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SEO in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment marketing is a complicated process. You not only need a robust marketing mix, you also need to correctly optimize every page on your website. Without proper optimization many of your marketing efforts are ineffective. The current competitive market for substance abuse recovery centers demands marketing solutions. Therefore we have invited SEO Tuners, as one of our 6 Executive Thought Leader panelists, to Behavioral Health Network Resources Addiction conferences.

Get Your Drug Rehab SEO Marketing Backlinks Increasing Google Rank

In this day and age, it can be tough to find solid back-links increasing SEO for your website.  As Google continues to make changes so should you. At SeoTuners we strive to find new ways to connect with quality websites that are going to help boost your authority online.

Why do You Need SEO Backlinks?

number 1 thing for SEO is back-links for addiction treatment marketingNo matter what you have heard link building is still the #1 factor in rankings.  Through our proprietary link building platform, we have garnered first page rankings for some of the highest competition keywords on Google.  For those of you handling the marketing in the treatment space, you are probably aware of how tough these keywords are to obtain, especially since Google has clamped down the PPC in this business segment.

Google Forces High-Quality Authoritative Backlinks

With all the changes that happened in September 2017, with Google PPC in the treatment space, it is now more important than ever to rank organically on Google.  In conjunction with our proprietary link building platform, we optimize Google local listings assuring that when someone searches for a treatment center in your area that you can be found in the maps 3 pack.

Why SEO Tuners is the Most Sought-After SEO Company in Addiction Treatment

SEO Tuners Panelist Addiction Executive Ethical Marketing Practices Conference Behavioral Health Network ResourcesTo give you a little background and history about Seo Tuners, Jeremiah and Tony started their company in 2009 after working at one of the largest SEO companies on the planet.  They played an integral role in listing that company on the Inc. 500 and learned the do’s and don’ts of corporate SEO.  They brought their skills together to form a boutique SEO firm specializing in the treatment & behavioral health industry.

With very close ties to the treatment space, Jeremiah knows exactly what types of challenges are faced when marketing on the internet. His wife is a C level executive at an outpatient facility and has worked at some of the top inpatient treatment centers in Southern California.  Having intimate knowledge of how the industry works, gives Seo Tuners an unparalleled edge making us the authority in treatment center SEO.

Get the Education and Tools Needed for Your Rehab Marketing

Addiction-Executive-conferences-on ethical-marketing-practices-including-SEO-by-behavioral-health-network-resourcesBehavioral Health Network Resources next addiction Executive “Ethical Marketing Practices” conference is on 3/30/18. This conference will provide the needed tools and education in business and marketing in our industry. Many things you can do in-house, and you will get the information needed to check what your current marketing agency is doing. This event will many common business and marketing mistakes including;

We would like to thank all our panelists, sponsors, exhibitors and participants for supporting ethical business and marketing practices in our industry. Without your support, we would be unable to provide critical business and marketing education in this difficult time in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry. We look forward to seeing on March 30, 2018.

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