug rehab leads marketing mix. Be careful of the top 3 rehab marketing mistakes.

Drug Rehab Marketing Tools

Drug rehab lead generation marketing questions

Organizations spend a lot of money addiction treatment center marketing to generate a client and in that process there are many potential clients that touch upon that organization by inquiring, calling and researching that company. Very few companies have the tools or know how to capture and execute a consistent marketing plan to them.

3 questions an effective drug rehab marketing strategy

Your due diligence needs to produce a solid education on web marketing, Search engines, how they work, how 70% of conversions are coming from mobile, Facebook marketing, email marketing, call center lead generation, TV and Radio.

You should be investing 25% of your yearly revenue for the addiction treatment center marketing to generate drug rehab leads. Marketing is the hand that is feeding your addiction treatment center and skimping or cutting corners is going to be a direct reflection on the results of your marketing campaign.

You can learn more business and marketing strategies at Behavioral Health Network Resources Addiction Executive EMP Conference on 6/27/18. Featuring 5 Executive Thought Leaders.

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Use LinkedIn in Addiction Treatment Center Marketing Plan

Your addiction treatment center marketing should not only include targeting clients needing treatment, but also professional referral sources (CLICK HERE on Utilizing LinkedIn for Referrals) of front line clinicians; private clinicians, EAP’s, Interventionists, LMHC, CAP’s, etc… The best way to achieve this is through the largest professional website in the world LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a definite must in the drug rehab leads strategy.

LinkedIn for outreach professionals in drug rehab marketing plan

LinkedIn has over 20,000,000 addiction and behavioral health  professionals. If you are not using this #1 medium, or do not know how you can check out our Executive Get Linked for Addiction Professionals Training by calling 561-235-6195. This will increase your level one connections by a min. of 1,500. It will also show you how to continually grow a targeted audience, teach you all the tricks and secrets, back-doors and how to set-up meetings for referral relationships. Just like Facebook,

LinkedIn’s algorithm favors personal profiles and groups. We have performed tests on Behavioral Health Network Resources LinkedIn business page and found the personal profiles and groups outperform the business pages drastically. We did the same tests on Behavioral Health Network Resources Facebook business page and the reach was astronomically higher on the individual profiles and groups. This means the focus on social media for addiction treatment center marketing must be placed on individual profiles and growing targeted groups.

Seek Addiction Executive marketing thought leaders for rehab marketing

If someone is trying to tell you they can perform addiction treatment center marketing for your organization on LinkedIn, then you should be seeing them everywhere on LinkedIn and know them. If they have not been in front of you already chances are they don’t have the audience and do not know how to utilize this medium. You will also learn The Value of Level One’s, Groups, & Followers on LinkedIn. You can check out your effectiveness of LinkedIn using this LI Social Selling Index. You can also drastically boost you LinkedIn addiction and behavioral health audience with these 30 addiction professional social media groups with over 120,000 members.

Get in-front of Potential Clients for Addiction Treatment Center Marketing  Leads

Getting in-front of potential clients with addiction treatment center marketing

To get treatment clients, or industry related sales/service clients you need to get in front of them.  You also need to stay in front of them and continually run them through your sales funnel until they become your client. You need to be where they are, or be high on organic listings inside the social media and on Google.


If you don’t have a good addiction treatment center marketing budget you’re going to lose market share to those that do. If you only have a $5,000 – $10,000 marketing budget per month, you better have a geographical marketing plan in place. This is the way to beat the big players. These big players have sophisticated financial capabilities; they’re usually funded by hedge fund or portfolio managers and they have plenty of cash. They have and continue to invest is organic marketing.

The big addiction treatment center marketing players

The big treatment centers can afford to operate at a loss to push the small to medium centers out and gain market share. It’s very much like the automobile parts industry.


Social media marketing must be in the drug rehab marketing plan

It takes 9 months to have a baby no matter how many women you have on the job. Search inclusion takes time and is not immediate. If anyone is offering instant results to get on page one of Google be aware. While they may get you there quickly, Google will find out their black hat strategy and penalize your website. Social media marketing is not instant. It is earned over time. Also you should have good operational knowledge of the different search platforms. They all have a per sauna and knowing their personality can save you a lot of time and money. Facebook recently went public and announce business pages would be served less. They are trying to force business to pay for advertising.

Addiction-Executive-conferences-on ethical-marketing-practices-by-behavioral-health-network-resources

Learn About Drug Rehab Leads from Consultants

Learn more proven and ethical rehab marketing strategies providing long-term solutions to addiction treatment centers long-term problem of maintaining a health census at Behavioral Health Network Resources Addiction Executive Ethical Marketing Practices conference series. We are working on our next events, Florida June 2018 and California June 2018. If you would like to sponsor or exhibit please contact our CEO, Charles Davis at ceo@behavioralhealthnetworkresources.com.

Behavioral Health Network Resources drug rehab marketing consultants

Pick our brain on drug rehab leads generation and your industry related sales/service marketing. Give us a free no obligation call at 561-235-6195 to discuss your marketing pain areas.

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