Drug rehab Marketing is our Specialty

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Drug rehab marketing is a complicated process when many rehabilitation facilities fail. Many ten to resort to a “boots on the ground” technique. Unfortunately that is not a sustainable business model. for any business to survive they need a health marketing mix. In this day and age if you are not on page one of google you don’t exist.

Google has 40,000 search every second, yes that’s second. It is astounding the amount of traffic on there. this is why they charge so much for Ad Words. What if there was a way to generate treatment calls and not have to pay for Ad Words? Well there is.

Drug rehab SEO will outperform Google Ad Words for the small to medium addiction treatment centers every time. with a pay per click strategy you are on a hamster wheel. You have to continue to pay to play. Once you stop, you have nothing to show for the $10,000’s you invested. Had that been used for search engine optimization, you would be ranking on page one for key search terms for a long-time.

How to Learn More About Drug Rehab SEO?

You can learn more about drug rehab SEO starting with our home page. We are a leading drug rehab marketing agency. Our focus is on search engine optimization. We can get you on page one of google in 90-days. Let’s say one of your treatment centers for drug addiction are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You want to rank for the term drug rehabs Fort Lauderdale. We can get you ranked for major long tail keywords with our 90-day drug rehab SEO program.

Our search engine optimization solution will pay back for a long time. Once you are on page on organically you tend to stay there for a long time. this could be 6 months to a year. Unlike google Ad Words or Facebook paid marketing you don’t have to keep on paying every month for the same keywords. You also do not need Legit Script certification to perform drug rehab SEO. so, what are you waiting for, give us a call now at 561-235-6195 and start getting ranked!