Addiction Treatment Scholarships Surprise Addicts Mom

BHNR Raises $250,000 Worth of Addiction Treatment Scholarships for The Addicts Mom

$250,000 Worth of Addiction Treatment Scholarships

Over $250,000 worth of addiction treatment scholarships were raised by BHNR and it’s large addiction professional audience. This past addiction professional conference (two events in one) not only educated addiction professionals on the business side of addiction treatment, but also honored and raised over $250,000 worth of addiction treatment scholarships for The Addicts Mom organization. The Addiction VIP Symposium and The Addicts Mom gala was not your average addiction professional conference. This addiction professional event attracted 55 exhibitors, 240 attendees (40 walk-ins at the door), and immediately following the symposium was a crowd of 160 for The Addicts Mom Lifetime Achievement award Gala that witnessed a rare experience of over 14 organizations demonstrating they give back by donating over $250,000 worth of addiction treatment scholarships during The Addicts Mom‘s Lifetime achievement ceremony.

BHNR Substance Abuce Conferences Gets Support

Addiction professional conferences addiction treatment scholarshipsThis event, and the addiction treatment scholarships would not be possible without the support of the many organizations involved especially the Symposium Co-Chair Sponsors, Peace of Mind Counseling, and The Counseling Center, along with the Co-Chair sponsors of the gala The Shores Addiction Treatment and Revive Detox Center, the 55 exhibitors, and of coarse the lunch sponsor Medytox Solutions (Rennova Health), and the gala dinner sponsors Revive Detox Center and Peaceful Ridge that provided exceptional meals to all. We invite all these organizations to all of our addiction professional conferences.

Addiction Recovery Advocates

Behavioral Health Network Resources addiction treatment scholarshipsThe gala had a couple of surprises with Charles Davis (CEO, Behavioral Health Network Resources, and event host) announcing that his hidden agenda from Barbara Theodosiou (Founder of The Addicts Mom) was to be able to present her addiction treatment scholarships benefiting some of the 20,000+ mothers with children that suffer from addiction. And that he did, the addiction professional community stepped up and donated over $250,000 worth of services for the Addicts Mom. Charles said, “It was the work of GOD, many people, and addiction sales, service, and treatment organizations that made all of this possible.”

Addiction Conference Scholarship DonationWhen Lyle Fried, CEO of The Shores Treatment decided to sponsor the addiction professional conference, he did it humbly, on-line behind the scenes without contacting Charles Davis. Lyle and Charles have known each other for several years. When Charles contacted him after signing up to be a Co-Chair, Charles asked Lyle, “why he chose to Co-Chair the event”, Lyle said “It was the right thing to do.” Charles said, “It was extremely exciting to be in the driver’s seat guided by a higher power and witness the addiction community coming together, and not just talking about helping, but actually stepping up and showing it.” Mr. Fried also donated some addiction treatment scholarships.

Addiction Treatment Scholarships Donated

Please visit all who donated addiction treatment scholarships at this addiction professional conference, give them a call and tour their facilities. These are organizations that care about people getting quality, effective treatment;

Symposium Reactions from Exhibitors and Attendees

Thank You Addiction conference sponsorsIt was indeed an outstanding event! Thank you, Charles Davis, for your hard work! I connected with great addiction professionals in our industry, and all of us at Revive were moved by the powerful speakers and the wealth of information you provided. The speakers from The Addicts Mom blew my mind. Thank you!! Looking forward to sponsoring some of your next addiction professional conferences.

-Beth Iris Hernandez CEO/Revive Detox Center

I would like to thank you for the wonderful, exciting, and new conference. It was very nice to finally meet you after seeing all you outstanding information on social media. I made many new addiction professional contacts and talked with so many wonderful people. It was such a success.

-Dr. Bill Tollefson President and CEO Tollefson Enterprises, LLC – Life Post Trauma & Addiction Recovery Coaching Practice, Cape Coral, FL

Thank you for an amazing time Charles. Incredible how smoothly the event ran. That’s a clear sign that GOD has his hand on you and your business.

-Don Wright CEO Toxicology Lab Consultant

Unlike the other regular addiction professional conferences, you raised the bar on quality Education, Networking, and helping many that can’t afford treatment. ALL the addiction treatment exhibitors connected on a genuine level. Everyone felt this was on an entirely new level, The addiction treatment exhibitor area had a steady stream of heavy traffic thought-out the day. OUTSTANDING event!

Charles made me feel extremely comfortable during my NAADAC CEU addiction professional presentation and provided the ideal combination of individuals and addiction treatment organizations that formed bonds instantly.

-Dani La Barrie, LCSW, CAP, Clinical Director Peace of Mind Counseling, NAADAC CEU Present at Addiction VIP Education and Networking Symposium

For those who were fortunate to attend the Addiction & Networking Symposium today you were treated to an awesome event at a great venue. The speakers were excellent and helpful to those in the addiction professional treatment community! I, as a recovering Physician, was enormously impressed by the dedication and hard work (sometime at long hours of the night and morning) of Charles Davis on this one of a kind addiction professional confernce!! Kudos and congratulations for an outstanding example of this process of helping others through work and perseverance! I was so delighted by his positive approach to this pandemic of addiction! Again, thanks for your work accomplishing a great event, and I am looking forward to your future addiction professional conferences!

-R.David Allara, M. D. Director of UR Management & Intakes: Medical & Clinical Liaison 

Feeling blessed! Great two days in West Palm BEACH at the VIP Addiction Professional Symposium on behalf of my company North Star Health Systems. Thanks Charles Davis for a great event.

-Jim Greene Program Director North Star Behavioral Health

Charles, I heard that your event was GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT!!! I am sure you are exhausted – what an event!! Sorry that I could not go but I was glad that you allowed Wayside to have a booth. Thank you so much!

-Ann Weinwurm, MPH Director of Development Wayside House

An impressive event, I got 4 clients! Great job!

-Rob Murphy Managing Partner at Valeo Resources

Sherry told me the event was great

-Michelle Jones MSW Millennium Labs

Fantastic job!!! Can’t wait to see what you will do for future addiction professional conferences.

-Francine Valentine

Thank you for organizing the symposium, Charles. I had an awesome experience and learned so much. You brought a wonderful group of people together. Have a blessed day.

-Derek Dorado, Sr. Account Manager AZZLY

You are one amazing person…. a huge hug from all of us at TAM

-Barbara Theodosiou, Founder of The Addicts Mom

The event was Awesome!! I can’t wait until your next addiction professional conference! Congrats Charles!

-Harvey Johnson, Executive Recruiter for Addiction Professionals

Outstanding addiction professional event, so many people were there. Thank you so much for the event and the laptop. That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, Thanks again it was a great day!

-Deb Perkins, CEO Acme Transition House for Women

It was very nice to meet you yesterday. I enjoyed the symposium and made many new addiction professional contacts that are not at the regular addiction evets I attend, thanks to YOU!

-Stacey O’Connell Port St Lucie Hospital

It was a pleasure to finally meet you! When I shared my story of meeting you on Wednesday, my business partner Denise literally exclaimed Awesome, Charles is PLUGGED IN! I look forward to sponsoring and participating in your upcoming addiction professional events. Additionally, if I may ever assist you in any way, feel free to contact me. I pride myself in being helpful and assisting others.

-Eric P. Yorlano CEO Integrity Billing Company

First, I’d like to tell you I am glad I could help with the Symposium. I hope the evening Gala was as great as the events of the day. You must be exhausted, but I also imagine you are thrilled with the turn out! The comments were all positive!

-Debra Alessandra Author 12 steps 12 stories

The Symposium was great and it was great meeting so many wonderful new people! 

-Courtney Leisey, Director of Admissions, The Shores Treatment Center

I think Charles did an outstanding job and I met so many new addiction professionals. This event was unlike past addiction professional conferences that I have attended, it was on an entirely new level. I look forward to your upcoming addiction professional events. It was so very nice to finally meet you!

-Mike Stankowitz, Interventionist Bright Futures

Congratulations on such a unique and successful event!

-Lakey Harrison, CEO Raise Your Resilience, LLC

Can’t keep track of you raising $250,000 worth of scholarships!!!! One of the best addiction professional conferences I have attended.

-Rick Agcauili, Manager at The Village Voice in NYC

The event was great and what an amazing organization. You worked very hard and it was a successful event. My daughter and I met some great people, keep me posted on your addiction professional conferences.

-Donna Hurtwitz South Beach Detox

You are AWSOME!

-Douglas Weiss PhD Heart To Heart Counseling

What an amazing event, and outstanding way to bring addiction professionals together.

-Chase Muehlheuser Executive Recruiter Valeo Resources

Thanks a lot for this great opportunity to network and meet extraordinary people helping the ones in need with a caring and professional attitude. I met a tremendous amount of new addiction professionals, and learned a lot about the business side of addiction treatment.

-Myriam Alfonso RN, BSN Hepatitis C Community Educator, Southeast: FL

What a success! You did a wonderful job! By far the best event I have ever attended. Your presentation on social media in our industry was outstanding. Please keep hosting addiction professional conferences. I didn’t realize how many addiction professionals are in your social media audience.

-Denise Trotta Rennova Health

BHNR Addiction Professional Conferences Talk Show Host Style

Upcoming addiction professional conference

Addiction Treatment Conferences

BHNR has held nine addiction professional conferences selling out eight of them. These events have 150-250 attendees (average over 80 CEO’s and Executives) and 15-60 exhibitors. Behavioral Health Network Resources will continue to hold events bringing their large network of addition professionals together and educating them on ethical business practices. In addition to providing unique addiction professional events, BHNR is also is a full service addiction treatment center marketing firm, and are also a marketing company for industry sales and service organizations. CLICK HERE to check out our last EMP Conference on 11/8/17 where we welcomed Addiction Campuses in front of 180 addiction professionals.

CLICK HERE to join 35 of the webs best addiction and behavioral health groups with over 100,000 members.

Google's best addiction professional groupsBHNR has one of the nation’s largest networks with over 30,000 level one addiction professional contacts on LinkedIn, over 35,000 addiction professionals followers on LinkedIn, and own 14 groups on LinkedIn with over 50,000 addiction professionals. On Facebook, 15,000 addiction related friends (professionals and individuals seeking help), and own 12 groups with over 60,000 members. On Twitter BHNR has 14,000 followers and has a professional email list of over 80,000 addiction professionals (40,000 active). CLICK HERE to check out their 35 Groups with over 100,000 members.

Behavioral Health Network Resources Executive Panel Series Events

Addiction Executive Panel Series Events

Our next Addiction Executive Panel Series event focusing on ethical addiction treatment marketing practices and social media marketing training will be March 2018, you can check here for details which will be up soon. If you are inerested in being an event sponsor, or panelist sponsor, contact Charles Davis at 561-235-6195.

BHNR is searching for a non-profit to help raise scholarships for at their professional conferences that are a good fit for addiction treatment centers. They are also interested in partnering with sponsors for their events, contact Charles Davis

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