Ethical Rehab Marketing

Addiction Treatment Marketing strategies Behavioral Health Network ResourcesEthical and effective rehab marketing is paramount with the changes occurring in our industry. A buy rehab leads strategy simply will not cut it anymore. It’s extremely important for new or existing organizations to address issues of their current infrastructure on rehab marketing to operate ethically, generate more revenue, generate new revenue streams, and increase ROI.

Rehab Marketing B2B and B2C

BHNR is focused on sharing proven business practices and knowledge in this new business regulated landscape. We can take your organization to the next level with overall business consulting, rehab marketing, marketing for industry (sales and services) organizations and educating on ethical business practices at our Addiction Executive Thought Leader Panel Series events.

Rehab Marketing Dream Team

Behavioral Health Network Resources (BHNR) is a full-service addiction treatment marketing and consulting organization. We provide extensive experience on the business side of our industry. Our rehab marketing dream team has over 30 years’ experience in addiction treatment marketing. The dream team has the best in the nation that can build your website, optimize, SEO, social media marketing, and grow an audience you own. We have a concentration on Addiction and Behavioral Health events, and Addiction B2C and B2P social media marketing. We dominate LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Our audience currently consists of;

  • 30,000 addiction and behavioral health level one professionals on LinkedIn nationwide
  • 35,000 addiction and behavioral health followers on LinkedIn nationwide
  • Own 12 addiction and behavioral health groups with approx. 50,000 members on LinkedIn Nationwide
  • Belong to approx. 60 LinkedIn groups with well over 250,000 addiction and behavioral health members
  • 12,000 addiction and behavioral friends (contacts) on FACEBOOK
  • Own 14 addiction and behavioral health groups on Facebook with approx. 60,000 members
  • Belong to over 250 Addiction Facebook Groups with over 400,000 members
  • 14,500 addiction and behavioral followers on Twitter (@ConnectingBH)
  • Professional addiction and behavioral health email database of over 80,000 with 30,000 active on Go Daddy, and 10,000 active on Constant Contact.

Rehab Marketing 90-Day Social Media Package

Rehab Marketing Experts on SEO, website development and social media rehab marketingOur 90-day treatment center marketing program instantly taps you into our audience, grows your own targeted audience (Treatment centers, sales/service organizations, and individuals seeking treatment), and provides in-depth training on the secrets, tricks, and back-doors of these powerful social mediums.

Rehab Marketing Experts

Our team, with over 30 years’ experience in rehab marketing can educate, guide, correct your marketing mistakes, produce more web traffic, generate more calls, increase your organic rankings, and build a target social media audience. Our embedded industry specialists have in-depth knowledge and experience in websites, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Website Development, Radio, TV, Outdoor, Direct Mail, ADWORDS, Blogging, organic SEO, targeted audience building, call tracking, call center operations, and much more. Our team of experienced marketing professionals can tell you exactly why your marketing is not performing, or performing poorly.

We were originally founded to fill a specific niche and provide a targeted audience of professionals. In that process, we extensively learned LinkedIn and Facebook building a large targeted audience of addiction professionals, individuals seeking treatment, and individuals in recovery.

Rehab Marketing Social Media experts on Facebook and Linkedin Behavioral Health Network ResourcesThere is an overwhelming response for social media marketing in our industry (for centers and sales/service organizations). Organizations are realizing they must be on social media, understand how to use it, and grow an audience that they own. BHNR is involved in many aspects of the industry that include; social media marketing, consulting, hosting addiction professional conferences (9 SOLD OUT events on the business side of Addiction Treatment), social media training (LinkedIn and Facebook), and several other areas.

However, to get all the benefits of social media marketing, your website must be optimized correctly. Many centers take short-cuts and skimp on the building of their site. Your website is a rock foundation for all your web marketing. If you had a friend build it, or took the lowest bidder, you’re never going to get the benefits of organic SEO. Included in your website, is your blog. This is one of the most important aspects when driving traffic to your website and building an audience that you own.

Rehab Marketing No Short Cuts With Optimization

Blogs must be optimized in the header, URL, and inside the post. Inside the post, you must have the key word bolded, italicized, and include H tags every 250-300 words. The keyword must be in the first sentence, preferably in the beginning of the first sentence. If you are using WordPress, you should install Yoast. Yoast will provide you enough optimization to get the spiders to recognize their language. However, you should hire an SEO specialist to fully optimize the blog and website. We have a team of proven web developers, and SEO specialists that can get you higher ranking quickly from correcting your website.

Rehab Marketing Shifts

Social Media Marketing Changes affecting Addiction Treatment Marketing Behavioral Health Network ResourcesThere are several major paradigm shifts occurring in Addiction and Behavioral Health including regulations on marketing, escalating cost of GOOGLE ADWORDS, and the paramount need for Executive ethical business knowledge to survive the business changes in the behavioral health industry.

Rehab Marketing Growing Your Own Audience

These shifts are opening the eyes of our industry and making many realize that obtaining business knowledge is paramount, and a content model strategy (Content is King) is needed. In addition, realizing that they must consistently have their treatment center, or sales/service organization in-front of their target audience. This new marketing era on social media (Facebook 2 billion users, LinkedIn 500 million professional users), trying to reach millennials (largest segment of buyers), and growing their own targeted social media audience has become paramount in surviving the challenges in our industry. Adapting to these shifts not only gives your organization the tools it needs to survive, but also gives your organization a tremendous value as a return that continues for years.

Rehab Marketing Consulting

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