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Addiction treatment marketing has become extremely difficult with Google restrictions, and the new laws in Florida. It is paramount that addiction treatment centers have a healthy marketing mix to survive. Their addiction treatment marketing mix must have short-term, and long-term strategies. Behavioral Health Network Resources are social media specialists with organic, and paid addiction treatment marketing.

National Addiction Treatment Marketing Specialists

BHNR can assist with proper website development, SEO, social media marketing, and events. Setting up your website properly is paramount, and usually the first mistake that treatment centers make. You need an experienced professional to build your electronic assets, to ensure Google spiders read, and rank your website. If you take short-cuts, chances are your web marketing has;

  • Poor website structure
  • Poor SEO (website, and blogs)
  • Inability to brand, and market properly on social media

Addiction Treatment Marketing Behavioral Health Network Resources

Addiction Treatment Marketing Packages

Our 90-day social media addiction treatment marketing package instantly taps you into our social media audience, and grows an audience of your own. We can also provide Facebook paid marketing campaigns that drive traffic to addiction treatment center websites. BHNR offers social media training teaching your staff the secrets, tricks and back-doors to maximize their time.

Our team with over 30 years' experience, understands that marketing is the most important aspect of your treatment center, or industry sales/service organization. Ask about our 90-Day Social Media Marketing Package. Give us a call today 561-235-6195.

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