What is drug rehab marketing and SEO

Drug Rehab Marketing and Drug Rehab SEO for Addiction Treatment Centers

Drug rehab marketing, addiction treatment center marketing and drug rehab SEO have become paramount with lead generation. There are many changes occurring in Behavioral Healthcare. A buy rehab leads or drug rehab call centers strategy puts recovery centers at great risk due to the massive competition. It’s extremely important for new, or existing organizations to address issues of their current business infrastructure.

In addition, they need to look at their overall digital drug rehab marketing footprint. Behavioral Health Network Resources provides drug rehab consulting and drug and alcohol addiction treatment center marketing. We are leaders in navigating the difficult business and marketing landscape in the behavioral health industry. Unlike other drug rehab marketing agencies, we lead by example. Our focus is on targeted website development, SEO and social media marketing.

We do this to demonstrate the extreme value of social media marketing. In addition to our drug rehab marketing specialists, consultants and drug rehab SEO, we educate C-level professionals at our ethical marketing practices (EMP) addiction conferences. When we take on new clients, we also teach them how to perform their own drug rehab SEO marketing.

Drug Rehab Marketing, How We Do It

%Drug Rehab SEO HomeWe are focused on sharing proven business and addiction treatment center marketing or drug rehab marketing practices. Passing knowledge of drug rehab SEO to take your organization to the next level is our main goal. We are embedded in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry.

We offer proven drug rehab marketing lead generation strategies that educate you along the way on efficient and productive marketing. Drug rehab marketing is complicated and requires specific knowledge in several different areas. To be able to provide successful solutions you need an agency or consultant you can trust. Some of those solutions include:

  • business drug rehab consulting
  • drug rehab marketing
  • drug rehab SEO
  • website development
  • search engine optimization, drug rehab SEO services, and training
  • assistance with Google Ad Words
  • social media marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • addiction conferences

Our expertise is in website development, drug rehab SEO ( search engine optimization ), lead generation, drug rehab marketing, business consulting, behavioral health and addiction conferences. It is crucial to have a robust drug rehab marketing mix to survive the red ocean of addiction treatment centers competing to get on page one of Google.

Why Our Drug Rehab SEO and Consultants?

%Drug Rehab SEO HomeDrug rehab consultants for marketing and SEO are an absolute necessity with the difficult landscape in the behavioral health industry. They provide proven drug rehab marketing and drug rehab SEO solutions. Drug rehabilitation treatment center owners need experts guiding their organizations.

It’s difficult to obtain the greatest return on investment. New rehabilitation centers and existing operations need the education and experience from experienced consultants to avoid costly mistakes. The addiction recovery industry generates over 40 billion dollars a year. The profits that can be gained are extremely attractive.

Our behavioral health business, drug rehab marketing and SEO services can tell you what works and what doesn’t work. It is paramount for recovery centers to know where their advertising dollars are being wasted. These are costly mistakes that you do not want to learn by trial and error. Many rehabilitation facilities are unaware of the many pitfalls they are currently experiencing in their marketing strategy. They can’t understand why they do not have a healthy census. This is where drug rehab marketing and SEO consultants are extremely useful.

Why Long-term Business Strategies Payoff in Drug Rehab SEO?

Drug rehab SEO marketing strategies need a solid long-term strategy because it outperforms Ad Words, Legit Script and buying treatment calls. This is why drug rehab marketing consultants are needed. The best long-term strategy is achieved by optimizing the website. This process includes structure, keyword URL’s, H Tags, ALT tags and SERP descriptions.

The substance abuse treatment centers owners have traditionally been successful despite their lack of lead generation marketing. They have relied upon Ad Words, Legit Script and buying treatment calls. This was very fruitful for many years. However, now there are new laws, regulations, increased competition and insurance companies playing games. Trying to use the old strategy puts many operators at great risk.

Drug rehabilitation centers need a long-term drug rehab marketing investment and a solid and robust advertising campaign. The key to competing is drug rehab SEO and ranking organically on page one of Google. This is needed to generate treatment leads and treatment calls. Rehabs can no longer rely on the short-term solution of a buy rehab leads strategy.

Google Ad Words and drug rehab call centers are only part of the picture. There is a tremendous amount of competition on all levels from small to large centers. Some of the big players are spending over 6 figures a month ($500,000/month) on the drug rehab lead generation.

How Drug Rehab Marketing SEO Blogs Outperform Google Ad Words and PPC?

%Drug Rehab SEO HomeThere are many drug rehab SEO options, however their are many mistakes made on substance abuse rehabilitation websites and with blogs. Having an optimized drug rehab SEO blog gets you on page one of Google. There are 63,000 searches every second on Google. The organic listing by far outperform PPC (pay per click). Owners can compete if they are ranking for key terms like drug rehabs, inpatient drug rehabs and alcohol detox (followed by their city). These are the key money terms.

The small players can outperform Google Ad Words and PPC, however they need an organic strategy. Consider this, Ad Words only accounts for 1.81% of page one clicks. The top 3 organic slots and Google Maps account for 60-70% of page one clicks. Getting on page one is an absolute must for treatment centers in 2019. The only way to accomplish this is with search engine optimization.

The small players are desperately seeking how to compete against the big players. Many are resorting to “boots on the ground” and Google Ad Words to generate leads. With the changing business landscape, laws, regulations, and certifications required this is extremely risky. Before it’s too late to recover they need to adopt a drug rehab SEO blog writing strategy. You can check out our blog writing service by clicking above.

Why Drug Rehab Marketing and SEO Options and Training are Needed?

Drug rehab SEO marketing is a complicated process that many drug rehabilitation centers are unfamiliar with implementing. About 90% of the drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers suffer from drug rehab SEO marketing digital Darwinism. This is the same for the ancillary service providers in our industry.

We do drug rehab marketing for both segments. Many will pay a search engine optimization agency without knowing if the work is being done. The new laws and competitive landscape are demanding that owners get educated on drug rehab SEO.

We outperform other drug rehab marketing and SEO agencies with leading by example. Not only do we provide search engine optimization but also have the only captured social media marketing audience in the industry. We clearly demonstrate that we can perform drug rehab SEO. Just Google some of the 600 keywords that we rank for organically.

This is important because if an agency can’t rank for their own keywords on page one, how can you expect them to do it for your addiction treatment center? We not only perform drug rehab marketing and search engine optimization, but we also teach rehabs on how to do this in-house when you sign on for our 90-day SEO package.

Substance Abuse Billing Rehabs Leaving Money on the Table

%Drug Rehab SEO Home

The unprecedented changes that have occurred in behavioral healthcare have caused many centers to close. These centers simply refused to change or waited too long to see the writing on the wall. Substance abuse treatment center owners not only need a solid marketing plan. They also need to look at the business side. There are several key areas that owners can look at to regain lost revenue.

Almost every center is leaving money on the table with their substance abuse billing and utilization review processes. This is one of the key areas many centers can regain 20-30% of their revenue. Billing is a complicated process and the insurance companies are utilizing the lack of knowledge with treatment center owners. Whether a center is contracting or doing in-house billing there is money left there.

How to find the Best Drug Rehab Consultants?

The best drug rehab consultants should already be in front of you. They should be highly visible on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Alignable. You should have already clicked on their valuable content. The bottom line is they find you through their drug rehab marketing content. This demonstrates they not only know the business side, but also the marketing side.

The best drug rehab marketing consultants understand that this industry changes every year. These changes require an evaluation by owners on all the services they are purchasing. Owners and operators should be reviewing and reevaluating this business segment every year. Engaging with other billing companies and substance abuse billing and utilization review consultants will bring in lost capital. Billing is not the only area drug rehabilitation operators can regain revenue.

Drug rehab consultants should have proven experience in search engine optimization, credentialing, website development, legal counsel, mergers and acquisitions to name a few. Every business aspect should be reviewed at the very least on a yearly basis. This review process should encompass the current vendor and negotiations with at least two other vendors. This will bring out the areas that may be missed by the current vendor. Finding sources for addiction treatment ancillary service providers is key for operators.

Why We Educate on Drug Rehab Marketing Mistakes?

%Drug Rehab SEO Home

We teach about the common drug rehab SEO  marketing mistakes because they are so blatant due to owners traditionally using short-term solutions. There are many mistakes made with drug rehab marketing causing a great deal of loss with advertising dollars and lead generation. Some of these include website development, SEO and social media. We lead by example clearly demonstrating our ability with our own targeted social media audience.

We have 6 LinkedIn personal profiles, 12 groups (50,000 members) and a drug rehab marketing business page that ranks on Google. Our 6 Facebook personal profiles, 40 groups (150,000 members) and our 12 Facebook business pages produce leads and help with SEO. All of these have over 210,000 direct connections. In addition, our social media audience expands into Twitter, and a professional email list of over 30,000 addiction and behavioral health professionals.

Contact us on one of our most popular drug rehab marketing packages (90-day drug rehab SEO marketing package) that instantly taps you into our audience. We build your electronic footprint, back links, website development. We offer more than website development, search engine optimization, blogging, organic targeted audience building, call tracking, call center operations, and analytics.

We perform website development for drug rehab marketing that enables the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and MSN) to read and rank your website. Find out why poor website development for drug rehab marketing is the #1 reason why drug and alcohol addiction treatment center marketing has not worked for many rehabs.

Addiction Conferences for Executives, Professionals, and Outreach

Our addiction conferences strictly focus on the business side and drug rehab marketing. We educate on “How to prepare for addiction conferences?” This helps behavioral health professionals get the most out of our events. While our events focus on drug rehab marketing and SEO, they do provide other advantages. These behavioral health events educate CEO’s, Executives, Directors, and Outreach on proven business and addiction treatment center marketing practices. Surviving the drastic changes occurring in the behavioral health industry is critical.

Each of these talk show host forum addiction conferences features 5 Executive Thought Leaders in a town hall setting. These events have attracted successful and proven Senators, Attorneys, device manufacturers, and national business leaders to name a few. We have also raised over $650,000 worth of addiction treatment scholarships at our addiction conferences. at our:

Addiction Conferences Educating Business and Drug Rehab Marketing

Behavioral Health Network Resources addiction conferences educate on drug rehab marketing. This is the biggest pain point for operators. Many are struggling with their drug rehab marketing. Each of our events hosts 100-200 attendees and 15- 20 exhibitors. Over half of our attendees are CEO, Executives, and Directors.

We have put on 16 events and sold out 12 of these events. These addiction conferences are interactive, unique and exciting. Unlike other conferences, you will not see PowerPoint presentations. We interview out Thought Leader panelists and then turn the entire event over to the audience.

This produces a large mastermind group involving all that attend our successful events. The unique forum truly gets to and addresses all the pain points of the CEO and Executive. These conferences provide owners of addiction treatment centers, detox’s sober livings, and ancillary service providers paramount business intelligence.

%Drug Rehab SEO Home

Our next addiction conferences series will start in March 2021. This Get Linked for Addiction Professionals event will teat how to maximize LinkedIn. It will provide proven strategies for lead generation on the #1 business networking website in the US. . We will also reveal how we get LinkedIn profiles on page one of google for key search terms.

These C-Level behavioral health event will be held in Florida. The location will be in Riviera Beach, Florida. We are currently seeking Co-Host sponsors for events in Florida and California. The sponsorship’s come with 30-days of back end marketing. This includes:

  • drug rehab marketing to our 210,000 professionals and individuals seeking treatment
  • mic time at the addiction conference
  • social media on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Executive thought leader panelists seat
  • an exhibitor booth
  • comp passes into the event
  • email marketing to our 35,000 database
  • recognition of the event marketing

Stop Wasting Advertising Dollars, Hire a Drug Rehab Marketing Professional?

%Drug Rehab SEO Home

Behavioral Health Network Resources teaches on how to stop wasting drug rehab marketing advertising dollars.

The best way to stop wasting advertising dollars is to add a long-term strategy and avoid the top 3 drug rehab marketing mistakes. This includes drug rehab SEO, website development and a proven back-linking strategy. Many behavioral health organizations waste a tremendous amount of money on their drug rehab marketing. The don’t have a clear understanding of search engine optimization.

The industry has used short term techniques demanding immediate results. Owners need to switch their thing away from how many admits can you get me in 30 days. When implementing drug rehab SEO it will take at least 90-days to rank on page on for long-tail money keywords. Any agency that promises quicker results is using black hat strategies. These may get you on page one quicker, however eventually Google will find out and them penalize you. These could get you blacklisted from ranking organically.

There are many reasons why this is occurring. CEO’s, Executives and Directors need to be better educated on drug rehab marketing and what is exactly involved. Getting educated by drug rehab marketing consultants and attending addiction conferences teaching these strategies are key ways to gain vital information. Marketing is a complicated process and there is no magic bullet or one particular thing that is going to generate revenue.

What Are Long-term Drug Rehab Marketing Strategies?

Drug rehab marketing takes education and experience to be fruitful. Owners must stop resorting to only short-term solutions to their long-term problems of generating enough revenue to be successful. Drug rehab call centers and Google pay per click are a “buy rehab leads” strategy that should only be a small part of your marketing mix.

The long-term and much more productive strategies including organic, drug rehab SEO and social media marketing must be in the marketing plan. These drug rehab marketing strategies eventually produce a lower cost per acquisition and can last for years. Every organization is unique in its advertising and business strategy there are no cookie-cutter solutions. Check out the compilation of drug rehab marketing information on our website and give us a call at 561-235-6195. We can help you stop wasting large amounts of your advertising dollars.

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