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Date: 11/08/2017
190 E. 13th Street, Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Event Starts: 9:00 AM
Riviera Beach Marina Event Center

Who is this event for?

For CEO’s, Executives, and Directors

  • Legal insight on the future of ethical marketing practices
  • Education on drug rehab SEO
  • Proven SEO Strategies
  • How to brand (hint, it’s not advertising your services)
  • Education on proper website development, and its’ importance
  • Getting your entire organization involved in marketing
  • How to organically increase targeted traffic to your website
  • How to utilize Google analytics
  • Why call tracking is important to your marketing

For Outreach Professionals

  • Proven strategies for increasing new targeted referral relationships
  • How to use properly use social media in their daily job
  • How to stop wasting time on social media
  • Using the company’s current blogs to increase website traffic
  • How to maximize LinkedIn and Facebook

For industry sales and service organizations

  • How to use social media to get appointments and sales
  • How to drive targeted traffic to your website
  • How to brand your company (hint, it’s not advertising your services)
  • How to maximize LinkedIn and Facebook to get sales

Event Hosts

  • Host
    Behavioral health Network Resources Drug Rehab Marketing
  • Co-Host
    Addiction Campuses

Event Sponsors

  • Marketing Presentation Sponsors
    Spector Scientific Lab
  • Lunch Sponsor
    Amy Winehouse Project
  • Breakfast Sponsor
    Agape A.I.M.
  • Badge Sponsor
    Treatment Management Company
  • Bag Sponsor
    National Laboratories
  • Coffee Sponsor
    Balboa Health
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Event Exhibitors

  • Addiction Campuses
  • Addiction-Rep
  • Behavioral Health Network Resources
  • Integrity Billing
  • International Recovery Center
  • The Bougainvilla House
  • Spector Scientific Labs
  • Agape A.I.M.
  • Addiction Recovery Legal Services
  • Sober Living by Tiffany
  • Lumiere Detox Center
  • Coalition Medical
  • National Laboratories
  • Peaceful Ridge Recovery
  • Toxicology Management Services
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness

Event Cost

Event Overview

  • Catered Breakfast
  • Catered Lunch
  • Engage and get educated on proven, ethical addiction treatment marketing strategies
  • Executive Networking
  • Social media organic marketing tips from an industry leader
  • A chance to win a 40″ Flat Screen TV, Tablet, and More…


Those Interested in Volunteering for one of our Addiction Executive Thought Leader Events email Charles Davis:

Contact Charles at 561-235-6195, or with any questions.

This is an outstanding event for treatment centers, sober homes, detox’s, private clinicians, and any sales/service related organization.

We look forward to another great event and hope you will join us!

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Event Schedule

Tentative Schedule: Schedule, and Panelists Subject to Change

  • 9:00 AM: Registration, and Breakfast
  • 9:45 AM: Welcoming by Host
  • 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM Opening Remarks by Host Behavioral Health Network Resources CEO, Charles Davis
  • 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Addiction Treatment Marketing Interactive Panel
  • 1 PM Catered Lunch
  • 1:15 PM – 2: 15 PM Marketing Presentations (4 Opportunities)
  • 2:45 PM Prize Drawings

Prize Giveaways: 40″ Flat Screen TV, Laptop computer, and more.

* Schedule and Speakers are subject to change. 

Please contact Charles Davis at 561-235-6195.

Participating Organizations

  • Addiction Professional Referral Group
  • Drug Rehab Marketing Hotwheels
  • Florida Health Care Law Firm
  • Selk Law
  • Rabideau Law
  • Addiction Rep
  • Integrity Billing
  • Magna Technology
  • Bougainvilla House
  • International Recovery Center
  • Rennova Health
  • Art Affects
  • Revive Detox
  • Amethyst
  • The Barry Robinson Center
  • Flagship Regcognition
  • Pax Campus
  • Amy Winehouse Project
  • Gittents Clinic
  • Balboa Health
  • D Palmer Consulting
  • Monte Nido
  • Keller Williams
  • Family Center for Recovery
  • Foundations Wellness Center
  • Cornerstone
  • Spector Labs
  • Corvel Corp.
  • University Behavioral Center
  • Soaring Hope Recovery
  • Dynamic Recovery Center
  • Detox of South Florida
  • Sober Living by Tiffany
  • Sober World
  • Agape AIM
  • Dr. Hilary Taylor - Psy. D.
  • Beach Comber
  • Levine & Associates
  • Recovery Solutions
  • Comprehensive Wellness Center
  • UHS
  • Lumiere
  • Delray Center for Healing
  • Transitions Recovery
  • Pasadena Villa
  • Quality of Life
  • Singer Island Recovery
  • Peaceful Ridge
  • D Palmer Consulting
  • Coalition Recovery
  • 12 Panel Now
  • Sunspire Health
  • Rally Point
  • Singer Island Recovery
  • Family Recovery Solutions of Florida
  • Oglethorpe
  • Desert Rose
  • Quality of Life
  • Operation Par
  • Tranformations
  • Atlantic Pathways
  • JC Recovery Center
  • Cornerstone
  • National Labs
  • Spitir Recovery
  • Ambrosia
  • Treatment Management
  • National Laboratories
  • Lake Haven
  • Our Solutions
  • CARE Resources
  • Cypress Lakes Lodge
  • Transformations
  • Atlantic Pathways
  • Anchor Diagnostics
  • Enhanced Healing Wellness
  • Essentials Recovery
  • Peaceful Ridge Recovery
  • A Better You Wellness
  • Oceanview Treatment
  • Reflections Wellness Center
  • Aurora Recovery
  • Holistix by the Sea
  • Design Chateau
  • Rebound Institute
  • Toxicology Management Services
  • Nami Palm Beach County
  • Behavioral Health Network Resources
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Event Overview

BHNR’s addiction conferences series with an innovative talk show host/town hall meeting format (no boring 45 min PowerPoint presentations) covering industry “HOT” topics. Its interactive format allows the audience to control the content and gets to the real pain points for operating in our industry. It gives attendees a chance to “ask the experts” any questions, in an open forum, on the many changes, and challenges occurring in our industry. Our addiction conferences cover, better business practices, ethical marketing, patient brokering, billing, drug testing, licensing, DCF, Accreditation, addiction treatment, sales, marketing, and any other business aspect of the addiction and behavioral health industry. Each of our addiction conferences features social media marketing secrets, tricks, and back-doors that will not get anywhere else.

Over 150 Attendees, and 95 Organizations Participating

Addiction Conferences Be Prepared to Learn

As CEO’s, Executives, and Directors it is your job to generate clients. It is also your job to provide your Outreach and Marketing staff tools to assist them in their jobs. Many websites are not equipped well enough to support the foundation marketing requires. Not only are they not equipped to support marketing efforts, there is little chance the Google spiders will visit, or rank many centers.

Many are quick to say web marketing doesn’t work. Their alternative options are PPC, call centers, TV, radio, and “boots on the ground”. Web marketing outperforms these all combined, if set-up and run correctly. While all the above are good parts of a marketing mix, treatment centers must start to have a long-term strategy to survive the difficult and on-going changes in our industry. Learn these needed skills at addiction conferences.

  • Website structure
  • Detailed and robust marketing plan
  • Drug rehab SEO
  • Blog pages SEO
  • Social media presence
  • Branding (this is not marketing)
  • Proper Google business maps on a website
  • Inconsistencies of company info across the web
  • No blog, or not active
  • No testimonials
  • No staff page
  • A website that is about them, and not engaging to the target audience
  • Updated literature
  • Electronic brochures

Also consider, centers need to provide enough tools for their marketing, and outreach staff, in addition to the above. Outreach professionals need some basic tools to generate new referral relationships, and These professionals rely upon the above, in addition to the following;

  • Resources to consistently grow a referral network
  • Training on social media (LinkedIn, and Facebook) to consistently establish new relationships
  • Training on social media to drive targeted visitors to the website and prevent brand damage
  • Training on drug rehab SEO so they know what to look for from their marketing agency
  • A marketing strategy that gets the entire organization involved
  • Driving targeted visitors to a website
  • Detailed marketing plan
  • Understanding all the components of marketing to understand the brand and goals of the center

A Must-attend Event for CEO’s, Directors, and Outreach Providing Proven and Effective Drug Rehab Marketing Strategies

This addiction conference focuses on educating Executives, and Outreach on the drastic changes occurring that affect their entire operation by providing ethical business operating solutions. The event provides “real” business experience from panels of successful Executives business thought leaders and drug rehab marketing specialists in behavioral health.

%Drug Rehab SEO 2017 EMP Talk Show Host Addiction ConferenceMany recent changes occurred with Google Ad Words restrictions, and new addiction treatment marketing laws, This has increased the need for drug rehab marketing. It is paramount for new or existing organizations to address these issues in their current infrastructure to generate revenue, and increase retrurn on investment. Our panelists are proven industry leaders, sharing proven business practices and knowledge. You will learn crucial knowledge that will help your organization survive, and take it to the next level. This addiction conference series is a must-attend event for CEO’s, COO’s, Directors, Executives, Marketing, and Outreach professionals.

%Drug Rehab SEO 2017 EMP Talk Show Host Addiction ConferenceCenters need to know what the Google restrictions mean to their drug rehab marketing plan. Google is forcing better, and ethical drug rehab SEO marketing practicing in our industry. Addiction treatment operators need more education on proven marketing practices and drug rehab SEO to survive. Many are making fundamental mistakes in their rehab marketing. Google saw unethical marketing practices occurring, most likely a direct result of the new laws affecting addiction treatment marketing in Florida.

Addiction Conferences Educate on Changing Behavioral Health Industry

We’ve held several addiction conferences on patient brokering. Even so, many centers are still unclear of the new laws. patient brokering, and deceptive marketing practices that are still present in our industry. Many operators are unaware that they are putting themselves, and their organizations at great risk. The Sober Homes Task Force is still and place, and they are doing their due diligence. Deceptive marketing practices are a big piece of the new laws. Understanding ethical marketing practices are critical not only to survive but also to avoid legal matters with stiff consequences.

%Drug Rehab SEO 2017 EMP Talk Show Host Addiction Conference

This addiction conference brings key thought leaders in ethical addiction treatment marketing. This is a critical time for many treatment centers. CEO’s, Executives, Directors, and Marketing professionals. They must be educated on proper marketing strategies to survive. Many centers do not have a clear understanding of proper website development, drug rehab SEO, Google analytics, call tracking, and organic marketing. If all the above are not set-up properly and put into place, web marketing will never succeed. All BHNR’s addiction conferences connect addiction and behavioral health organizations, and professionals establishing new, and valuable relationships, that not only make good business sense, but assist the many seeking treatment.


Jeffrey L. Cohen, Esq., Board Certified Health Law

Topic: Ethical Marketing in Addiction Treatment

Founder and President of the Florida Healthcare Law Firm in Delray Beach, FL has over 30 years of healthcare law experience with expertise in transnational healthcare and corporate regulatory matters. He is board certified by the Florida Bar as a specialist in health law, and leads a firm with a reputation for being an industry leader in the field of laws that affect addiction treatment providers and businesses connected within the industry.

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Over the last handful of years, as addiction treatment providers have expanded their services into traditionally medical services (e.g. clinical lab and physician services) the need for specialized lawyers with knowledge and longstanding experience in healthcare law has become increasingly crucial.

In response, the Florida Healthcare Law Firm shaped a three-pronged approach to helping the industry—corporate/regulatory counsel; operational compliance counsel; and payer preparedness. Jeff heads the corporate/regulatory services of the Firm. Attorney Jackie Bain heads the operational compliance division. And Attorney Karina Gonzalez heads up all payer related issues for the industry (e.g. insurer payment and recoupment). Additionally, in early 2017 the Firm launched a new comprehensive compliance process, Risk Shield Tools, to provide a simple and integrated compliance solution for the industry.

Named “Best Health Care Attorney” at the 1995 Medical Business Health Care Awards, Mr. Cohen was selected by his peers as a “Leading American Attorney.” He was selected by his peers as one of the Florida Legal Elite for 2008 and again in 2013 and was recognized in Florida Trend‘s 2008 & 2013 print issues. He was also honored as a Key Partner for 2011 by the South Florida Business Journal and he and the Florida firm have been listed in each of the annual editions of Best Lawyers in America, Best Law Firms in America and Super Lawyers since 2011. He was featured as an expert panelist in the 2014 and 2015 Healthcare Transaction Advisors Mergers & Acquisitions Performance Study. Mr. Cohen was also interviewed and provided content for the 2015 book release of “A Financial Prescription for Doctors and Dentists Strategies for Achieving Your Personal and Career Goals.”

Mr. Cohen graduated from Florida State University (B.A. cum laude, 1984) and Florida State University College of Law (J.D 1987).

John Mabry

Topic: Using Innovative Platforms To Tackle The Stigma Of Addiction

– Reach new markets through podcasts

– Use personal interviews of high profile people with interesting stories

John Mabry serves as Director of Public Outreach and the host of ‘High Sobriety’ podcast for Addiction Campuses. He has a Masters in Counseling, is an inventor, award-winning speaker, actor and stuntman with 12 years in the Screen Actors Guild. He has worked on NCIS, ER, the movie Superbad and many others.

Mabry struggled with addiction, depression and PTSD for over a decade following a leg amputation from a car accident. Things got significantly worse, however, after he found his brother dead from an overdose. Out of all the turmoil arose the opportunity for Mabry, once he entered recovery, to develop Addiction Campuses’ Drug-Free Workplace Training program and the host of ‘High Sobriety’ podcast. Recent guests on his show include members of the Grammy-winning rock bands Korn and 3 Doors Down numerous popular actors, as well as many authors and leaders in the field of addiction and mental health.


Alan S. Levine Esq.

Topic: The nature, and ramifications of Florida Statute 397.55. Prohibition of deceptive marketing practices on the addiction recovery industry in Florida, and Reference Nexus a new marketing platform for treatment centers

Alan S. Levine, Esq. is the founding Partner of Levine and Associates, founding co-partner of Addiction Recovery Legal Services, LLC and CEO of Reference Nexus. He has been practicing law in Florida and around the nation for 29 years. Mr. Levine was the first to create a field of law concentrating in representing Petitioners pursuant to Florida Statute 397 also known as the “Marchman Act”. He has personally represented thousands of individuals and families with regard to drug addiction, mental health, and criminal issues. He lectures to various medical professionals and is an accepted expert and authority regarding Florida Statute 397. Mr. Levine provides consults with addiction providers regarding compliance with Florida Statute 397.

What will be covered:

Mr. Levine will be discussing the nature and ramifications of Florida Statute 397.55, prohibition of deceptive marketing practices on the addiction recovery industry in Florida. He will discuss the nuances of the statute and other changes in the Florida law relating to the new limitations imposed upon service provider’s marketing practices. He will also be discussing how Reference Nexus, a new Marchman Act web based platform will enable service providers to reach their target audience and be in compliance with the new statutory limitations.[/su_spoiler]

Jim Peake

Topic: Understand the Immense Value of SEO

Mr. Peake has been an industry leading rehab marketing expert since 2007. He posses an in-depth knowledge on rehab lead generation, and is well known across the US. Starting his career in the direct mail industry he put billions of pieces of mail into American homes and then moved to Internet, specifically web design and web development in 1995.

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He was the catalyst for Kasparov vs. IBM’s Deep Blue Super Computer Chess Event with Ogilvy and a team of MIT engineers. This event put the internet on the front page of every newspaper around the world in one day and officially started the DOT COM boom.

In 2007, Jim launched Addiction-Rep, a direct response addiction treatment lead generation agency that only focuses in the drug rehab marketing industry. Jim’s heads a team of 20 well experienced, industry embeded, professionals. Addiction-Rep is considered to be one of the best in rehab marketing by many experts for branding, web design, web development, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Radio, TV ad production and media buying.

Addiction-Rep has specialized focus on SEO, call tracking, Google analytics, branding, and admissions scoring. He is a national thought leader helping rehabs learn where their ad dollars are working, and not working. Jim also consults investors and rehabs in the mergers and acquisitions side of the rehab industry.

You can find Jim at 617-420-7171

Jim is also Admin of the Facebook Group Parents of Drug Addicts, and you can also find them here at partents of drug addicts 

Spoiler title

Charles Davis, Event Host

Topic: Drug Rehab Marketing Social Media Secrets No One Will Tell You

Charles Davis, CEO Behavioral Health Network Resources, Co-Founder Rehab Rescue, Behavioral Health Business Consultant, Radio Show Personality on the Ethical Business Side of Addiction, National Addiction Marketing Presenter, National Conference Provider, Social Media Trainer (LinkedIn and Facebook), and Founder of some of the largest, and most active social media groups like Addiction Professional Referral Group on Facebook (16,000) Members and 30 other groups (CLICK HERE). He is one of the most connected Addiction and Behavioral Health Professionals in the US.

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Charles combines his BS degree in marketing from the University of Buffalo, 11 years of experience as an Advertising Executive (two largest newspapers in South Florida) selling a large audience, and extensive experience in the rehab industry. He has proven experience in marketing for treatment centers, private clinicians, and addiction related sales/service organizations providing one the largest targeted marketing arms in the industry.

Since entering the addictions field his organization has built up one of the nation’s largest organic, and targeted social media audiences. Their impressive targeted marketing footprint has a direct audience on LinkedIn totaling over 60,000, and over 75,000 on Facebook. This large social media footprint, in combination with other social media, reaches millions on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. (CLICK HERE). BHNR also has a national professional email database of over 80,000 (40,000 active).

Addiction and Behavioral Health social media marketing for B2P and B2C is not understood by many organizations in our industry. There are very few that specialize in organic social media marketing. Whether marketing to professionals, or individuals seeking treatment it takes time, resources, monetary investment, and knowledge of the best social media platforms. It also takes a proper foundation to achieve results. Each platform has it’s own strength to be utilized in our industry, and all organizations in our field need to understand, and use these platforms.

Charles and his over 60,000 Facebook group members would be honored to have you as a group member to assist the dozens seeking treatment information in these Facebook groups; Addiction Professional Facebook Group, Addiction Treatment Industry Top 100, South Florida Reovery Community, Addiction Rescue; Help Before Its Too Late, and Generation “X” Addiction Unleashed.

Eric P. Yorlano, CEO, Integrity Billing

Topic: Ethical Billing, and Marketing

Eric Yorlano is one of Behavioral Health Network Resources executive panelists at our 2021 addiction conferences

Eric P. Yorlano is the Founder and CEO of Integrity Billing, as well as a two term Legislative Member of the Sober Home Task Force, Delray Beach Drug Task Force member and presents nationally for ETHOS (Ethical Training for Healthy Operating Success) and NCAD (National Conference on Addiction Disorders).

Eric’s affiliations, coupled with his dedication and determination to see that SUD treatment services along with revenue cycle management services, put ethics and best practices at the top of the pyramid.  This has put him in a position as a leader of advocacy.

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Eric is quickly becoming a proponent expert in the behavioral health landscape. He advocates for facilities and vendors alike to help improve the image of the Treatment Industry Brand and develop long-term relationships with patients, families and payors.

Ethical marketing is a strategy and philosophy that seeks to promote fairness, honesty, and responsibility in all advertising. The result supports quality billing as a component of a well-rounded approach to treating clients. Without quality billing practices, your facility cannot provide quality services. In this spotlight session, Eric will advise on ethical marketing billing practices and you’ll walk away with tools and strategies to manage your internal team and external billing partners with assuredness.

Brian Frye, CEO, Magna Technology

Topic: Incorrect Website Structure Is Hurting Your Web Marketing More Than You Know

Brain Frye Drug rehab website development consultant

Brian Frye is a well sought-after leader in website structure development with over 15 years of experience in internet marketing, website development, and internet technologies.  Brian launched his first web service in 1999 with the development of, a URL shortened/redirection service which turned long website addresses into short, easy-to-remember URLs.

Today, Brian heads Magna Technology, LLC, a website development, maintenance and technology consulting company serving a variety of small and medium-sized business clients.

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Magna Technology’s success is attributed to the attention to detail with proper website structure. Magna Technology knows the paramount importance of proper website development that allows Google spiders to properly read and rank a website.

A graduate of Boston College’s Carroll School of Management with a degree in Finance and Marketing, Brian combines a passion for computers with a strong background in web development. Brian leverages his skills and education to create unique marketing campaigns that employ insightful and innovative internet technologies.