Drug rehab consultants and addiction treatment center consultants are needed when getting inside the 40 billion dollars a year drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry. Being successful in lead generation in the behavioral health industry is not an easy task. Drug rehab consultants need specific industry intelligence, legal knowledge, education and drug rehab marketing experience specific to the rehabilitation industry. The industry is undergoing a tremendous amount of on-going change in the way it generates clients.

%Drug Rehab SEO Drug Rehab Consultants for Drug Rehab Marketing, SEO, and Lead Generation

Drug rehabs in Florida started drug rehab marketing laws. The Sunshine State has paved the way for national laws being invited to testify on House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. Many addiction treatment centers in Florida closed due to the new regulations, and lack of drug rehab marketing knowledge.

Even with all the turmoil, there are many new start-ups entering the industry. With new national laws on the horizon, you need to be prepared, or you will not survive. Contracting with drug rehab consultants provides the experience needed to avoid costly mistakes in many areas.

Here’s the Deal on Drug Rehab Consultants

As drug rehab consultants, we are seeing a flood of wall street investors entering the rehab industry. Many are struggling due to the lack of a well thought out business plan, marketing plan, proforma and enough investment capital to support the first 12 months of operation (including marketing costs.) check out our drug rehab marketing team and get to know our drug rehab consultants. Consultants are also a valuable resource when you keen key professionals who know where to go with big-picture aspects for your drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.

Legal Issues, and Drug Rehab Marketing Mistakes by New Start-ups

The biggest and most costly mistakes made by new addiction treatment center start-ups are proper industry-related legal counsel and an effective drug rehab marketing strategy. This subject should be brought up by all drug rehab consultants.

%Drug Rehab SEO Drug Rehab Consultants for Drug Rehab Marketing, SEO, and Lead GenerationThere are regulations and a tremendous amount of properly filed, documented processes and licensing in this space. The legal ramifications include fines, felonies and jail time. Having a law firm that specializes in healthcare is paramount. You also need to be aware of the drug rehabs West Palm Beach patient brokering laws not only in Florida but across the nation.

Drug Rehab Consultants Help Prevent Common Marketing Mistakes by New Start-ups

The #1 over-looked, and disrespected aspect of opening a treatment center is marketing. There is a tremendous amount of competition from the 14,000 addiction treatment centers across the US. Many of these centers have years’ of industry marketing and business experience, and this is one of the reasons you need drug rehab consultants.

You cannot cookie-cutter marketing from other industries and expect to survive. We see this every day and try to educate those attempting to enter the industry. Many new behavioral health centers make the same business and top 7 drug rehab marketing mistakes causing them to close their doors, or even worse result to patient brokering.

“Don’t save pennies to lose to lose dollars. Marketing is the main revenue source that keeps your organization open.”

Drug Rehab Consultants Provide Accurate and Detailed Addiction Treatment Center Business and Marketing Pro-forma

%Drug Rehab SEO Drug Rehab Consultants for Drug Rehab Marketing, SEO, and Lead GenerationFrom the start drug rehab consultants can save $100,000’s. The first step before even considering entering the addiction treatment industry is a detailed proforma. This provides you an idea of the start-up costs needed to open a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. This vital document provides a road map of the costs of operation and what you need to prepare to open your new rehabilitation center.

Drug rehab consultants know the proforma needs to outline 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, a year, 3 years and 5 years of operating. This should be an absolute must requirement by drug rehab consultants. It should cover current industry costs and reimbursements;

  • type of center your opening
  • potential revenue generated by each level of care (PHP, IOP, etc…)
  • organizational costs
  • drug rehab marketing plan and budget
  • legal costs
  • zoning
  • licensing (CARF, JACHO)
  • employees
  • insurance
  • billing (in-house, or outsourced)
  • operational costs

If you would like to purchase the proforma our drug rehab consultants use that includes; sales forecasting, personnel, P&L, cash flow, balance sheet, interest calculator, sources and usage, click below. The proforma will include all of the above after you plug in your specific numbers it will do all the calculations for you giving you a starting point for your financial needs.

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Existing Drug Rehab Marketing Mistakes

%Drug Rehab SEO Drug Rehab Consultants for Drug Rehab Marketing, SEO, and Lead GenerationIf you’re an existing treatment center and you found our page, then we’ve attracted your attention. Hopefully, you will gain vital business and marketing intelligence by par-oozing our website. As drug rehab consultants and marketing agency our goal is to get you to stop seeking a short-term solution to your long-term problem of maintaining a census. Addiction treatment and healthcare services are extremely special, specific and very complex to market.  Many centers are struggling to figure out ways to generate clients and maintain their centers. A detailed and comprehensive drug rehab lead generation plan must be in place to survive the difficult and competitive landscape.

Many of the existing centers we speak with every day as drug rehab consultants suffer from digital Darwinism. They have managed to survive by hiring outreach positions (lasting about one year each) to generate their referrals. While this can be effective, it cannot be the main source of your revenue. The value of being on page one of Google outperforms all other marketing combined, generating 1000’s of calls.

However, you do not get there by accident, it requires experience and knowledge using “white hat” strategies. Many drug rehabs either think their website is good or use it as a necessary evil. Drug rehab SEO is paramount for the survival of centers under the changing and competitive landscape. Centers can no longer survive with just a “boots on the ground” strategy.

Drug Rehab Marketing Top 7 Common Costly Mistakes

Out of the dozens of calls our drug rehab consultants get every week, about 99% have little knowledge of ethical, “white hat” web marketing. Almost all of them say web marketing does not work. When we pull up their websites we see the same mistakes being made repeatedly. Web marketing will not work unless you have invested in the proper foundation. Google will not rank you unless they know you are a legit, and valued resources.

The number one mistake of existing treatment centers that we point out as drug rehab consultants is poor drug rehab website development and structure. This is the most important step in laying your web foundation. Poor structure causes Google to either not read or penalize the website.

Many centers elected to take the cheapest route when their website was built. This has proven to be costlier than they realized because without the proper foundation traditional web marketing will perform poorly. A good website, by an industry-specific professional, should cost between $4,000 – $5,000 for most treatment centers. Be aware of the 8 common drug rehab marketing mistakes when starting or operating an addiction treatment center or sober living.

Other common mistakes include:

  • Poor SEO, or no SEO
  • No NAP (name, address and phone), or inconsistent NAP
  • Lack of citations
  • Lack of credible inbound links
  • Poor social media presence

Experienced Drug Rehab Consultants on Business, Drug Rehab Marketing and Drug Rehab SEO

Drug rehab consultants provide the most valuable tools for drug rehabilitation centers. Their experience and expertise can save $100,000’s. The changing behavioral health landscape is experiencing new laws, regulations and insurance companies are playing games. Many centers are closing because they are using old, short-term business and marketing strategies. Many are relying upon a “boots on the ground” strategy. Many new to start utilizing web marketing which outperforms all other marketing combined. To do this they must carefully look at their drug rehab marketing and SEO marketing strategy.

Behavioral Health Network Resources has been providing addiction treatment centers drug rehab marketing and hosting our Addiction Executive conferences (14 conferences) on ethical Marketing and business practices) for 5 years. We have learned from many industries thought leader panelists on the business side of addiction treatment. These events have given us access to some of the industry’s most successful business leaders and we have put them in our network. Give our drug rehab consultants a call today now at 561-235-6195. We save $100,000’s and can get you on the right path and avoid costly mistakes made by start-ups and existing centers.

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