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Addiction treatment center marketing or drug rehab marketing has become paramount with the changes occurring in Behavioral Healthcare. A buy rehab leads or drug rehab call centers strategy puts recovery centers at great risk due to the massive competition. It’s extremely important for new, or existing organizations to address issues of their current business infrastructure and their overall marketing. Behavioral Health Network Resources provides drug rehab consulting and drug and alcohol addiction treatment center marketing. We are leaders in navigating the difficult business and marketing landscape in the behavioral health industry. Unlike other marketing agencies, we lead by example with our focused and targeted website development, SEO and social media marketing. We do this to demonstrate the extreme value of social media marketing. In addition to our consulting and marketing, we educate addiction professionals at our Ethical Marketing Practices (EMP) conferences.

Addiction Treatment Center Marketing It’s How We Do It

We are focused on sharing proven business and addiction treatment center marketing practices and knowledge to take your organization to the next level. We are embedded in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry. We offer proven addiction treatment marketing lead generation strategies that educate you along the way on proven, efficient and productive marketing. Those solutions include consulting,  drug rehab marketing, website development, search engine optimization, assistance with Google Ad Words and social media marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn., Our expertise is in website development, drug rehab SEO ( search engine optimization ) lead generation, drug rehab marketing, business consulting, behavioral health and addiction conferences. It is crucial to have a robust addiction treatment center marketing mix to survive the red ocean of addiction treatment centers competing to get on page one of Google.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center and Drug Rehab Marketing Consultants

Drug rehab marketing consultants are vital to recovery centers.Drug rehab marketing consultants are an absolute necessity with the difficult landscape in the behavioral health industry. They provide proven drug rehab marketing solutions. Drug rehabilitation treatment center owners need experts guiding their organizations to obtain the greatest return on investment. New addiction treatment centers and existing centers need the education and experience from consultants to avoid costly mistakes. The addiction recovery industry generates over 40 million dollars a year. The profits that can be gained are extremely attractive. However, with big profits comes the risk of big losses. A large drug rehabilitation centers marketing investment and a solid and robust addiction recovery marketing campaign are needed to generate treatment calls. Rehabilitation centers can no longer rely on the short-term solution of a buy rehab leads strategy including using the non-productive drug rehab calls centers. There is a tremendous amount of competition on all levels from small to large centers. Some of the big players are spending over 6 figures a month on the drug rehab lead generation. Behavioral health business and marketing consultants can tell you what works and what doesn’t work. It is paramount for recovery centers to know where their addiction treatment marketing dollars are being wasted. These are costly mistakes that you do not want to learn by trial and error. Many centers are unaware of the many pitfalls they are currently experiencing in their addiction treatment center marketing strategy. They can’t understand why they do not have a healthy census. This is where drug rehab consultants are extremely useful.

We Educate on Drug Rehab Marketing Mistakes

drug rehab marketing plan and solutions for a drug rehab marketing plan

There are many mistakes made with drug rehab marketing including website development, SEO and social media specialists on Facebook and LinkedIn. We lead by example clearly demonstrating our ability with our own targeted social media audience. Our 6 LinkedIn personal profiles and drug rehab marketing business page and 6 Facebook personal profiles and our Facebook drug rehab marketing and addiction conferences pages have over 125,000 direct connections. In addition, our social media audience expands into Twitter, G+ and a professional email list of over 40,000 addiction and behavioral health professionals.

Contact us on one of our most popular addiction treatment center marketing packages (90-day social media marketing package) that instantly taps you into our audience, while we build your electronic footprint. We offer more than website Development, search engine optimization, blogging, organic targeted audience building, call tracking, call center operations and analytics. We perform website development for drug rehab marketing that enables the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN) to read and rank your website. Find out why poor website development for drug rehab marketing is the #1 reason why addiction treatment center marketing has not worked for many addiction treatment centers.

Addiction Conferences for Executives, Addiction Professionals and Outreach

addiction conferences by behavioral health network resourcesWe are more than a drug rehab consulting and marketing. Behavioral Health Network Resources also puts on addiction conferences. These addiction professional conferences educate CEO’s, Executives, Directors, and Outreach on proven business and addiction treatment center marketing practices to survive the drastic changes occurring in the behavioral health industry. Each of these talk show host forum conferences features 5 Executive Thought Leaders in a town hall setting. Our addiction conferences have attracted successful and proven Senators, Attorneys, device manufacturers and national business leaders to name a few. We have also raised over $650,000 worth of addiction treatment scholarships at our addiction conferences. t our 2016 addiction conferences raised over $250,000 worth of addiction treatment scholarships for the Addicts Mom. We did it again at our addiction conferences raising over $400,000 worth of scholarships for the Riviera Beach Civil Drug court.

Each of our addiction conferences hosts 150-200 attendees and 15- 20 exhibitors. Behavioral Health Network Resources has put on 13 events and sold out 12 of these events. These conferences are interactive, unique and exciting. Unlike other conferences, you will not see powerpoint presentations. We interview out Thought Leader panelists and then turn the entire event over to the audience. This produces a large mastermind group involving all that attend our successful events. This forum truly gets to and addresses all the pain points of the CEO’s Executives, and owners of addiction treatment centers, detox’s sober livings, and ancillary service providers are experiencing, check out our next addiction conferences EMP Series event in Costa Mesa, California on 1/22/19.

Stop Wasting You’re Addiction Treatment Center Marketing Dollars

Addiction Treatment Center Marketing using a buy rehab leads strategyMany behavioral health organizations waste a tremendous amount of money on their addiction treatment center marketing. There are many reasons why this is occurring. CEO’s, Executives and Directors need to be better educated on marketing and what is exactly involved. Getting educated by drug rehab marketing consultants, attending addiction conferences are key ways to gain vital information. Marketing is a complicated process and there is no magic bullet or one particular thing that is going to generate revenue. Effective and targeted marketing takes education and experience to be fruitful. Owners must stop resorting to only short-term solutions to their long-term problems of generating enough revenue to be successful. Drug rehab call centers and Google pay per click are a buy rehab leads strategy that is should only be a small part of your marketing mix. The long-term and much more productive strategies including organic, drug rehab SEO and social media marketing must be in the marketing plan. These drug rehab marketing strategies eventually produce a lower cost per acquisition and can least for years. Every organization is unique in their addiction treatment center marketing and business strategy there are no cookie cutter solutions.

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