Drug Rehab Marketing Solutions

%Drug Rehab SEO AboutOur drug rehab marketing provides lead generation solutions across the United States. We are a full-service addiction treatment center marketing agency, consultation firm, addiction conferences provider and social media specialists. In 2020 our only focus is on the substance abuse treatment industry.  We service;

  • California
  • Florida
  • New Jersey
  • Texas

As drug rehab marketing specialists, we provide proven drug rehab SEO strategies, solutions, and ideas for lead generation. We teach drug rehabilitation centers on how to survive the difficult business landscape in behavioral health. It’s paramount that drug recovery center owners be educated on the business and drug rehab SEO marketing sides of our industry.

Drug Rehab Business and Marketing Consultants

%Drug Rehab SEO AboutA drug rehab business and marketing team that has been involved at the executive level of addiction treatment for over thirty years. This privileged intelligence has received many marketing testimonials and is paramount to the current status of our industry. Our drug rehab marketing consultants can help your organization prevent a tremendous number of mistakes. These mistakes are often costly, and many times treatment centers cannot recover from these mistakes. We can help with addiction treatment marketing, treatment center lead generation, SEO, websites, accreditation, and drug rehab call center training.

Drug Rehab Marketing, SEO, and Training 90-day Package

%Drug Rehab SEO AboutDrug rehab marketing and SEO is a complicated process and there is no magic button to get on page one of Google. Broken down to its’ simplest terms search engine optimization is how well your website effectively communicates with Google spiders. There is no playbook on search engine optimization in our industry. Google only provides little golden nuggets on what to do. However, there are many things that we do know that should be done to get on page one.

90% of the treatment centers and industry ancillary services providers suffer from digital Darwinism with their drug rehab marketing. At the root of this is poor drug rehab marketing and SEO. It is paramount to understand how Google spiders communicate with websites. Common mistakes made by businesses in our industry include;

  1. poor website development
  2. no schema
  3. poor use of or no H Tags
  4. poor use of or no Alt tags
  5. lack of high PR back-links
  6. poor social media footprint
  7. lack of citation back links
  8. incomplete Google My business page
  9. no city pages

Without understanding these metrics, you are wasting treatment center lead generation dollars. Give us a call at 561-235-6195 to discuss your addiction treatment center marketing.

Drug Rehab Marketing Agency Incorporating Social Media

%Drug Rehab SEO AboutOur specialty as drug and alcohol addiction treatment center consultants provides valuable knowledge of the entire business side of the industry. Unlike other drug rehab marketing agencies that say they do social media marketing, we prove it before you sign on with us. Social media drug rehab marketing has changed in 2018. Facebook and LinkedIn changed their algorithms and are not serving many posts and ads from the business pages. They are trying to force businesses to do paid advertising on their platforms. However, they are serving these posts that are coming from personal profiles and the groups.

We not only perform social media drug rehab marketing, but we’ve captured one of the largest social media audiences for drug addiction. Many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers marketing is poor at best. This is the largest potential lead generation source to produce treatment calls.

Drug Rehabs Need to Feed Their Brand

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers need to have their brand, and message in front of their target audience. The most powerful way is understanding and utilizing social media. Here is a breakdown of the massive numbers of people on social media;

  • Facebook has 2 billion users
  • LinkedIn has 500 million users
  • Twitter has 375 million users
  • 187 Million monthly unique visitors on Google
  • Bing has 500 million unique monthly users
  • Yahoo has 490 million unique monthly users

Drug Rehab Marketing It’s a Numbers Game

%Drug Rehab SEO AboutDrug rehab marketing is all about the numbers. You need to generate leads that generate treatment calls. This takes reaching a large audience. We have built up one of the nation’s largest addiction-related social media audiences. This audience consists of addiction professionals, and individuals seeking information on treatment. We use our audience to drive targeted leads to your website and grow a targeted audience for your recovery center. A social media push on one article produces 500-1,000 targeted visitors to your website.

We have over 30,000, addiction and behavioral health level one connection’s on LinkedIn making us the most connected drug rehab SEO marketing profile. On LinkedIn, BHNR owns 12 addiction and behavioral health LinkedIn groups with over 50,000 members. On Facebook, we have over 12,000 addiction-related friends and 45  groups with over 150,000 addiction-related members. We combine this with our 3000 Twitter followers, and a professional email database of 40,000 active recipients nationwide.

Our 90-day lead generation package gets you on page one of Google, teaches you SEO and instantly taps you into our large targeted audience. Social media is complicated and earned over time. The 90-day marketing package also grows a targeted audience that is yours to keep. Many centers do not have a large targeted audience that they own. This is a crucial aspect that should be in every center’s drug rehab marketing plan.

Addiction Conferences on Drug Rehab Marketing

Addiction conferences play an important role in drug rehab marketing. These behavioral health events provide valuable business and marketing knowledge. Since 2015, BHNR has been putting on 2-3 addiction executive conferences per year. These events educate on ethical business and marketing practices. They have assisted us in gaining proven business knowledge from our panelists. We have put on over fourteen successful addiction professional conferences, selling out eleven of them.

We are looking for Co-host and Co-chair sponsors for our next events in California and Florida. These addiction conferences provide proven business and marketing strategies for C-level executives. The sponsorship come with a robust marketing package designed for treatment centers or sale and service organization. Contact Charles Davis at 561-235-6195 to get involved.

%Drug Rehab SEO AboutEach of our addiction conferences is in a talk show host, town hall setting. Every event hosts 5 Executive Thought Leaders (sponsorship’s available) sharing their proven business intelligence and addiction treatment center marketing experience. We have also used these addiction conferences to raise addiction treatment scholarships. To date, we have raised over $650,000 in scholarships at some of these addiction professional addiction conferences. The recipients of these scholarships include The Addicts Mom and Riviera Beach Civil Drug Court.

Providing Drug Rehab Marketing Solutions

Need drug rehab marketing? Give us a call at 561-235-6195 and ask about our drug rehab marketing and SEO training that is part of our 90-day marketing package. We train you on how to get ranked on page one of Google. Our treatment center marketing dream team of industry professionals clearly demonstrates our ability to assist rehab owners in reducing operating costs and getting them page one rankings. They have over 30 years of experience in the business side of addiction treatment. We don’t just offer rehab marketing, we teach our clients on;

  • proven drug rehab SEO strategies and techniques
  • common mistakes in website development
  • how to get on page one of Google
  • proven social media marketing tactics
  • using Google analytics
  • using call tracking