• Shelby Knight Avatar

    Recently attended a BHN event which was absolutely fantastic and informative! About a week after the event I had some follow up questions for Charles. He took the time to... read more

    Shelby Knight 11/14/2017
    Alexander Ronzino Avatar

    A beacon of ethical integrity helping to shape the conversation and direction of marketing practices within the Behavioral Health and addiction treatment marketing industry. I attended the most recent BHNR... read more

    Alexander Ronzino 11/14/2017
    Rebecca Socol Avatar

    I have attended several of Charles' BHN events. They were all fantastic! Each meeting was engaging and informative. Attendees always leave them better prepared and connected to others in the... read more

    Rebecca Socol 8/12/2017
  • Crystal Talio Avatar

    Most amazing seminar/training I have attended in a very long time. This is going to change how my company does business moving forward all thanks to Charles Davis! Thank you... read more

    Crystal Talio 8/25/2017
    Denise Corbisiero Avatar

    I have thoroughly enjoyed every conference sponsored by BHNR. Charles Davis truly understands the issues and interests of our field . As such, he presents expert panels that speak to... read more

    Denise Corbisiero 9/05/2017
    -Beth Iris Hernandez, CEO Avatar

    It was indeed an outstanding event! Thank you, Charles Davis, for your hard work! I connected with great addiction professionals in our industry, and all of us at Revive were... read more

    -Beth Iris Hernandez, CEO 1/30/2018
  • Don Wright CEO Avatar

    Thank you for an amazing time Charles. Incredible how smoothly the event ran. That's a clear sign that GOD has his hand on you and your business.

    Don Wright CEO 1/30/2018
    Dani La Barrie, LCSW, CAP, Clinical Director Avatar

    Unlike the other regular addiction professional conferences, you raised the bar on quality Education, Networking, and helping many that can't afford treatment. ALL the addiction treatment exhibitors connected on a... read more

    Dani La Barrie, LCSW, CAP, Clinical Director 1/30/2018
    R.David Allara, M. D., Director Avatar

    For those who were fortunate to attend the Addiction & Networking Symposium today you were treated to an awesome event at a great venue. The speakers were excellent and helpful... read more

    R.David Allara, M. D., Director 1/30/2018
  • Jim Greene, Program Director Avatar

    Feeling blessed! Great two days in West Palm BEACH at the VIP Addiction Professional Symposium on behalf of my company North Star Health Systems. Thanks Charles Davis for a great event.

    Jim Greene, Program Director 1/30/2018
    Ann Weinwurm, MPH Director of Development Avatar

    Charles, I heard that your event was GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT!!! I am sure you are exhausted - what an event!! Sorry that I could not go but I was glad that you... read more

    Ann Weinwurm, MPH Director of Development 1/30/2018
    Rob Murphy, Managing Partner Avatar

    An impressive event, I got 4 clients! Great job!

    Rob Murphy, Managing Partner 1/30/2018
  • Michelle Jones MSW Avatar

    Sherry told me the event was great

    Michelle Jones MSW 1/30/2018
    Francine Valentine Avatar

    Fantastic job!!! Can't wait to see what you will do for future addiction professional conferences.

    Francine Valentine 1/30/2018
    Derek Dorado, Sr. Account Manager Avatar

    Thank you for organizing the symposium, Charles. I had an awesome experience and learned so much. You brought a wonderful group of people together. Have a blessed day.

    Derek Dorado, Sr. Account Manager 1/30/2018
  • Barbara Theodosiou, Founder Avatar

    You are one amazing person.... a huge hug from all of us at TAM

    Barbara Theodosiou, Founder 1/30/2018
    Harvey Johnson, Executive Recruiter Avatar

    The event was Awesome!! I can't wait until your next addiction professional conference! Congrats Charles!

    Harvey Johnson, Executive Recruiter 1/30/2018
    Deb Perkins, CEO Avatar

    Outstanding addiction professional event, so many people were there. Thank you so much for the event and the laptop. That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me,... read more

    Deb Perkins, CEO 1/30/2018
  • Stacey O'Connell Avatar

    It was very nice to meet you yesterday. I enjoyed the addiction executive conference, and made many new addiction professional contacts that are not at the regular addiction events I... read more

    Stacey O'Connell 1/30/2018
    Eric P. Yorlano CEO Avatar

    It was a pleasure to finally meet you! When I shared my story of meeting you on Wednesday, my business partner Denise literally exclaimed Awesome, Charles is PLUGGED IN! I... read more

    Eric P. Yorlano CEO 1/30/2018
    Debra Alessandra, Author Avatar

    First, I'd like to tell you I am glad I could help with the Symposium. I hope the evening Gala was as great as the events of the day. You... read more

    Debra Alessandra, Author 1/30/2018
  • Courtney Leisey, Director of Admissions Avatar

    The Symposium was great and it was great meeting so many wonderful new people!

    Courtney Leisey, Director of Admissions 2/02/2018
    Mike Stankowitz, Interventionist Avatar

    I think Charles did an outstanding job and I met so many new addiction professionals. This event was unlike past addiction professional conferences that I have attended, it was on... read more

    Mike Stankowitz, Interventionist 2/02/2018
    Lakey Harrison, CEO Avatar

    Congratulations on such a unique and successful event!

    Lakey Harrison, CEO 2/02/2018
  • Rick Agcauili, Manager Avatar

    Can't keep track of you raising $250,000 worth of scholarships!!!! One of the best addiction professional conferences I have attended.

    Rick Agcauili, Manager 2/02/2018
    Donna Hurtwitz Avatar

    The event was great and what an amazing organization. You worked very hard and it was a successful event. My daughter and I met some great people, keep me posted... read more

    Donna Hurtwitz 2/02/2018
    Douglas Weiss PhD Avatar

    You are AWSOME!

    Douglas Weiss PhD 2/02/2018
  • Chase Muehlheuser Executive Recruiter Avatar

    What an amazing event, and outstanding way to bring addiction professionals together.

    Chase Muehlheuser Executive Recruiter 2/02/2018
    Myriam Alfonso RN, BSN Avatar

    Thanks a lot for this great opportunity to network and meet extraordinary people helping the ones in need with a caring and professional attitude. I met a tremendous amount of... read more

    Myriam Alfonso RN, BSN 2/02/2018
    Denise Trotta Avatar

    What a success! Behavioral Health Network Resource did a wonderful job! By far the best event I have ever attended. Charles Davis' presentation on social media in our industry was... read more

    Denise Trotta 2/02/2018
  • Want to reach the professionals in the drug rehab space Charles Davis is your guy. Want to increase your social media reach in behavioral health? Charles is your guy.

    Jim Peake 2/02/2018

    Charles Davis is in my opinion the most influential social media marketer - hands down- in the addiction recovery and mental health space period.

    Scott Brand, Digital marketing manager 2/02/2018

    They advocate for those seeking addiction treatment by raising scholarships for the Addicts Moms and the Riviera Beach Civil Drug Court.

    Dori Foster, Senior Pre-print Specialist 2/02/2018
  • Beyond being a LinkedIn master, Charles Davis is a good person that cares about his work. He honestly does his best to turn his promises into realities that leave his... read more

    John Lavitt, Treatment Pro News Editor 2/02/2018

    Behavioral Health Network Resources is one of the few addiction treatment marketing companies that educates and mentors their clients on proven marketing strategies. They lead by example with their social... read more

    Kymberly Lind, Marketing/Business Development/Admissions 2/02/2018

    I have had the pleasure of attending several of BHNR's events representing Rennova Health. The events have been informative, professional, and very well attended. I have had the pleasure of... read more

    Gary Banker, Training and Development 2/02/2018
  • Quality services in an ethical and professional manner. BHNR has combined all the essential elements in Behavioral Health under one easy to comprehend umbrella. I recommend BHNR's services highly and... read more

    Michael Melichar, Administrator 2/02/2018

    Behavioral Health Network Resources dominates social media with their addiction treatment marketing. They supply useful marketing content to their targeted social media direct audience and groups. They are a driving... read more

    Sherri Fulkerson 2/02/2018

    Behavioral Health Network Resources organization has done, and continues to do amazing work. Their Facebook pages are extremely valuable to Executives, and Outreach professionals. They are saving lives by connecting... read more

    Timmy Michael, Co-Founder 2/02/2018
  • Thanks to BHNR, and their amazing work with the "talk show host" conferences. BHNR not only educates addiction professionals on ethical business practices, they also raise addiction treatment scholarships at... read more

    Penny Krakow 2/02/2018

    Wonderful organization offering vital business operating intel information to their social media audience, and at their "talk show host" conferences. They bring together the professional community to help those in... read more

    Chris Falkowski, Director of Marketing 2/02/2018

    From lead generation to correcting your unethical marketing mistakes, Charles can do it all in Addiction Rehab Marketing. He is the go-to-source if you want to take your rehab to... read more

    Vince Tint, CEO 2/02/2018
  • Behavioral Health Network Resources is an addiction social media marketing dominating Facebook. They have held Addiction professional "talk show host" conferences where they raised addiction treatment scholarships for the Addicts... read more

    Julie Reardon, MS, LPC, LCADC, NCC, Owner 2/02/2018
    Andrea Ruse Avatar

    I absolutely love BHNR! Being a part of their online community forum has been such a blessing. I also love that BHNR. promotes collaboration and cooperation among the treatment... read more

    Andrea Ruse 2/02/2018
    Carla DiCandia Avatar

    This online forum for professionals in the behavioral health industry has been a true gift to us. I have used this forum to announce job opportunities, seek referrals for programs... read more

    Carla DiCandia 2/06/2018
  • Alexander Lind Avatar

    Behavioral health network resources is making a huge difference in the rehab marketing field for those who need assistance. They have been a huge help for Lifeline Treatment Center in... read more

    Alexander Lind 2/07/2018
    Cory Hoffman Avatar

    This is a very informative site. I recommend anyone getting into this field to connect with Charles and his company.

    Cory Hoffman 2/17/2018
    Cory Hoffman Avatar

    This is a very informative site. I recommend anyone getting into this field to connect with Charles and his company. They are experts in the rehab marketing field!

    Cory Hoffman 2/20/2018
  • Jim Hausler Avatar

    This website is an excellent resource for Addiction treatment marketing, and Addiction Executive conferences. Addiction professionals can stay connected with industry events.

    Jim Hausler 2/21/2018
    Joanne Hammer Avatar

    Behavioral Health Network has been a Blessing and wonderful resource with over 30 addiction professional social media groups and over 120,000 members. The many Addiction Proffesional Conferences are well... read more

    Joanne Hammer 3/04/2018
    Lynn Miller Avatar

    Ongoing efforts to CLARIFY “ethical addiction treatment & marketing” BHNR works to educate and connect addiction professionals. No nosense, updated information, training, resources, conferences and on going... read more

    Lynn Miller 3/15/2018
  • Charles Green Avatar

    For my practice, I have been very fortunate to be introduced to Behavioral Health Network resources. I focus on people in recovery and their organization is outstanding. Broad knowledge is... read more

    Charles Green 3/30/2018
    Tom K Avatar

    This organization is focused helping sober living and addiction centers get the word out about their life-saving services. Very impressive!

    Tom K 3/30/2018
    Jason Sheppard Avatar

    Addiction Treatment Marketing and Addiction Conferences are a very informative way of learning the pros and cons of the business. This is a great way to learn how to improve... read more

    Jason Sheppard 3/30/2018
  • Caesar Silva Avatar

    Great presentations and practical / readily applicable tools and new information. Highly recommended for centers and individuals looking to stay on the cutting edge!

    Caesar Silva 6/27/2018
    Crystal Prestia Avatar

    Very informative and educational conference! Great opportunity for networking!

    Crystal Prestia 6/27/2018
    Jeffrey L. Cohen Avatar

    I've been both an invited panelist and an attendee at one of Charles' addiction conferences and recommend his services without hesitation. He puts on an extremely valuable event with much... read more

    Jeffrey L. Cohen 8/27/2018
  • Steven Farnsworth Avatar

    I'm very much enjoying the conference. The content is interesting and informative. The participants are genuinely committed to their/our mission(s).

    Steven Farnsworth 10/23/2018
    Jenny Clark-Spades Avatar

    Great educational events and great resources. The event is organized neatly and always on point

    Jenny Clark-Spades 10/23/2018
    Jim Miller Avatar

    Thanks for setting up this much needed education. Price point is low and the travel is not bad.

    Jim Miller 10/23/2018
  • julia may Avatar

    The more one educates oneself on a topic the more questions arise. Charles Davis took time to discuss the various problems in the arena of recovery and the solutions that... read more

    julia may 10/29/2018
    julia may Avatar

    The more one educates oneself on a topic the more questions arise. Charles Davis took time to discuss the various problems in the arena of recovery and the solutions that... read more

    julia may 10/30/2018
    Nicole Kreider Avatar

    Great networking and education event in Costa Mesa today. Well worth the time to learn valuable marketing insights from the speaker panel. Thank you for hosting this event in So California.

    Nicole Kreider 1/22/2019
  • Ellen Kirwan Avatar

    Thank you for this conference. Learning a lot about marketing and SEO.

    Ellen Kirwan 1/22/2019
    Jennifer Lopez Avatar

    This has been very informational for me. I am so glad I decided to come and hear the speakers on the panel. I knew alot of it but learned alot... read more

    Jennifer Lopez 1/22/2019
    Elizabeth Martin Avatar

    I ended up calling pretty late at night so I was worried I wouldn't be connected to a live person but much to my surprise I was. He was very... read more

    Elizabeth Martin 3/09/2019
  • Steven Martines Avatar

    Excellent event, tons of great info and networking for our industry!

    Steven Martines 5/21/2019
    Dylan Alexander Avatar

    Great informational conference, we created a lot of great connections with various services in the industry. Thank you Charles for hosting this event!

    Dylan Alexander 8/06/2019
    Dave Galan Avatar

    Had a wonderful time networking at the BHNR EMP Conference in Costa Mesa, CA. Learned a lot of very useful information, and made some great contacts in our industry.

    Dave Galan 8/06/2019
  • Tori DeGroote Avatar

    Thank you Behavioral Health Network Resources, Charles Davis and crew, for a valuable event directing where ethical business marketing needs to be. I am so glad I attended... read more

    Tori DeGroote 8/06/2019