Drug rehab marketing solutions including search engine optimization that works in 60-90 days. Make this the year your addiction treatment centers gets the coveted page one rankings on Google. That’s right we will get you on page one of Google in 60-days! Rank top 3 in google Maps for key search words. Why is this important? There are over 40,000 searches on Google every second! If you rank on page one for terms your target audience are searching, you will increase admissions! Ranking in the top three maps for key search terms produces calls.

Drug Rehab Marketing Using Drug Rehab SEO Generates Treatment Calls

Drug rehab SEO provides the lowest cost per acquisition. Once you rank your calls will increase 100, 200, 300, 1000%. this is the lowest CAP over any other advertising. If you are doing google Ad Words you should also be ranking in google Maps top 3. If you are not doing Ad Words or PPC, you should be ranking in google Maps. Yes, we can get you there in 30-60 days for less than the cost of one admission.

The competitive atmosphere warrants drug rehab consultants play a vital role in the advertising of addiction treatment centers and service organizations. This is paramount for drug rehabs with the changes occurring in the behavioral health industry. Understanding drug rehab SEO strategies and utilizing proven marketing strategies are key. Only having a buy rehab leads strategy or boots on the ground simply will not cut it anymore. Drug rehab internet marketing is an absolute must. A robust drug rehab lead generation marketing mix is an absolute necessity.

Best Drug Rehab Marketing and Drug Rehab SEO Solutions

The best drug rehab marketing and drug rehab SEO solutions are found when with a good drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers advertising agency. We are focused on sharing proven drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry business practices. Our industry only specialists have knowledge of this new business regulated landscape. Your organization needs to advance to the next level with overall business consulting.

Getting educated on drug rehab marketing solutions, marketing for ancillary (sales and services) organizations is needed. In addition, we educate on ethical business practices at our addiction conferences. These are Thought Leader Panel Series events. We are based out of the West Palm Beach, Florida area and service the entire nation.

It’s extremely important for new or existing organizations to address issues of their current business and marketing infrastructure. They must operate ethically, generate more revenue, generate new revenue streams and increase return on investment.

Our in-house drug rehab marketing and drug rehab SEO team and our industry top dog consultant team ensures you are not part of a cookie-cutter offering that the big agencies are providing. A drug rehab marketing agency simply cannot have the best talent in the industry. The absolute best in our industry become consultants and pick and choose who they want to work with.

Drug Rehab Marketing Consultants

Drug rehab marketing consultants like Charles Davis are the best way for rehabilitation centers to save money.  Behavioral Health Network Resources (BHNR) is a full-service search engine optimization advertising solutions agency and consulting organization. We provide extensive experience on drug rehab SEO and the business side of our industry.

Our dream team has over 30 years’ experience in addiction treatment center marketing. The dream team has the best in the nation that can build your website, optimize, drug rehab SEO, PPC, Ad Words, social media marketing and grow an audience you own.

We have a concentration in addiction and behavioral health events. In addition, we have knowledge of drug rehab marketing to consumers and professionals utilizing social media marketing. We dominate social media on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with 210,000 members in our 60 groups.

Our audience currently consists of;

  • 30,000 addiction and behavioral health level one professionals on LinkedIn nationwide.
  • 32,000 addiction and behavioral health followers on LinkedIn nationwide.
  • Own 60 addiction networking and behavioral health groups with approximately 250,000 members on LinkedIn and Facebook nationwide.
  • Belong to 60 LinkedIn groups with well over 250,000 addiction and behavioral health members.
  • 5,000 addiction and behavioral health-related friends (contacts) on Facebook.
  • Own 40 addiction recovery Facebook groups with 200,000 members.
  • Belong to over 250 addiction-related Facebook groups with over 1,000,000 members.
  • 3000 addiction and behavioral followers on Twitter (@ConnectingBH.)
  • Professional addiction and a behavioral health email database of over 20,000 on Go Daddy and 10,000 active on Constant Contact.

Drug Rehab Marketing Ranking in Top 3 Google Maps Produces More Clients

%Drug Rehab SEO Drug Rehab Marketing Solutions

Ranking in the google 3-pack for drug rehab marketing is paramount. This produces admissions at the lowest cost per acquisition than any other advertising method! In fact, 99% of addiction treatment centers do not rank in Google maps. the cost of getting ranked is pennies compared to the admissions gained. The CAP for treatment centers is about $4000-$7000. How about a CPA of a couple hundred? that is what can be achieved with long-term maps rankings.

Getting new clients is difficult for substance abuse rehabilitation centers. Understanding the value of Google Maps is critical. This is the single largest area that any center, big or small, can dominate. BHNR understands Google maps and can get you ranked for target audience search terms in a short period of time.

Behavioral health Network Resources has a Google Maps top 3 Ranking drug rehab marketing program. We get you ranked for key search terms within 30-60 days. Every drug and alcohol addiction treatment center should be using this program. Call Charles Davis at 561-235-6195 for more information.

Drug Rehab SEO, Marketing and Training

%Drug Rehab SEO Drug Rehab Marketing SolutionsDrug rehab SEO marketing is a complicated and time-consuming process that must be included in your drug rehab marketing plan. The use of a good drug rehab marketing agency is critical. Click the link above to find out if your agency is doing any work. A buy rehab leads strategy to generate treatment calls combined with boots on the ground campaigns is causing many centers to close.

The competition from other drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers is fierce. Many small to medium size recovery center owners think they can’t compete with the big boy in the sandbox.

Many have also been fooled by agencies claiming they get to page one of Google. The best bet is to research the key terms on Google and see who ranks. If they can’t rank for their own target marketing audience, how can you expect them to rank for you? You can also check for the marketing leaders on LinkedIn. Behavioral Health Network Resources demonstrates our capabilities with the work we do for our agency. We not only rank on page one for our key search terms, we sometimes dominate page one of Google with 2-4 coveted spots. Some of our key search terms include;

  • drug rehab marketing agency
  • drug rehab marketing consultants
  • drug rehab consultants
  • drug rehab marketing
  • drug rehab SEO

For some of the above terms, our CEO is on page one of Google. His drug rehab marketing and SEO profile on LinkedIn is strong. It is loaded with advertising solutions for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. However, many of the solutions can only be understood by the CEO or Marketing Director. Getting substance abuse treatment centers away from a buy rehabs leads strategy requires more complex strategies than at the outreach level.

Drug Rehab Marketing SEO Blog Writing Service

One of the biggest areas drug rehabilitation centers fail in their drug rehab marketing is with their blog. Consider this, 90% have poor drug rehab SEO. The are many reasons why these organizations fail to utilize the most powerful weapon in marketing. We provide the industry’s best drug rehab SEO blog writing service.

%Drug Rehab SEO Drug Rehab Marketing SolutionsOur 90-day drug rehab marketing solutions program not only performs your SEO, but we also train you to be able to perform it for your recovery center. Ranking on the first three slots of Google for key search terms organically will out-perform all other marketing combined. Small to medium size centers can compete with the big players. Give us a call at 561-235-6195 and we will show you how.

Best Drug Rehab Marketing and SEO Solutions

%Drug Rehab SEO Drug Rehab Marketing SolutionsA big part of drug rehab marketing is the advertising company you hire for lead generation. Getting educated with the best drug rehab SEO articles is a gold mine for addiction treatment centers. Especially the smaller center because they are being dominated by the big players. All substance abuse rehabilitation centers from West Palm Beach to Los Angeles must know what to look for when they have a drug rehab marketing agency. Many are using a churn and burn tactic using a cookie cutter plug in for advertising.

Unlike the cookie-cutter advertising programs offered by a large drug rehab marketing agency, our 90-day drug rehab marketing solutions programs instantly tap you into our audience. It also grows your own targeted audience of treatment centers and individuals seeking treatment. Our service also provides in-depth training on white hat SEO strategies. We include the secrets, tricks, and back-doors of the most powerful social mediums.

Drug rehab SEO is greatly misunderstood by residential and IOP intensive outpatient drug rehabilitation centers. Some say drug rehab SEO marketing doesn’t work. They don’t see the value of the 10,000+ clicks they can get from being one page one of Google. Others say boots on the ground is what works for us.

We see many common mistakes that are causing treatment centers to waste big marketing dollars. Many have a buy rehab leads strategy and make many of these mistakes. Web marketing outperforms all other marketing combined is done correctly.

Drug Rehab SEO Getting on Page One of Google

Using drug rehab SEO to get on page one of Google for a keyword is no easy task. Most treatment centers do not know how to accomplish this in their drug rehab marketing. Behavioral Health Network Resources leads by example with our drug rehab SEO marketing. You can clearly see our capabilities by the terms we rank for on page one and the maps 3-pack for some of our clients;

  • Harmony Grove Recovery best drug rehabs San Diego
  • Luxury drug rehabs San Diego
  • inpatient drug rehabs San Diego
  • drug rehabs Los Angeles (Maps)
  • IOP drug rehabs Van Nuys
  • drug rehabs Van Nuys 
  • outpatient drug rehabs New Brunswick
  • inpatient drug rehabs San Diego
  • drug rehabs New Jersey
  • AA meetings New Brunswick
  • best AA meetings New Brunswick
  • best drug rehabs Atlanta
  • drug rehabs Marietta
  • drug rehabs Roswell
  • drug rehabs Alpharetta
  • drug rehabs West Palm Beach
  • opiate detox West Palm Beach (Behavioral Health Network Resources)
  • drug rehabs fort Lauderdale
  • alcohol detox centers Fort Lauderdale
  • drug detox centers Fort Lauderdale
  • best drug rehabs Austin
  • drug rehab marketing
  • drug rehab SEO
  • drug rehab marketing agency

There are many more including new ones like alcohol detox centers San Diego. These are just a few. We took SOBA College Recovery from 750 keywords to over 4,000. Our 90-day drug rehab SEO package (gets you on page one in 60-days) will definitely increase your search engine optimization. In addition, our programs educate you on how to do your own search engine optimization. Give us a call at 561-235-6195, and we will run a no-obligation SEO report.

90-day Drug Rehab Marketing Solutions SEO Package Gets Your Center Ranked on Page one in 60-days!

%Drug Rehab SEO Drug Rehab Marketing Solutions

We lead by example with our drug rehab SEO consultants guiding our clients with drug rehab SEO and social media marketing. Our 90-day drug rehab marketing package gets treatment centers ranked on page one for key terms in the first 60-days.

This advertising package also as the best social media marketing available in the industry. We tap our clients into a built and targeted audience of over 250,000 on Facebook and LinkedIn. The best results come from dripping the messages to them. This is unlike their drug rehab marketing agencies who claim they do social media marketing. They do a couple posts and then tell you that your center must do paid Facebook marketing.

We dominate LinkedIn and Facebook and understand how to maximize these mediums. Many addiction treatment centers waste a tremendous amount of time on these platforms. There is an overwhelming response for social media marketing in our industry (for centers, detox’s, sober livings, sales and service organizations). Organizations are realizing they must be on social media. They must understand how to use it and grow an audience that they own. We are involved in many aspects of the industry. We perform drug rehab marketing SEO leads, Drug rehab SEO provides the lowest cost per acquisition over all other advertising combined. Our addiction conferences (12 SOLD OUT events on the business and side of behavioral health) educate on ethical business practices.

Drug Rehab SEO Requires Proper Website Development

Drug rehab SEO relies on a website that is optimized for Google spiders to rank it on page one. To get all the benefits of social media marketing your website must be optimized correctly. Many centers take short-cuts and skimp on the building of their site. Your website is a rock foundation for all your web marketing. If you had a friend build it, or took the lowest bidder, you’re never going to get the benefits of organic SEO.

Ninety-five percent of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers from Los Angeles to West Palm Beach, Florida have critical search engine optimization errors on their website. One of the biggest areas they make mistakes is poor drug rehab SEO blog. This is one of the most important aspects when driving traffic to your website and building an audience that you own.

Drug Rehab Consultants Increase Drug Rehab SEO

Specialists and experienced drug rehab marketing are valuable on many levels. Our drug rehab consultants’ team with over 30 years’ experience in the addiction and behavioral health industry can educate, guide, and correct your marketing mistakes. We increase your drug rehab SEO, produce more web traffic and generate more treatment calls. Many of our clients see an increase in their organic rankings and own a target social media audience. Our embedded industry consultants and business specialists have in-depth knowledge and experience in the following.

  • website development
  • search engine optimization (Drug Rehab SEO)
  • drug rehab social media marketing
  • Ad Words
  • PPC
  • blogging
  • organic SEO
  • targeted audience building
  • call tracking
  • drug rehab call center operations
  • and much more

BHNR provides experienced drug rehab marketing professionals. These professionals tell you exactly why your marketing is not performing or performing poorly. We educate you on the top 3 drug rehab marketing mistakes.

We were originally founded to fill a specific niche and provide a targeted audience of drug and alcohol addiction professionals. In that process, we’ve extensively learned LinkedIn and Facebook. This education has assisted us in building one of the nation’s largest targeted audiences of addiction professionals. In addition to individuals seeking treatment and individuals in recovery.

No Short Cuts in the Advertising Plan

Drug rehab marketing has many components. Drug rehab marketing and SEO techniques play a big role in the success of addiction treatment centers. Your websites main pages and blogs must be optimized in the header. You also need to look at the URL and inside the post. Inside the post, you must have the keyword in bold, italicized and include H tags. These need to be placed properly, every 250-300 words. The keyword must be in the first sentence, preferably at the beginning of the first sentence.

If you are using WordPress, you should install Yoast. This will provide you with enough drug rehab SEO to get the spiders to recognize their language. However, you should hire an SEO specialist to fully optimize the website and blog. We have a team of proven web developers and SEO specialists that can get you higher ranking quickly from correcting your website structure.

Drug Rehab SEO Shifts

%Drug Rehab SEO Drug Rehab Marketing Solutions

There are several major paradigm shifts occurring in the addiction and behavioral health industry. A drug rehab SEO marketing strategy is vital to survival in the changing industry. Regulations on marketing, re-entry and escalating costs of Google Ad Words. There is a paramount need for Executive ethical business knowledge to survive the business changes in our industry. Recovery center CEO’s are attentively seeking more optimal ways to generate leads and treatment calls.

Treatment centers owners are finding it difficult to adapt to the new legislative laws on operating, business, and marketing. They are suffering from drug rehab SEO digital Darwinism. These new laws originated in West Palm Beach, FL and are now spreading across the nation. They are also struggling with digital Darwinism due to the electronic technology and web marketing strategies that these require. Drug rehab marketing solutions are paramount for a CEO and Executives. BHNR has the experience and knowledge with our drug rehab marketing, consulting and at our addiction conferences.

Why Grow Your Own Audience?

Having a drug rehab marketing audience, you drip your message to reaps many rewards. You no longer have to pay every time you want to get in front of them. Articles on addiction treatment like “How to Find the Best Drug Rehabs San Diego Options” is only a small piece of what we do for drug rehab SEO. There is so much more. This is much different than owners are accustomed to with pay per click. Plus, ranking on page one organically outperforms Google Ad Words and PPC.

These shifts are opening the eyes of our industry and making many realize that obtaining business knowledge is paramount with drug rehab marketing. A content model strategy (Content is King), and drug rehab SEO marketing is needed. In addition, realizing that they must consistently have their recovery center or ancillary service organization in-front of their target audience. This is a new advertising era on drug rehab social media marketing (Facebook 2 billion users and LinkedIn 500 million professional users.)

Finding ways to reach millennial’s (the largest segment of buyers) and growing their own targeted social media audience to generate treatment calls has become paramount. Adapting to these shifts provides your organization with the tools it needs to survive. It also gives your organization a tremendous value and a return that continues for years.

Addiction Conferences Educate CEO’s and Directors

%Drug Rehab SEO Drug Rehab Marketing Solutions

Addiction Conferences by Behavioral Health Network Resources

Addiction conferences play a vital role in inpatient rehabs, substance abuse IOP, sober homes and drug rehabilitation sales organizations. The competition is extreme when trying to grow lead generation. These events give inside information on topics like drug rehab SEO blog writing. Google Ad Words and Facebook certification requirements for PPC is costly in many ways. These certifications are only when incorporating paid advertising. They do not apply for organic marketing in Google maps or organic listings. The ad Words or PPC only account for 2% of the page one click-through on Google, while the organic listing accounts for 70% of the clicks.

There is a great need to be educated at addiction conferences on the business and drug rehab marketing side of the addiction treatment industry. These events provide critical intelligence on the importance of organic marketing, SEO, website development. These are all keys to ranking on page one organically, however there are also common drug rehab marketing mistakes. Many centers resort to short-term strategies to solve the long-term problem of maintaining a healthy census. They are using a buy rehab leads strategy with PPC, buying treatment calls and boots on the ground tactics. These are all much more costly then ranking with search engine optimization.

These addiction conferences educated on proven business and marketing strategies that increase revenue and generate new sources of revenue. The addiction conferences also educate on substance abuse billing, EMR, legal aspects, lead generation tactics, drug testing, EMR and much more. Attending addiction conferences and getting vital business and marketing information is critical to keeping recovery centers doors open. These conferences provide drug rehab marketing solutions.

Drug Rehab Marketing Solutions Include SEO and Consultants with Results in 60-days!

%Drug Rehab SEO Drug Rehab Marketing SolutionsWe offer recovery centers long-term drug rehab marketing solutions. However, we can get your substance abuse rehabilitation center ranked on page one in 60-days. Website development, drug rehab marketing, social media marketing along with business and marketing consulting are needed to survive. Our service is more than a buy rehab leads strategy in the addiction treatment industry.

Alcohol and drug treatment programs and sales and service organizations need a healthy marketing mix. We are drug rehab SEO marketing consultants for treatment centers across the United States. We provide drug rehab marketing solutions and educate our clients along the way. Many do not know what to look for with their current marketing and advertising agency. They need to gauge if their marketing is working. Providing an in-depth education on website development, drug rehab SEO, and social media marketing is paramount. This marketing education ensures you will not waste any more marketing budget. You will know exactly what to make sure is put in place for all you’re future marketing efforts.

Contact Charles Davis at 561-235-6195, or info@behavioralhealthnetworkresources.com for a consultation.