What is Drug Rehab Marketing on Social Media?

Social media drug rehab marketing Drug rehab marketing on social media is the ability to reach and capture you target audience. It can be done organically or through paid advertising. Unfortunately to do pay per click or PPC advertising on social media requires Legit Script certification. However, you do not need this to organically market on social media.

Drug rehab marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn are greatly misunderstood, and not respected in our industry. Many are only chasing the short-term strategy of AdWords, call center leads generation, TV ads, radio, and boots on the ground. These are all parts of a good marketing plan; however, they are missing the best option in their marketing mix. An option that offers the lowest cost per acquisition reaches the largest possible audience, a chance to their brand, build trust and provides returns for many years.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment center Owners and Directors always ask the same questions:

  • How many admissions can you get me in 30, 60, and 90 days?
  • What will my CPA be with marketing?

Long-term Advertising Solutions Not Short-term

This always reminds of Henry Ford’s quote; “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

%Drug Rehab SEO Social Media Drug Rehab Marketing

Owners and Directors are placing their organization’s in a “red ocean”, filled with competition by being short-sighted. They are relying on a short-term strategy and always staying on the merry-go-round. Social media drug rehab marketing is a long-term strategy with the highest potential payout in many ways for drug rehab marketing. It provides drug rehab marketing solutions, but they must understand how to harness the power of billions of people. This takes a clear understanding of many proven and ethical marketing strategies and education on the common drug rehab marketing mistakes addiction treatment centers make in their substance abuse marketing.

Why you must have social media in your drug rehab marketing mix?

  1. Build a Targeted Audience That You Own. Social media especially Facebook, and LinkedIn give you the ability to grow your own targeted audience. This is an electronic asset that is yours forever.
  2. Gets You in Front of millions of potential clients. With a majority of the population being on social media, it gives organizations the ability to have their brand, and useful content served to their target audience.
  3. Better organic SERP’S (search engine Results Pages). Social media can help your organization’s optimized content initially drive 500-1000 targeted users to their website. If the content is shared along the way, this can be dramatically higher.
  4. Reduced Marketing Costs. The costs per acquisition with social media drug rehab marketing is the lowest over any other marketing strategy.
  5. Increased Brand Awareness. This is a rare opportunity to compete with the big players in the addiction treatment industry. Having a social media presence organically, or paid, makes it easier for their clients, and potential clients to find and connect. Consider this study by the social habit showing over 50% of the US population who follow brands on social media are more loyal.
  6. Social Media Works 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week. This is your #1 employee that works all the time.
  7. Social Media is Your Most Powerful Boots on the Ground Employee. A review on a Google business page, Yelp, or Facebook can generation 1000 more times than a single employee could for an entire year.
  8. Better Customer Service. One of the strongest advantages a small business has is its personalized touch. With drug rehab social media marketing you can now reach out personally to customers to provide top-notch customer service, and your positive interactions can be broadcasting to other prospective customers.
  9. Build Relationships. Understand it’s not about pitching your JACHO accreditation and you that you have open beds. Traditional advertising can’t create relationships and have an open dialogue. This provides the best opportunity to build trust in your brand with current and potential clients. It also provides invaluable insights on what your potential clients are seeking addiction treatment.

Addiction Treatment Marketing Social Media Specialists

%Drug Rehab SEO Social Media Drug Rehab MarketingThere is an overwhelming response for treatment center social media marketing in our industry (for centers and sales/service organizations). This is due to the new regulations on ethical marketing practices, and the high cost of marketing. This combined with the realization that treatment centers must be in front of their target market. Social media is something they can grow, and control on their own. There are 2 billion people on Facebook and 500 million professionals on LinkedIn. Treatment centers must have a targeted audience that they own.

The Importance of Social Media

The new landscape of the addiction treatment industry has treatment centers and opiate detox facilities facing difficult challenges. To survive in this “red ocean”, a solid marketing plan must be in place. The centers that don’t adapt will die from “Digital Darwinism”.

Focused and targeted social media drug rehab marketing is more critical than ever. The addiction treatment industry is extremely competitive. What separates successful centers from the pack is well-planned out marketing that can be tracked. Taking the necessary steps in building your online presence is paramount. Facilities can no longer be dependent on referrals, or word of mouth marketing. The ultimate power of being on page one of Google organically catapults centers with a flood of calls.

The Power of Social Media

%Drug Rehab SEO Social Media Drug Rehab MarketingThere was a time when social media was just for kids and not too useful for marketing.  Over a short period of time, this has changed drastically. Consider this, 88% of the North America population is on the internet. Popular social media marketing giants like Facebook (263,081,200 members in North America) provides an audience that treatment centers can no longer afford to avoid. The jury has spoken: social media for business is no longer optional. If you’re wondering how social media can benefit your business, look no further. We’ve outlined the key points below.

Social Media is all about building trust, bringing value, being in front of millions of potential clients, community building (target audience) and your target audience getting interested in your brand. Social media drug rehab marketing must be in your advertising and branding strategy.

Social Media Addiction Treatment Marketing

%Drug Rehab SEO Social Media Drug Rehab MarketingWe dominate social media addiction treatment marketing in the addiction and behavioral health industry. We do this by example every day on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. BHNR has built up one of the largest marketing footprints (millions) in the industry. Our drug and alcohol treatment marketing dream team have studied and dissected the most powerful mediums in our industry. Our education has helped us learn many of the secrets, tricks, and back-doors to maximizing social media. We are drug rehab SEO specialists and social media drug rehab marketing specialists leading by example with our own organization.

Our Founder’s original vision was to assist treatment centers in establishing relationships with the hard to reach referral sources. We’ve assisted treatment centers with connecting to EAP’s, courts, Psychologists, psychiatrists, unions, private clinicians, and many more. In that process, we have gained a tremendous number of individuals seeking information on addiction treatment in our audience.

Building Electronic Marketing Assets on Social Media

We understand social media addiction treatment marketing and build an drug rehab marketing IoT asset consisting of a targeted audience that is yours to keep.

Our Social Media drug rehab marketing audience;

  • 30,000 addiction and behavioral health professionals on LinkedIn
  • 35,000 addiction and behavioral health followers on LinkedIn
  • Own 14 LinkedIn addiction and behavioral health groups (50,000 members)
  • Belong to approx. 60 LinkedIn groups (250,000 addiction professional members)
  • 12,000 addiction and behavioral friends (contacts) on Facebook
  • Own 12 addiction and behavioral health FACEBOOK groups (60,000 members, professionals and individuals seeking treatment)
  • Belong to over 250 Facebook Groups (over one million members)
  • 14,000 addiction and behavioral followers on Twitter
  • 40,000 Addiction Professional Active Email List

Behavioral Health Conferences

Our targeted social media drug rehab marketing assists us in educating professionals at our own SOLD OUT behavioral health conferences. Our events have attracted 16-55 exhibitors, and 100-230 attendees at each event. We have also promoted detox and treatment center open houses, assisted in promoting various addiction conferences. Some of these conferences include; Broward County Crime Commission, “Pass it On” (a national off-Broadway play featuring Bill W. and Dr. Bob), and a NAADAC CEU national presentation called “Get Linked for Addiction Professionals”.

Behavioral Health Network Resources Social Media Audience

Our social media addiction treatment lead generation program has produced 10’s of thousands of new relationships with reciprocal referral relationships being built, partnerships, sales of industry related products and services, and connections to individuals seeking treatment information. It provides proven social media methods generating 500-1000 targeted visitors per blog article.

This program requires you to understand your Google Analytics and to have call tracking in place. This is inexpensive and critical in tracking where the calls are coming from (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email, Organic, paid listings, call centers, TV, Radio, etc…)

90-Day Drug Rehab Marketing Package

We offer Executive and staff social media training (LinkedIn and Facebook). We can show you how to grow your social media targeted audience (professionals and individuals seeking treatment) by 1,000’s. With our “Get Linked for Addiction Professionals” program within 2-4 weeks on LinkedIn you are a superstar. We teach you how to maximize these platforms for organic and SEO purposes.

In addition, we show you how to use that social media audience to generate treatment calls and clients. How to obtain professional referrals, sales of products and services, grow your behavioral health professional email database and direct traffic to your substance abuse recovery blog increasing your organic ranking.

We also have our 90-day drug rehab SEO package that drastically improves your SEO. This program is unique in that is also teaches you how to perform search engine optimization in house. Search engine optimization takes time and knowledge. We provide you the knowledge to effectively perform this in-house when you sign on with this package.

%Drug Rehab SEO Social Media Drug Rehab Marketing

Contact Charles Davis info@behavioralhealthnetworkresources.com, or 561-235-6195 on our 90-Day social media addiction treatment marketing package instantly tapping you into our audience and growing your own audience that will be your intellectual property.