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Addiction Treatment Marketers Be Aware

Addiction treatment marketers are feeling the heat from the national spotlight on West Palm Beach, Florida. However, the issues are nationwide and will continue unless we have industry regulation. Florida is the national leader on industry regulation by providing a formula that many other states will adopt with the exceptional legislative work that is being done here.

Addiction treatment marketers must be aware that the Sober Living Task Force has demonstrated Florida is serious about cleaning up the addiction treatment industry. Dave Aronberg (Florida State Attorney) Head of Sober Homes Task Force, and his army have raided many sober homes, treatment centers, and labs with many more to come. They have made it abundantly clear that if you are patient brokering, endangering lives, and operating outside of the law you will be in serious trouble with legal issues and possible jail time.

Addiction Treatment Marketers and Patient Brokering with the Florida Shuffle

Many addiction treatment marketers are well aware of the laws coming. Mr. Aronberg and his army are putting legislation in place (House Bill 807) to protect and save lives from patient brokering and bring regulation to the Wild, Wild, West. Everyone in the addiction treatment industry needs to know and clearly understand the changes in the law that are coming soon. These changes will drastically affect the current marketing and administrative practices of treatment centers and sober livings.

%Drug Rehab SEO Addiction Treatment Marketers; Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What Ya Gonna Do When They Come for You?While some green “marketers” are still unaware of the current law, 2017 Florida Statute Chapter 817 Fraudulent Practices or in common language “patient brokering” (stricter laws and regulation in House Bill 807), that they are patient brokering, the press and social media exposure have made it difficult to have any compassion for anyone (patient brokers, or recovery advocates) who is in the gray area regardless if they are new to the industry.


The vast national “black market” of illegal addiction treatment marketers that have been abusing vulnerable and desperate individuals seeking treatment are being watched and investigated. These new laws affect many “patient brokers” and “recovery advocates” nationwide with the new Florida laws because many are tied into the treatment centers and sober livings in Florida that are getting busted. The new “Florida Model” laws will certainly be adopted nationwide especially in CA, TX, NY, and AZ to name a few. However, this is also going to affect the addiction treatment centers West Palm Beach.

It is paramount for West Palm Beach CEO’s, Owners, Directors, and Outreach to understand the new drug rehab marketing landscape and adopt ethical marketing and operating practices. Many in our industry have their opinions of what is ethical from second-hand information. This new era will ensure much-needed regulation, ensure everyone will understand the new laws, and generate true professionals in our industry that are qualified to make assessments for treatment and be labeled “professionals”.

Addiction Conferences Educate against Bad Addiction Treatment Marketers

%Drug Rehab SEO Addiction Treatment Marketers; Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What Ya Gonna Do When They Come for You?We provided first-hand information, and clarity from the driving force on these changes, why these changes are being made, and what’s in the near future at our addiction conferences. in Riveria Beach, FL. This event featured Al Johnson, Asst. Florida State Attorney, Head of Sober Living Task Force, PBSO Detective, PBCSAC, and more Executive Thought Leaders. The addiction conference had an interactive audience of 200, in a talk show host/town hall forum. It educated on what is coming in the near future and how to survive the major changes coming.

Now is the time to get involved with the Sober Homes Task Force, Heroin Task Force, Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition. These organizations are re-molding our industry and weeding out corruption and removing dangerous disruption. You may also be interested in joining 16,000 of your ethical peers, and individuals seeking help in the Addiction Professional Referral Group. This is an extremely active and highly monitored group providing assistance for professionals to place their clients. This group has protocols in place against patient brokers (2,000 individuals banned in the last 10 months), and is self-regulated by all its members.

4 thoughts on “Addiction Treatment Marketers; Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What Ya Gonna Do When They Come for You?

  1. Ernie Leclerc

    It’s about time that someone starts cleaning out these patient brokers. In my 30 years as a treatment center marketer I was angered by the fact that some unethical individuals were giving our profession a bad name. I always believed that if the facility I was working for was not the right fit for the patient I made every effort to ensure that they were placed in the appropriate facility. This practice allowed me to dialogue with a variety of ethical providers.

  2. Lena Sheffield, LMHC, CAP, MAC, CEDS

    Once again, people enter the behavioral healthcare industry with greed, putting profits first and ruin the reputation of the good providers.

    This “Fl model” corruption has been known and talked about for at least 5 years. It is very sad that these individuals have done so much harm to the addiction treatment industry.

    I’ve seen greed take over and impact the behavioral healthcare field negatively for over 30 years. They contribute to our insurance rates going up. What ever the latest money making trend is, they are there, regardless of the unethical boundary violations. Regardless of how much they hurt clients.

    Hopefully, the good providers will be able to survive this.

    The clients and insurance companies should be fully reimbursed by the persons who illegally profitted.


    WHERE ARE THE BACKGROUND CHECKS ON THE OWNERS (a lot are previous offenders, active drug addicts and broker as a way of life).
    The clients do not complain because if you are still on your parents insurance, it is no cost to you, the houses are often times filled with males and females, the insurance is paid for the “recovering addict” to go to the beach, find new people and places that will buy any opiod antaganost you may have in exchange for heroin, hoping for a return customer. If one really wanted to stay sober, everything should be regulated by ACHA, DCF, JCAO and the owners of the homes should be sentenced for allowing people to die on their watch.


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