Lack of experienced addiction treatment marketing specialists is costing you drug rehab marketing dollars

Addiction Treatment Marketing Specialists Save Dollars

Addiction treatment marketing specialists are extremely valuable in addiction recovery marketing. Without a specialized drug rehab marketing agency, drug rehab marketing consultants, website development specialists and experienced drug rehab SEO you’re wasting your addiction recovery marketing dollars. If you’re a new start-up or have been around for any amount of time, you realize the need for experienced addiction treatment marketing professionals and drug rehab marketing consultants to one degree, or another. Without an addiction treatment marketing specialist as a guide, your addiction treatment marketing is costing you more than it should. There are so many components you must consider when operating an addiction treatment center, and it’s too costly to make mistakes.

Experience in Addiction treatment marketing “If you think it is expensive hiring a professional wait until you hire an amateur.”- Red Adair

What Are Addiction Treatment Marketing Specialists

Addiction treatment marketing specials provide valuable information for drug rehabsMarketing is the most important aspect of any business; it’s the hand that feeds you. There are many areas that expertise is needed to achieve results. The most successful drug rehabilitation recovery centers have drug rehab marketing consultants, drug rehab marketing agencies, addiction recovery website developers and drug rehab SEO experts. Even with the following in place, many centers fail to use, or understand Google analytics, and call tracking. These are a MUST have for every drug rehab marketing plan. They must understand how to use them to quickly adjust their marketing efforts. If you not utilizing these, you’re wasting some of your addiction recovery marketing dollars. Addiction treatment marketing specialists prevent costly mistakes in the 35 billion dollars a year industry.

What Useful Information do Addiction Treatment Marketing Specialists Provide?

Addiction treatment marketing specialists provide some of the many things that should be in your drug and alcohol addiction treatment center marketing. These drug rehab marketing specialists are experienced in web development (with a respected and industry experienced firm), Call Tracking, SEO, ADWORDS, PPC, Call Centers, Social Media Marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+), email marketing, Blog Writers, Outreach professionals, etc… Many do not use these specialists or a drug rehab marketing agency.

Addiction Treatment Marketing specialist educate on Google 70% click rateMany that do, use individuals or companies who have little or no experience in Drug Rehab, or use agencies that provide a cookie cutter solution. Did you experience Google vacuuming out your wallet with the outrageous costs of AdWords, and returning very few treatment calls and admissions? You are not alone. In fact, pay per click only accounts for 1.91% of the click-throughs on page one of Google. Can you guess how may click troughs organic results get? A whopping 70% for the first three organic slots. Also, we must consider the coveted Google 3-pack in the maps listings.


The quote below is just a more sophisticated way of saying “you get what you pay for.” If you are considering hiring addiction treatment marketing specialists for your substance abuse marketing, then hire a team with deep knowledge in the addiction treatment industry. While there are many addiction treatment marketing mistakes, the #1 mistake is experimenting. Trying to use inexperienced individuals, or teams who are new to the drug rehab industry. This will cost you twice as much to correct, then using an experienced marketing organization. We see this all the time with the #1 reason web marketing fails for many drug rehabilitation recovery centers.

“Vision without execution is a hallucination.” – Thomas Edison

Addiction Conferences Bring Thought Leaders Educating on Drug Rehab Marketing

Addiction Conferences bring Thought Leaders Educating on business and drug rehab marketing strategies.

Addiction Conferences by Behavioral Health Network Resources

Addiction conferences are meeting places to discuss business and marketing strategies with your peers. You can also get valuable ethical marketing must know information educating on the moments of change at addiction conferences. Conferences that have Executive Thought Leaders are the most valuable. The events feature 5 Executive Thought Leader consultants and addiction treatment marketing specialists as panelists. These consultants provide proven business and marketing intelligence at every event. Our next event will be November 2017 in Riviera Beach, FL. Our unique talk show host, town hall-style has attracted 150-250 CEO’s, Executives, Directors, marketing and outreach professionals. You can call Charles Davis at 561-235-6195 with questions about sponsoring, exhibiting or attending.

Addiction Treatment Marketing Specialists Know the Many Moving Parts of Drug Rehabilitation Marketing

In a solid drug rehab marketing plan there are many moving parts including web development, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, blog development, call center buys, billboards, radio, TV, picking the best billing company, and many more. Putting all these pieces together and having them run like a well-oiled machine without making any mistakes is something that only experienced addiction treatment marketing specialists can provide and teach.

Lack of experienced addiction treatment marketing specialists is costing you drug rehab marketing dollarsEvery business requires a steady flow of customers; the addiction treatment field is no different. There are many ways to attract clients to your business with the Internet being one of the most powerful. However, it can be prohibitively expensive. A lack of experience in addiction treatment marketing is costing you money, more money than you think if you do not rely upon proven drug rehab consultants that know the business and marketing aspects.

Addiction treatment marketing specialists for lead generation requires two mindsets:
1. Drug rehab lead generation is an investment in the long-term sustainability of the business
2. Treatment calls must be trackable for you to succeed

Addiction Treatment Marketing is Costing You Money; Manage Leads

Drug rehab lead generation requires an investment.  The amount of the investment depends on how fast you want leads, how many leads and the ability of the center to adapt to the incoming inquiries. If you don’t know how to prepare a drug rehab marketing budget, we can help you with no obligation phone call. The best leads are organic leads that come from your website, or from boots on the ground. This is what we see every month as drug rehab lead generation professionals.

Seek Information From Drug Rehab Marketing Specialists to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Addiction treatment marketing specialists provide efficient drug rehab marketing strategies and reduce costs. Drug rehab marketing consultants, SEO experts, and a drug rehab marketing agency are vital. We specialize as industry drug rehab consultants, and as an addiction industry organic social media marketing leader. All of our clients need more than our 90-day marketing package providing drug rehab marketing solutions.

Charles Davis CEO Behavioral Health Network Resources Addiction Treatment Marketing specialistHowever, in your drug rehab marketing plan you should be building your own target audience that is your electronic asset. You also need reliable, educated and experienced website marketing to handle the complicated websites, and all the specialized moving parts underneath. As a consultant, we are well known across the nation and we also partner industry drug rehab marketing and lead generation leaders for many of the services outlined in this article. If you would like to speak with an experienced addiction treatment web marketing company to see where your website is leaking, and costing you money contact our addiction treatment marketing specialist, Charles Davis at 561-235-6195.

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  1. christine campbell

    Worked with sobercommand and soberworx sites for 2 weeks-so unprofessional-amatuer and should be avoided and stopped..the ‘leads’ were off the internet-not verified-no follow up-very poor…when I questioned-I was blocked and my copyrighted articles were never returned..they ‘must have lost them’…some of the ‘contacts’ were houses run by church people (who identify as such on their website) but are not verified sober livings or licensed. another was filtering male sex offenders into society-again-necessary-but on the ‘sober housing verified list?? also-owners did not call back my cold call clients on ‘just how are you verifying? Im a retired SPMI/CD professional-in the field for 12 years..25 years sober BSW MS 2012.


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