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Treatment Center Lead Generation

We are a full-service treatment center lead generation firm, addiction conference provider, and social media addiction treatment marketing specialists. Our only focus is in the addiction treatment industry. We have built up one of the nation's largest social media audiences. This audience consists of addiction professionals, and individuals seeking information on treatment. We use our audience to drive targeted leads to your website. A social media push on one article produces 500-1,000 targeted visitors to your website. Our team of industry professionals have over 30 years of experience on the business side of addiction treatment. We teach our clients how to use Google analytics, and call tracking. Without understanding these metrics, you are wasting treatment center lead generation dollars.

high res social media behavioral health network resources rehab lea generation Our specialty is addiction treatment marketing with a focus on social media rehab lead generation. Our 90-day social media treatment center lead generation package instantly taps you into our large targeted audience. Social media is complicated and earned over time. The 90-day marketing package also grows a targeted audience that is your to keep. Many centers do not have a large targeted audience that they own. This is a crucial aspect that should be in every centers marketing plan.

Treatment centers need to have their brand and message in front of their target audience. The most powerful way is understanding and utilizing social media. Here is a breakdown of the massive numbers of people on social media;

Addiction Conferences

Since 2015, BHNR has been putting on 2-3 addiction executive events per year. These events educate on ethical business practices. The events have assisted us in gaining proven business knowledge from our panelists. Each event is a talk show host, town hall setting. Every event hosts 5 Executive Thought Leaders (sponsorships available) sharing their proven business intel in a talk show host format. We have also used these events to raise addiction treatment scholarships. To date we have raised over $650,000 in scholarships at some of these addiction conferences. The recipients of these scholarships include, The Addicts Mom, and Riviera Beach Civil Drug Court.

Treatment Center Consultant

BHNR has been involved at the executive level of addiction treatment for over four years. Our privileged intel is paramount with the current status of our industry. Our treatment center consultants can help your organization save a tremendous number of mistakes. These mistakes are often costly, and many times centers cannot recover from these mistakes. We can help with addiction treatment marketing, accreditation, call center training, rehab lead generation, billing, and much more.

Give us a call at 561-235-6195 to discuss your treatment center marketing.

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