%Drug Rehab SEO Addiction Conferences for ExecutivesOur unique addiction conferences forum are in a talk show host and town hall setting. These behavioral health conferences focus on providing proven business solutions, educating on ethical drug rehab business and marketing practices, generating revenue sources and increasing return on investment.  These addiction Executive conferences feature real business experience from panels of successful Executives and business thought leaders in the addiction and behavioral health.

Innovative Addiction Conferences for Executives Providing Proven Business Strategies

%Drug Rehab SEO Addiction Conferences for Executives

Our addiction conferences cover “HOT” topics and gives the attendees a chance to “ask the experts” any questions on generating more revenue, adding products and services, better business practices, patient brokering issues, billing, utilization review, drug testing, licensing, DCF, Accreditation, treatment, sales, addiction treatment center marketing, SEO, website development, call center lead generation and any other business aspect of the addiction and behavioral health industry. These addiction conferences feature 150-200 attendees at each event with more than 50% be CEO’s, Executives and Directors.

Our 15th Addiction Conferences EMP Series event was n 5/21/19 in Florida. This event provided the tools and education learned from Florida substance abuse treatment centers during their time of regulation. Many centers in Florida made critical mistakes and had to close their doors. This conference will cover drug rehab marketing, utilization review, how to deal with insurance companies to increase revenue and much more. Each of our addiction conference reveals drug rehab marketing social media education on the secrets, tricks, and back-doors to maximize addiction treatment center marketing by one of LinkedIn’s top drug rehab consultants.

Education and Drug Rehab Marketing Tools for CEO’s and Directors

%Drug Rehab SEO Addiction Conferences for ExecutivesWe have been educating addiction Executives, CEO, Directors and Outreach professionals for 4 years. These conferences are held at the Riveria Beach Marina Event Center in Riviera Beach, Florida and Fete the Venue is Costa Mesa California. The next addiction conference is on 5/21/19 in Florida starting at 8:30 am – 3 pm. Our ethical marketing practices conference series is in a talk show host and town hall forum.

We have put on 15 addiction Executive conferences selling out 11 of the 15 with our innovative forum. Our addiction conferences are in a talk show host and town hall-style. Each event features 5 Executive panelists educating on proven business and drug rehab marketing strategies. The costs of these addiction conferences are from $99 – $179 in US dollars to attend.

Behavioral Health Network Resources addiction conferences 2020 carefully approves our speakers to ensure they fit the format of educating behavioral health Executives on ethical business and practices. Each event has several sponsorship opportunities that elevate your organization in the addiction professional community. If you would like to sponsor or exhibit please contact Charles Davis at 561-235-6195.

With the changes occurring in Behavioral Healthcare, it is paramount for new or existing organizations to address issues of their current infrastructure to generate more revenue and increase their return on investment.

%Drug Rehab SEO Addiction Conferences for Executives

Our panelists are proven industry leaders, sharing proven business and addiction treatment center marketing practices. They have the knowledge to take your organization to the next level. This series is a must-attend event for CEO’s, COO’s, Directors, Executives, and Marketing professionals.

Why our Addiction Conferences?

%Drug Rehab SEO Addiction Conferences for Executives

5 Star Venue

We exploded on the addiction conferences scene (June of 2014) utilizing their professional audience of 100,000’s with the SOLD OUT Boca Addiction and Networking Symposium attracting 38 exhibitors and 175 attendees.

Our 2nd SOLD OUT Event The Addiction VIP Education and Networking Symposium attracting 55 exhibitors, and 230 attendees. We received national accolades by the FIX for holding a Gala at one of our addiction Executive conferences for “The Addicts Mom” while raising over $250,000 in scholarships for their 20,000 mothers that have children suffering from addiction.

Our addiction conferences series have SOLD OUT 12-of-13 times including our Accreditation and LinkedIn Marketing conference focusing on Accreditation, and “Get Linked for Addiction Professionals” training. This event attracted 16 exhibitors and 150 attendees.

In 2016, our addiction and behavioral health executive conference series with the Addiction and Behavioral Health Executive Thought Leader Panel Event

Our 2/23/16 addiction and behavioral health executive conferences event was a sell-out with 200 nationwide attendees, 90 organizations, and 14 exhibitors. It featured over 70 CEO and Directors. This is a must-attend event for C-Level executives in the addiction and behavioral health field.

Our 5/24/16 addiction professional conferences series event SOLD OUT with 200 attendees, 85 organizations, and 80 CEO and Directors.

Our October 28, 2016 addiction and behavioral health executive conferences event in Riviera Beach, FL (170 Attendees, 90 Organizations, 90 CEO’s), we raised over $400,000 of addiction treatment scholarships (services not monies) given to the court at this event.

%Drug Rehab SEO Addiction Conferences for Executives

Our 5/10/17 SOLD OUT (210 attendees, 80 CEO’s, and 16 Exhibitors) addiction conferences event featured Asst. Florida State Attorney Al Johnson and 4 other high profile addiction professionals educating on the coming legislation changes that start affecting our industry on 7/1/17.

Our Addiction Conferences Restarting in 2021

%Drug Rehab SEO Addiction Conferences for Executives

Our next addiction conferences series will re-start June 2021 in Riviera Beach, Florida starting at 8:30 am. This behavioral health event will be providing drug rehab marketing and SEO tools. It will provide extensive training on how to use and maximize LinkedIn. It will also have in-depth information on utilizing LinkedIn for SEO. You will learn how Behavioral Health network resources got  google to rank LinkedIn profiles on page one.

Our CEO’s profile ranks on page one for drug rehab marketing, drug rehab SEO, drug rehab marketing agency and drug rehab consultants. These are all highly competitive words where we dominate page one against all other marketing agencies. Outreach professionals will get the tools needed to generate more referrals. If you are interested in being an event sponsor, panelist sponsor, or exhibitor, you can check out the packages we offer on the addiction conferences EMP website.

We are in the process of bringing these addiction conferences to California, Texas, and the North East. If you would like to Co-Host, sponsor, or exhibit at our South Florida events, or events in other states please contact Charles Davis CEO@behavioralhealthnetworkresources.com, or at 561-235-6195.