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Date: 10/28/2016
West Palm Beach, Florida
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Event Hosts

  • Host
    Behavioral Health Network Resources
  • Co-Host
    City of Riviera Beach Civil Drug Court

Event Sponsors

  • Civil Drug Court and Award Ceremony Sponsor
    Atlantic Shores Hospital
  • Civil Drug Court and Award Ceremony Sponsor
    Fort Lauderdale Hospital
  • Platinum Sponsor
    Atlantic Biotech
  • Breakfast Sponsor
    Integrity Billing
  • Badge Sponsor
  • Marketing Presentation Sponsor
    Atlantic Biotech
  • Marketing Presentation Sponsor
  • Marketing Presentation Sponsor
    Spector Scientific Lab
  • Scholarship Awards Ceremony Sponsor
    Atlantic Shores Hospital
  • Scholarship Awards Ceremony Sponsor
    Fort Lauderdale Hospital
  • Scholarship Donator - Multiple Programs
    Changes Wellness & Recovery Center
  • Scholarship Donator - 1 Ibogaine Treatment
    Ibogaine by David Dardashti
  • Scholarship Donator - 30 Day PHP
    A Bridge to Growth
  • Scholarship Donator - 5 Sessions Psychotherapy
    Boca Raton Counseling Center
  • Scholarship Donator - Full 7 Day Detox
    Just Believe Recovery Center
  • Scholarship Donator - 30 Days Sober Living Stay
    L L and R Stepping Stones
  • Scholarship Donator - 2 Residence Stays
    Aloha House
  • Scholarship Donator - 30 Day PHP
    Miami Beach Addiction Treatment Center
  • Scholarship Donator - 42 Day PHP
    Lake Haven Recovery
  • Scholarship Donator - 30 Day PHP
    Elevations Health
  • Scholarship Donator - 3 Sessions
    Whole Health
  • Scholarship Donator - 30 Day Transitional Living
    The Step Up Inn
  • Scholarship Donator - 30 Day IOP
    Life Recovery
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Event Exhibitors

  • City of Riviera Beach Civil Drug Court
  • Miami Beach Holistic Addiction Treatment Center
  • Addiction-Rep
  • Behavioral Health Network Resources
  • W & T Weiner & Thompson, P.A. Sober Zone Law
  • The Step Up Inn
  • Elevations Health
  • Atlantic Biotech
  • Rennova Health
  • Integrity Billing
  • Spector Scientific Lab
  • Just Believe Recovery Center
  • MedPro Billing
  • Vote No on 2

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Participating Organizations

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    Event Overview

    Drug rehab marketing ideas in West Palm Beach, Florida raised scholarships for a civil drug court in an innovative talk show/town hall format addiction conference. Behavioral Health Network Resources, a strong recovery advocate, addiction treatment marketing firm and addiction conferences provider pulled together the addiction recovery community. The firm raised over $400,000 in addiction treatment scholarships for the Riviera Beach Civil Drug court. The addiction treatment West Palm community stepped up in a big way. Addiction treatment center Executives donated over $400,000 worth (scholarships, not monies) of addiction treatment scholarships. The conference host, Behavioral Health Network Resources CEO, Charles Davis said, “It was a higher power driving this event”. This is the second time we used their large national audience to raise scholarships. Mr. Davis said, “The accolades need to go to the Riviera Beach Civil Drug Court, sponsorship contributors, event sponsors and all those that participated in the event.”

    Drug Rehab Marketing Ideas | West Palm Beach, Florida

    Treatment centers are constantly struggling to find ethical drug rehab marketing ideas that connect them to the community and addiction professionals. Behavioral Health Network Resources brought together the addiction treatment professional community, and a Florida a civil drug court fostering treatment over incarceration. Many who are incarcerated for drug-related crimes do not stand a fighting chance against the brutal disease of addiction. Many times, they are simply thrown back into the system because they are never provided the chance of treatment, or have only poor treatment while being incarcerated.

    The CEO of Behavioral Health Network Resources, Charles Davis said, “The drug rehab marketing ideas came from a higher power, and it was an outstanding experience to be in the front seat”. Mr. Davis also said, “We want to help individuals gain access to recovery, instead of being repeat offenders because they could not get proper addiction treatment.” Incarceration costs Florida taxpayers $19,469 per year., with over 100,000 inmates as of 2014, and 16.7% of these are drug-related. Many are simply not getting proper addiction treatment for them to come out of the system, and start to contribute to society.

    cdc helping drug rehab marketing ideas

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, from 2000-2015 more than 500,000 people died from opiate overdose. While obtaining up-to-date stats is impossible, the numbers will surely be much higher in 2016, and 2017. There are no easy solutions to the complicated brain disease of addiction. The states with the highest populations, have major issues with drug addiction and treatment. Consider this, it costs Florida over 2.2 billion dollars in 2014 to incarcerate individuals. In 2016, the Florida Dept. of Corrections housed 97,521 inmates, supervised 136,000 active offenders on community supervision and employed 21,500 employees.

    addiction Treatment Centers Sober Livings half way house west palm beach helped drug rehab marketing ideasFlorida is the fourth largest state in the US, and is one of the most popular destinations for addiction treatment. The state of Florida also has one of the highest rates of incarceration in the nation with 960 persons per 100,000. It is notoriously known as the “Wild, Wild, West” for unethical addiction treatment. If you look at just the population numbers they reflect the major areas for addiction treatment. The top three are; California (38 million), Texas (26 million), and New York (20 million). Outsiders, and politicians need to realize it’s not only the population in Florida affecting the bad treatment reputation. According to the National Drug Intelligence Center Florida has an abundance of avenues for illegal drugs to come into the state. They have 5 major seaports, 131 public airports, 13 international airports, over 700 unregulated airports, a maze of interstates (4, 10, 75,95, Florida’s Turnpike), 2,887 miles of railway, Amtrak, and 120 major bus terminals. Florida is has the unfortunate mix for easy drug distribution by major cartel.

    The Press Makes Positive Drug Rehab Marketing Ideas Difficult

    Bad press hurts drug rehab marketing ideas

    The media in its’ frenzy to attract readers, and viewers have attacked the entire Florida professional addiction treatment community. They never paint the complete picture and blame the addiction treatment operators. There are bad operators in Florida, however, there are many that are ethical and trying to passionately save lives. The negative exposure is extremely damaging to the “good guys.” While Florida is prime for illicit drug use due to location, population, and transportation, unethical treatment is all across the US. In the next 6-12 months, we will see the negative addiction treatment spotlight on the #1 populated state in the US, California. Protecting the vulnerable is not a fad, it is a national push by law enforcement, legislative, and politicians. This is a national push, not isolated in Florida. There is no single thing we can do to fight the opiate epidemic, we need to piece together the many broken parts one at a time to achieve any type of success.

    The New “Florida Model”

    Corruption in our industry is out of control and fueled by the illegal revenue generated from treatment. Some treatment centers are using unethical drug rehab marketing ideas. Many centers are making obscene amounts revenue from patient brokering, illegal drug testing, enticing relapse, stepping up and down the level of care, and deceptive marketing practices, then they are on the treatment they provide. While South Florida has one of the worst reputations, the corruption is happening all over the US.

    dave aronberg patient brokering Florida bad-Press-addiction-treatment-centers-drug-rehab-marketing-ideas

    The new “Florida Model” must be recognized for the good things it’s doing. Florida is setting the pace for the nation with its new laws fighting patient brokering. Florida State Attorney, Dave Aronberg, has brought national attention to patient brokering. The formation of the Sober Homes Task Force is a giant step towards saving lives. There are many other states that have as much corruption as Florida. These new laws will surely be adopted by other states in the future. We will continue to provide ethical business and marketing practices at our addiction conferences.

    Drug Rehab Marketing Ideas Fights Patient Brokering

    Our June 2017 addiction conferences series on fighting patient brokering was extremely popular due to new laws that took effect on July 1, 2017. That event featured the Sober Homes Task Force, Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition. Our mission is to provide ethical, executive education on the business side of our industry. In addition to the outstanding executive business education, they combined drug rehab marketing ideas to raise addiction treatment scholarships in conjunction with their Executive Thought Leader events. They welcome the drug courts and any other governmental agency to partner on these events. You can contact Charles Davis at 561-235-6195.

    Behavioral Health Network Resources Addiction Conferences

    We continue to fight patient brokering by educating CEO’s, Executives, Directors and Outreach professionals. Our talk show host style events focus on ethical business and marketing practices. You can click to check out our upcoming addiction conferences There are many positive things going on in Florida with addiction and treatment. The community witnessed support of recovery at the FED UP rally on 8/31/16. It was remarkable, and emotionally draining to see the recovery community coming together to honor all those that have lost the fight with addiction. Our remarkable addiction conferences, helped launch a scholarship raising event for the Riviera Beach Civil Drug Court. With so much bad press about Florida and the treatment community, we need to let the nation know there are positive things happening in Florida.

    We as addiction professionals must act before we lose more to this disease. We are losing 129 a day to heroin addiction.

    The Behavioral Health Network Resources addiction conference with the Riviera Beach Civil Drug Court was a huge success due to the professional community stepping up. Their gift of recovery is what made this event happen. We challenged treatment center CEO’s, VP’s, Directors, and Marketing Professionals to step up. We need to demonstrate, by actions, to reduce the stigma, support treatment over incarceration, and save lives. And, step up they did, at this event there was;

    • Reduced the stigma supporting treatment over incarceration
    • Raised over $400,000 worth of addiction treatment scholarships
    • ⚖ Senator Clemons, Panelist, “Clarifying Florida Sober Livings”
    • ⚖ Michael S. Weiner, Esq. Weiner & Thompson, P.A., Panelist, “The Future of the Sober Living Industry”
    • Mayor of Riviera Beach, Thomas A. Masters
    • Civil Drug Court Director, “Establish a Relationship with Riviera Bach Civil Drug Court”
    • ⚖ Victoria Nemerson, Esq., Ronnova Health Corporate Counsel, Panelist, The Lega Side of Behavioral Health”
    • 90 Organizations participating
    • Over 70 CEO’S and Directors attending
    • 150 addiction professional attendees
    • 9 Addiction and Behavioral Health Business Thought Leader Interactive Panelists
    • Awards, and Networking Event for Riviera Beach Drug Court
    • Education on ethical marketing practices Jim Peake, CEO Addiction Rep, “Branding; What You Need to Know”
    • Charles Davis, CEO, (Event Host) BHNR, “Learn Industry Social Media Secrets, Tricks, and Back-doors”
    • C-Level Networking

    Giving Back to the Addiction Treatment Community

    addicts mom addiction treatment scholarship rehab marketing ideasThis is not the first time a higher power guided Behavioral Health Network Resources to helping save lives. At one of our 2015 events, the recovery community saw addiction treatment recovery centers, opiate detox and private clinician’s step-up and show they are focused on saving lives. These organizations were responsible for The Addicts Mom receiving $250,000 worth addiction treatment scholarships raised by Behavioral Health Network Resources addiction conferences. These scholarships were for some of their 20,000 mothers that have children suffering from addiction.

    Ethical Rehab Marketing Ideas Can Save Lives

    Show Support for the Good Guys

    Please show your appreciation for the organizations that made this event possible by visiting their website. They have given the gift of recovery to many that would not be able to enter treatment. Give them a call, and set-up a date to tour their facilities.

    Help us reduce the stigma, and save lives by sharing this with your favorite social media below. Also, can join some the webs most popular addiction professional groups.

    Addiction Professional Referral Group 19,000 Members
    Addiction Treatment Industry Top 100
    South Florida Recovery Community
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    Senator Jeff Clemens

    City of Riviera Beach Civil Drug Court


    Michael S. Weiner Esq. Zoning Attorney

    Rennova Health

    Behavioral Health Network Resources

    Behavioral Health Network Resources Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Marketing 561-235-6195


    Bag sponsor at Behavioral Health Network Resources Addiction Professional Conference on addiction treatment marketing

    Treatment Solutions Network

    Addiction Recovery Legal Services

    Just Believe Recovery Center