Addiction Treatment Center Business Consultant Dream Team

Our addiction treatment marketing dream team has over 50 years total experience in the addiction treatment industry. Our staff, and consultants only specialize in marketing for treatment centers, detox’s, and industry sales/service organizations.

Charles Davis, CEO, Addiction Treatment Marketing Guru

addiction treatment center business consultant Charles Davis

Charles is a national leader by example in addiction treatment marketing. He combines his 11 years of experience as an Advertising Executive for the two largest newspapers in South Florida (Sun Sentinel, and Palm Beach Post) selling a targeted audience, and a BS degree in marketing from the University of Buffalo. He has an extensive business education in the addiction treatment industry by working with the best of the best, and by putting on BHNR’s (10 total) addiction professional conferences that have attracted Senators, District Attorneys, CEO’s, Executives, and proven business leaders in the addiction treatment industry.

His marketing vision has built up one of the nation’s largest addiction professional audiences, and individuals seeking information on addiction treatment. Since entering the industry, he has built an impressive marketing arm with a direct following of over 150,000 on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. His addiction professional email database is over 40,000.

Charles started Behavioral Health Network Resources because he saw a niche in the addiction treatment marketing arena. His vision bought to light that no one in the industry had an audience to help treatment centers get referrals. An audience that you could market, brand and sell. His professional audience is a collection of treatment centers, detox’s, sober livings, psychiatrists, psychologists, private clinicians, EAP’s, Interventionists, CAP’s, LMHC’s, CEO’s, Directors, Marketing, Outreach, and many more. His audience of individuals seeking information on addiction treatment came from addiction treatment marketing on Facebook, and Twitter.

There was an over-whelming response from his audience of professionals and the community, which prompted Charles to use his audience in many ways in the addiction treatment industry;

  • Putting on addiction conferences offering CEU’s, attracting 16-55 Exhibitors, 100-230 attendees. These events educate on the business side of the industry. Each event entertained 80-100 CEO’s, and Directors educating on ethical business practices.
  • Raising over $250,000 in Addiction and Behavioral Health Scholarships for the Addicts Mom at the Addiction VIP Symposium (January 2015).
  • Raising over $400,000 worth of addiction treatment scholarships for the Riviera Beach Civil Drug Court while advocating for treatment over incarceration at BHNR’s 10/26/16 Executive Thought Leader Panel Series event.
  • Addiction Treatment Center Marketing Consultant
  • Social Media Marketing Authority (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • LinkedIn Training “Get Linked for Addiction Professionals”
  • Facebook Training “Get Liked for Addiction Professionals”
  • SEO Specialist
  • Email Marketing Specialist, “Drip Campaigns”
  • Google Analytics Specialist
  • Call Tracking Specialist
  • Participated in marketing efforts for Broward County Crime Commission Addiction Conference
  • Marketing Consultant for “Pass It On” a national off-Broadway play featuring Bill W. and Dr. Bob
  • Marketing consultant and job coach for various private clinicians
  • Past presenter (NAADAC CEU approved) on “Marketing 101 for Addiction/BH”, and “Get Linked for Addiction Professionals”

Charles dominates social media in the Addiction and behavioral health industry. He understands social media addiction treatment marketing. He has built a massive, and targeted IoT audience with a reach in in the millions consisting of;

  • 30,000 addiction and behavioral health level one professionals on LinkedIn
  • 35,000 addiction and behavioral health followers on LinkedIn
  • 14 LinkedIn addiction and behavioral health groups (50,000 members)
  • Belongs to approx. 60 LinkedIn groups (250,000 addiction professional members)
  • 12,000 addiction and behavioral friends (contacts) on Facebook
  • 12 addiction and behavioral health Facebook groups (60,000 members, professionals and individuals seeking information on treatment)
  • Belongs to over 250 Facebook Groups (over one million members)
  • 12,000 addiction and behavioral followers on Twitter
  • 40,000 Addiction Professional Active Email List

He is an addiction treatment lead generation specialist offering rehab marketing solutions. His firm, is a full-service rehab marketing agency that educates on proven marketing practices. Charles helps reduce costs, generates new revenue streams, attracts new business, gains new relationships and implements new, more efficient ideas for better business purposes.

He promotes, represents and takes whatever steps are deemed ethically appropriate with his proven strategies to improve existing organizations. He assists with start-ups, fixes leaky sales cycles and marketing processes, facilitates the promotion, brand and expands the name recognition of all his clients.

You can reach Charles Davis at, or call 561-235-6195.

Jim Peake, CEO, Addiction-Rep, Rehab Marketing Lead Generation Consultant

Jim Peake addiction treatment center business consultant. Behavioral Health Network Resources West Palm Beach, Florida

Jim is a leading direct response marketer and lead generation expert since 1982.  Starting his career in the direct mail industry he put billions of pieces of mail into American homes and then moved to Internet, specifically web design and web development in 1995.  He was the catalyst for Kasparov vs. IBM’s Deep Blue Super Computer Chess Event with Ogilvy and a team of MIT engineers.  This event put the internet on the front page of every newspaper around the world in one day and officially started the DOT COM boom.

In 2007 Jim launched Addiction-Rep a direct response rehab lead generation agency and consultancy only focused in the drug rehab space.  Jim’s work is high quality and he is a highly sought after addiction treatment center business consultant. He is considered to be the best addiction treatment center business consultant  in the industry by many experts for branding and identity, web design, web development, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Radio, TV ad production and media buying.

Jim brings to the table a well-seasoned, and experienced rehab marketing staff of 15 specialists. These specialists cover a broad range of niches needed in the addiction treatment industry. His team has specialized focus on call tracking, Google analytics, PPC, AdWords, website development, SEO, and admissions scoring to help rehabs learn where their ad dollars are working and not working.

Yaneleisis Batista, Co-Founder, International Specialist

Yaneleisis Batista addiction treatment center business consultant. Behavioral Health Network Resources West Palm Beach, Florida

Yaneleisis born in Cuba, brings international capabilities for our firm. She is multilingual (English, Spanish, and French).  She is a tremendous asset to the Latino focused treatment centers.

She is a leader on LinkedIn with over 900 profiles views every 90 days. She has an in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn, and is connected to over 8,000 addiction and behavioral health professionals. Yaneleisis our addiction treatment center business consultant who handles the Spanish population.

Yaneleisis, assists our clients in generation 500-1000 organic views per article on social media.

Madison Richards Addiction Treatment Marketing Director

Madison Richards addiction treatment center business consultant. Behavioral Health Network Resources West Palm Beach, Florida

Madison brings new meaning to a Marketing Director. She is the office favorite bringing a powerful, funny and exciting atmosphere. She is one of those people, who walks into a room and everybody gravitates towards her. By the time she leaves everybody knows, likes, and remembers her by name.

Madison addiction treatment center business consultant specialty is a clear marketing understanding on millennial’s. This is an important target segment for addiction treatment centers, and sales/service organizations. It represents the largest segment of all addiction treatment marketing segments.

She understands that engagement, and building relationships, are key with millennial’s. Madison spends most of her time (4-6 hours a day) on social media attracting, and engaging with many millennial’s. She has a strong audience on LinkedIn with 6,700 addiction and behavioral health connections. Madison is also a specialist at building highly sought after back-links.

Dr. Tina Goodin Addiction Treatment Center Business Consultant on the Clinical Side

Dr. Goodin is a Ph.D., ABPP, is a Board Certified Licensed Psychologist in Palm Beach County. Her addiction treatment center business consultant experience is on the clinical side. She brings to the table clinical consulting for Behavioral Health Network Resources treatment center clients. Dr. Goodin is the Founder of Psychology Center of Palm Beach.

Dr. Goodin has over 27 years’ experience as a CCO, Executive Director, and Clinical Director. She has an in-depth knowledge on the clinical side of addiction treatment. Her expertise is extremely valuable for new treatment center, and detox’s start-ups. She also assists Behavioral Health Network Resources clients in restructuring their clinical programs.