%Drug Rehab SEO Rehab VendorsDrug rehabs and any ancillary business in the substance abuse treatmetn industry must rank on page one of Google. This is paramount as if you can rank in the top 3 in Google maps for key search terms calls will increase and more conversions will happen. In fact, ranking on page one is a gold mine for any business. There are over 40,000 searches on Google every second. Behavioral Health Network Resources can get a drug rehab, or any ancillary service comapny ranked in Google Maps for taget audience key words in 30-60-days. Call charles Davis at 561-235-6195 to increase admissions, increse any business in the addiction treatment industry.

Drug rehabs, addiction treatment centers, sober livings, and behavioral health organizations must run at optimum levels to survive the changes occurring in the behavioral health industry. Yearly evaluation of sales and service organizations is paramount. Organizations are constantly seeking to save and generate new revenue. That is why we have made the addiction treatment center, sober living and behavioral vendor listing page of resources. CEO’s and Executives need trusted sources when seeking to replace or add their current vendors.

Drug rehab Marketing Addiction Treatment Industry specific Reference Guide

A valuable drug rehab marketing business resource guide is paramount for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, sober livings and behavioral health organizations. This is at the core of Behavioral Health Network Resources. We have built our reputation by providing these resources across the nation.

Our industry is constantly undergoing changes that force businesses to run at optimized levels. At the core are the business and marketing strategies that either generate new revenue or save revenue from outdated strategies. The smartest organizations are constantly striving to improve their processes. Whether you just starting out, or an established business this resource guide provides high-quality proven businesses that will help you run your organization.

Many sales and services organizations do not perform drug rehab SEO. Treatment centers and behavioral health organizations are searching on Google for your services. This is an excellent way to gain market share over your competition. We are already ranking on page one of Google for terms like substance abuse marketing.

Addiction Conferences Providing Business and Drug Rehab Marketing Solutions

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Addiction Conferences by Behavioral Health Network Resources

A solid and proven drug rehab marketing plan with SEO is key to surviving in this day and age. New laws, rules, and regulations are changing the business side of behavioral health. Owners, Executives, and Directors are seeking ways to recapture lost revenue and generate new revenue. Behavioral Health Network Resources is dedicated to providing education and resources to center owners. In addition to this resource page, we host addiction Executives conferences on the business and marketing sides of our industry. These behavioral health events provide proven strategies that CEOs can immediately put into place.

Learn more about our addiction conferences and get involved today. You can check out our 5/21/19 addiction EMP conference by clicking on the events tab. This event features a panel on the business of medication-assisted treatment, drug rehab SEO, and money left on the table with substance abuse billing.

We are seeking a co-chair host for our 15th Addiction Executive conference. This is an excellent opportunity to be highlighted in front of 100-200 decision-makers. Contact Charles Davis at 561-235-6195 and see about the back-end marketing that comes with sponsorship.

How We Connect Providers and Sales/Service Organizations

Behavioral Health Network Resources is connected to the addiction and behavioral health industry through our national audience of over 250,000 professionals. This resource is a guide to the top sales and service organizations in the Behavioral Health field.

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Behavioral Health Network Resources has been recognized by several leading agencies for drug rehab marketing. We were recently awarded the best social media marketing agency award from Expertise in 2020. Our rapid growth is evident due to the quality of drug rehab marketing we provide.

We are constantly gathering information on the best providers of sales/service for addiction treatment centers and sober livings. We are on the pulse of the industry with our social media addiction professional audience. From drug rehab marketing and SEO to the business side of behavioral health we inform and educate addiction professionals.

Drug Rehab Marketing Resource for Sales and Service Organizations

%Drug Rehab SEO Rehab VendorsThis is a go-to resource for consulting, EMR’s, drug testing, credentialing, certification, staffing, website development, SEO, aftercare apps, rehab directories, mergers, acquisitions, consulting, CEU’s, substance abuse billing #1 mistake, clinical tracking, pharmacies, drug manufacturers, manage payer care software, CRM, insurance and more.

Browse through our network of providers and contact them for a no obligation consultation and insider business and marketing intelligence.

Ancillary Service Providers Get Listed

Other Drug rehab Marketing Packages Available for Ancillary Services Providers

%Drug Rehab SEO Rehab VendorsBHNR has spent the last 4 years (8 hours a day, 7 days a week) building one of the nation’s largest addiction and behavioral health audiences. We have two marketing packages designed for Ancillary services providers in our industry. These marketing packages instantly plug your organization into our large addiction professional and behavioral health audience. Give Charles Davis a call at 561-235-6195 for more information on our marketing packages.

Our audience currently consists of;

  • 30,000 addiction and behavioral health level one professionals on LinkedIn nationwide
  • 35,000 addiction and behavioral health followers on LinkedIn nationwide
  • Own 14 addiction and behavioral health groups with approx. 50,000 members on LinkedIn Nationwide
  • Belong to approx. 60 LinkedIn groups with well over 250,000 addiction and behavioral health members
  • 12,000 addiction and behavioral friends (contacts) on FACEBOOK
  • 46 addiction and behavioral health groups on Facebook with approx.150,000 members
  • Belong to over 200 Addiction Facebook Groups with over 500,000 members
  • Professional addiction and a behavioral health email database of over 80,000 with 25,000 active on Go Daddy, and 10,000 on Constant Contact.
  • 2700 addiction and behavioral followers on Twitter (@ConnectingBH)

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Magna Technology

Magna Technology knows the paramount importance of proper website development that allows Google spiders to properly read and rank a website so your website attracts and converts the most leads possible. Get your website evaluated for the common mistakes made by 90% of treatment centers. Contact us for a free no obligation consultation on your website structure, higher hierarchy, schema, maps and more.
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Innovative Health Solutions

Opioid Withdrawal is No Longer an Obstacle. FDA Approve Opiate Detox Device. This is the latest and potentially the best option for opiate detox. This opiate epidemic game changer is the latest scientific advancement in addiction treatment. The NSS-2 Bridge device. drastically reduces the withdrawal process to 5 days or less, and usually works within 10 minutes of installation. The main purpose is to quickly and painlessly reduce the pain associated with acute opiate withdrawal. Call Brian Carrico, President, at 317-409-7617 to find out how your center can offer non-narcotic opiate detox in an out-patient setting for $699. 
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David Hirshfeld, Esq.

David Hirshfeld is well-versed in laws governing the corporate practice of medicine, fee-splitting, kickbacks, self-referrals, the scope of practice and supervision, privacy, insurance, false claims, health care marketing; as well as more general laws governing business entities. As part of representing health care businesses, he has become expert with respect to general legal issues arising from space and equipment leases, loan documents, employment and contractor arrangements, human resource issues, wage-and-hour law, arrangements among owners within a business, and other general business arrangements not specifically related to health care or insurance. You can check out David Hirshfeld, behavioral health attorney and give him a call at 813-345-4740 with any legal questions on operating a treatment center, sober living, or behavioral health organization.
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Instant Verification of Benefits | Instant VOB

instantvob™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) membership-based product that revolutionizes the arduous task of obtaining healthcare benefits from various antiquated systems. Are you the trailblazer capable of promoting instantvob™ as the most recognized, respected, reliable automated tool? It is used by healthcare providers to check medical, mental health, substance use disorder and other specialty medical benefits.

This is the best app for instant verification of benefits. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment center owners get immediate answers on what the insurance companies will pay for substance abuse rehabilitation.

Now you can give your patients accurate benefit information on nights and weekends. This alone has helped our instant verification of benefits clients increase their census while helping more patients. The ability to acquire a patient’s active status, deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance information when the insurance companies are closed increases admissions dramatically. When seeking treatment, the ability to advise a patient whether their insurance has a covered benefit to admit into your facility is invaluable and saves lives.  instantvob™ instantly provides the results to support your patients’ needs. Call 561-530-5755 and start incfreasing your admissions today.

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Integrity Billing Company Substance Abuse Billing

Substance abuse billing and medical billing agency providing cost-effective solutions to maximize your reimbursement. Regain 20-30% of your lost revenue. Our philosophy is simple, as a healthcare provider, your priority should be in treating your patient and helping them become well. Let our experts make sure that you are paid for the care you provide.

Behavioral health billing is complicated with many earn dollars being lost. Performing medical billing in-house can be a costly mistake. This problem is many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers do not realize how much they are losing. Call (800) 683-5640 now! Our clients usually re-coup 20% of lost billed revenue in the first 6 months.

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Centered Recovery Programs | Best Drug Rehabs

Best drug rehabs Atlanta is what Centered Recovery Programs stives to be everyday. We are not your average drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. In fact, we go way beyond substance abuse rehabilitation services. Our holistic approach is non 12-step and uses mindfulness.

Many of our drug rehab clients say that they have attended 2, 3 4 and moroe addiction treatment centers. They say they have been through the following levels of care.

  • alcohol detox centers in Atlanta
  • residential inpatient treatment centers in Roswell
  • intensive outpatient programs or IOP drug rehabs Amphraetta
  • outpatient addiction treatment centers Marietta

After completing the drug rehabs Roswell program they say they wish they found Centered Recovery Programs sooner. finding the best drug rehabs can be difficult. We urge you to call us at 1-800-556-2966. We accept most health insurances. We can help you if you are in Roswell, Marietta, Amphaetta, and Atlanta, Georgia.

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Florida House Experience

The Florida House Experience (FHE) is an accredited healthcare institution that delivers quality, medically integrated personalized treatment for those suffering from Behavioral Health Disorders. We specialize in addictive disorders and other behavioral health diagnoses such as mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and traumatic disorders. We employ a team of highly qualified, compassionate individuals who share in the desire to serve this vulnerable population. We provide innovative treatment by creating an environment that promotes healing and optimized learning.

FHE is a facility licensed by both the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA). We are accredited by both the Joint Commission and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). We are a Sun-Sentinel Top Workplace 3 years running due to our caring, supportive, and entrepreneurial environment. We are members of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), and Deerfield Beach’s Best Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center. We are not conventional; we are at the forefront of a medically integrated, modern, scientific, and technological approaches to behavioral health and addiction treatment, delivering progressive services not seen in the behavioral health market.

FHE cares about the future of behavioral health treatment, which is why we are a teaching institution. We do not only want to provide quality care to the people we serve, but we also want to train the next generation of healthcare workers to be able to do the same. We are affiliated with multiple universities for this reason; University of Miami, Florida International University, Florida Atlantic University, and Barry University. We train their students in social work, nursing, and master’s level family and psychiatric nurse practitioners because we want to impose on them the knowledge and creativity that makes us innovative and that will encourage progressive thinking in the future of this field.

At FHE, we want to improve upon the commonly accepted modalities in the treatment of behavioral health disorders. We also create new and medically integrated approaches, diagnostics, and outcome systems that increase the success rate of those who complete our programs. You will leave FHE with more knowledge about the physiology and biology of your condition, and with the tools to ensure that you can apply it in your rehabilitated life.

Levels of Care:

Detoxification Service:
Provides a medically managed 24/7 program designed to help you deal with the physical withdrawal from substances or stabilize when physically or mentally you are unable to care for yourself in a less restricted environment. You are introduced to our neuro-rehabilitative program through the use of biofeedback and relaxation sessions.

Intensive Inpatient:
Provides a medically managed 24/7 level of care is designed for when you need extra assistance and monitoring based on behavior, medical needs, or symptoms that need to be managed in a more acute setting.

Provides a medically supervised 24/7 level of care is designed to help stabilize you, begin the process of individual therapy, group therapy, and interventions designed to gain insight, develop coping skills, and address concerns in a safe and supportive environment. Medical management and neuro-rehabilitative services are part of the program for all clients.

Partial Hospitalization Program:
Provides a clinically managed step-down from the more intensive care of the residential service. Here, you start to reintegrate back into more independent life and demonstrate the ability to care for yourself, maintain your gains achieved in the residential level of care, and participate in your own recovery process. Clients can also continue neuro-rehabilitation work, are closely monitored by medical and psychiatric providers, and can attend specialized treatment with Dialectical Behavior Therapy informed classes, specific gambling addiction programs, a family intensive program for work with significant others, and receive continued individual therapy, access to career services, and other specialized treatment as appropriate.

Intensive Outpatient Program:
Provides a clinically supervised program where you will continue to be able to be more independent with the expectation that you will use time management skills, participate in treatment appointments, and handle your own personal affairs with minimal assistance and direction. Self-care such as living skills, meals, and securing employment are emphasized at this level of care. Neuro-rehabilitative work continues, psychiatric and medical care is arranged, and specialized therapy experiences are available to you.

Clients who receive the entire program of care will discharge as treatment complete and then move to outpatient treatment including such treatments as individual therapy, participation in self-help and support groups, ongoing medical and psychiatric follow-up (as needed), and live independently either in a sober living environment or back to home.

Specialty Services:

Medically Integrated
Trauma Resolution
Mental Health
Alumni Services
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Drug Rehabs West Palm Beach 

Drug rehabs West Palm Beach is a colleection of the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in south florida. This is a popular searched term on Google. Our blog has information on finding the best addiction treatment centers in the area. Some residential addiction treatment centers are nationally know for their IOP drug rehabs and inpatient drug rehab programs. Many people from end up in southern Florida in the West Palm Beach and Broward county area. This is why we have worked so hard to be one of the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers resources on the East coast. Learn about long term recovery at many drug rehabs West Palm Beach program.

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Drug Rehabs San Diego California by Harmony Grove Recovery

The best drug rehabs San Diego, California look like Harmony Grove Recovery. They are Joint commission accredited and provide credential counselors. However, their exceptional staff is only part of the picture that makes them the best drug rehabs San Diego offers. They also provide thewir inpatient addiction treatment centers services in the following areas;

The staff are not only extremely qualified, they are at the heart of Harmony Grove Recovery. They look at it like, your success and long term recovery, is there reason for working. They can provide guidance for the entire addiction treatment process from detox to sober home living. If you are sick of addiction controlling your life, give them a call now at 760-697-0497 and start the journey to long-term recovery.
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Best Drug Rehabs Austin Texas 

2 Morris Rd
Ringwood, NJ 07456

Oakvine Recovery Center is one of the best drug rehabs Austin Texas options. this IOP drug rehab provides some of the highest long term recovery rates. They are one of the best choices for addiction treatment. A full service drug and alcohol addiction treatment with an added benefit. They are also connected with the best alcohol detox centers in TX. They have high success rates and provide long-term care. During their drug and alcohol rehabilitation program you learn evidence-based protocols. You apply relapse prevention strategies and learn from others in group settings. A defiled treatment plan including individual counseling is administered. If you are seeking drug rehabs near me in Austin Texas check out this group. Learn more about this evidenced based drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.

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Tampa Family Pharmacy Providing FREE HEP C Testing Fort Lauderdale to Drug Rehabs in South Florida

This south Florida pharmacy is providing FREE Hep C testing (including treatment and medications) to drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. They have been approved for the 304b grant that allows them to help addiction rehabilitation programs offer this FREE service.

This grants makes it possible for drug rehabs in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami to provide hepatitis C testing and treatment. This is great news for this underserved population. It is also great news for the addiction treatment centers because a majority of their clients are at risk. If you are an addiction treatment center in south Florida call call the Tampa Family Pharmacy representative Saril Vasquez at 561-578-1389 and get this program started for your center and your clients.

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