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Understanding Medication Assisted Treatment MAT

What is Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) by Drug Rehabs?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is becoming more accepted in the professional community. The heroin epidemic is taking more than 150 lives every day. Whether you agree with MAT or not, there is no denying the evidence-based studies that show the mortality success rates above 60%. It also drastically reduces infections and diseases associated with addiction. However, it must be clear that the MAT is not for everyone, and individuals must see a qualified addiction physician and find out if they are a good fit for this form of treatment.

Educating Addiction Professionals and Public on Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) from West Palm Beach, FL

Medication-assisted treatment, in the context of Addiction Medicine, is an acronym that stands for “Medication Assisted Treatment”. How does this apply to opioid use disorders? (addiction to heroin, Dilaudid, Roxicodone, etc.). When individuals are seeking addiction treatment starting with opiate detox West Palm Beach, they don’t realize the medication-assisted treatment options.

There are two different drug and alcohol addiction disease models often used to explain an individual’s predilection for addiction- the “moral model” and the “disease model”. This reinforced by the vast majority of experts in the field of Addiction Medicine was that addiction is, in fact, chronic brain disease and we should manage it as we would manage other chronic disease states such as diabetes and hypertension.

This management of other chronic diseases includes the comprehensive approach of lifestyle modification and medication, when appropriate. We are already aware of the lifestyle component of addiction treatment- namely the various stages of rehabilitation, and then proceeding with 12 step work, attending meetings, etc. But, what about the medication aspect of treating this particular chronic disease? This aspect of treating addiction with medication is known as medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Radio Show on Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Opiate Detox West Palm Beach

During the radio show below we discuss with a prominent South Florida Addiction Treatment physician specializing in medication-assisted treatment and drug addiction treatment. He educates on evidenced-based treatment and how the views on this life-saving treatment are changing. This show will educate on drug rehabs West Palm Beach, however, it can be used in any area of the United States.

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RRR March 17th 2017

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Top 60 Addiction Treatment Social Media Groups

The top 60 addiction treatment social media groups are valuable to many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. It is also valuable to the many seeking addiction treatment. Addiction professional networking and addiction treatment center marketing are extremely difficult when bringing together professionals with those seeking information on addiction treatment. To make it easier for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, addiction professionalsbehavioral health professionals, industry sales and service organizations, and individuals seeking information on treatment here is a list of the top 60 addiction professional and behavioral health groups on the web to join.

Why the Top 60 Addiction Treatment Groups Are Necessary?

They have a mix of individuals seeking addiction treatment and addiction professionals. These groups were formed by one of LinkedIn’s most visible drug rehab marketing consultants. These groups foster resources on drug and alcohol addiction treatment with many of the nation’s most ethical addiction professionals. These groups have over 200,000 addiction professionals, behavioral health professionals, and individuals seeking treatment. Tap into one of the largest addiction industry audiences in the nation.

Meeting and fostering new relationships is important in our industry. As equally important is getting educated on the business and marketing side of the addiction treatment industry. Behavioral Health Network Resources has been providing this type of education for the last four years at our addiction conferences. These conferences attract 150-200 attendees, 15-20 exhibitors and feature 5 Executive Thought Leaders. The forum is in a talk show host/town hall forum.

Top 60 Addiction Treatment Social Media Groups

  1. Facebook Addiction Professional Referral Group 19,500 Members. One of Facebook’s most active addiction groups, highly monitored over 7000 banned.
  2. LinkedIn Addiction Professional Referral Group 14,000 Members
  3. Facebook Addiction conferences Behavioral Health Networking Events  1,300 Members
  4. Facebook Generation “X” Addiction Unleashed 9,300 Members
  5. Facebook South Florida Addiction Connection 2,100 South Florida Members
  6. Facebook Addiction Treatment Industry Top 100 6,500 Members
  7. Facebook South Florida Recovery Community 6,400 Members
  8. Facebook South Florida Connection Addiction and Behavioral Health 9,600 Members
  9. Facebook Sober Homes West Palm Beach, Florida 1,100 Members
  10. Facebook Addiction Rescue; Help Before It’s Too Late 5,900 Members
  11. Facebook Addiction and Behavioral Health Options 3,100 Members
  12. Facebook Screaming Sobriety 2,300 Members
  13. Facebook Understanding the Heroin Epidemic 400 Members
  14. Facebook The Business Side of Addiction 2,300 Members
  15. Facebook Recovery From Within 2,000 Members
  16. Facebook Addressing PTSD 1,800 Members
  17. Facebook South Florida Addiction Connection 1,800 Members
  18. Facebook Addiction and Behavioral Health Events 1,100 Members
  19. Facebook Breaking the Cycle𝒆 1,000 Members
  20. LinkedIn Addiction and Behavioral Health South Florida 1,900 Members
  21. LinkedIn California Addiction and Behavioral Health 500 Members
  22. LinkedIn Addiction and Behavioral Health Marketing 726 Members
  23. LinkedIn Recovery in Behavioral Health and Addictions 1,411 Members
  24. LinkedIn Addiction Behavioral Health CEO Round Table 733 Members
  25. LinkedIn Executive Drug and Alcohol Treatment 900 Members
  26. LinkedIn Behavioral Health Treatment Options 312 Members
  27. LinkedIn Addiction Related Clinical Director Forum 221 Members
  28. LinkedIn Addiction and Behavioral Health Job Seekers 1,100 Members
  29. LinkedIn Addiction Behavioral Health Counselor Coffee Talk 264 Members
  30. LinkedIn Addiction and Behavioral Health Lifestyle 942 Members
  31. Facebook Caring for Children of Addicted Parents 1,100 Members
  32. Facebook Gratitude
  33. Facebook Recovery From Within 2,000 Members
  34. Facebook Behavioral Health Addiction Therapy, counseling and More
  35. Facebook Understanding the Heroin Epidemic
  36. LinkedIn Business Page for Behavioral Health Network Resources 7,700 Followers
  37. Facebook Business Page for Behavioral Health Network Resources  7,300 Followers
  38. Twitter Business Page for Behavioral Health Network Resources 12,000 Followers
  39. G+ Business Page for Behavioral Health Network Resources
  40. Facebook Suboxone/Buprenorphine Treatment and Support Detox/Maintenance
  41. Facebook RSD/CRPS and Neuropathic Pain Syndrome
  42. Facebook Women With Rheumatoid, Psoriatic Arthritis
  43. Facebook Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis
  44. Facebook Binge Eating Disorder (B.E.D.) Recovery
  46. Facebook Codependency, Adult Children Of Alcoholics, and Alanon and Alateen
  47. Facebook Women With FIBRO/CFS/ME
  48. Facebook Detox
  49. Facebook Brain Fog
  50. Facebook Opioid Addiction and Recovery
  51. Facebook Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Support
  52. Facebook STIGMA of Drug or Opioid Use
  53. Facebook Chronic Pain Treatment
  54. Facebook Hidden/Invisible (to others) Illnesses
  55. Facebook Recovery
  56. Facebook Recovery Restoration
  57. Facebook Harm Reduction Discussions
  58. Facebook Addicted To Painkillers
  61. Facebook Cannabis Assisted (Advised) Treatment (CAT) (BUDTENDER)
  62. Facebook Butrans / Buprenorphine Treatment for Pain Management
  63. Facebook Zubsolv Buprenorphine
  64. Facebook Suboxone Directory
  65. Facebook Bunavail Buprenorphine Treatment

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