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Date: 02/23/2016
800 SW 36th Ave, Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Event Starts: 8:30AM to 3:00PM
Herb Skolnick Community Center

Who is this event for?

Who Should Attend the Addiction Conference EMP Series

The addiction conferences EMP series is an excellent event for addiction Executives. It has many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, detox’s, behavioral health clinicians, and sales/service related organizations.  Our industry is in the middle of moments of change and getting intelligence from leaders is critical. Addiction professionals that will benefit from this event include:

  1. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers CEO and executives
  2. Executive Directors
  3. Marketing Directors
  4. outreach addiction to professionals
  5. substance abuse billing companies
  6. electronic medical records companies
  7. drug rehab consultants
  8. SEO professionals
  9. private addiction and behavioral health clinicians

Business and Drug Rehab SEO Marketing is Changing

The business side of Behavioral Health is undergoing drastic changes. Operating a treatment center now requires a smart business and drug rehab SEO marketing plan. Addiction conferences should be providing proven, valuable, and useful strategies for executives. The drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry is changing. Operating inpatient residential drug rehabs will be much different in the next year. Our panelists provide valuable information on the applications that you can put into place and generate new revenue streams

The substance abuse industry is starting to shift into dealing with in-network providers. This is much different than the huge revenue gained from out of network. Intensive outpatient drug rehabs are becoming more popular. The insurance companies are starting to realize the large payouts from in network.

Drug Rehabs More Than Substance Abuse Treatment

This addiction conferences series event is bringing awareness to the need for strategic business strategies. Operating the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers is becoming difficult. New laws, regulations and insurance company’s restrictions are going to tighten the industry.  The co-host sponsor, drug rehabs New Jersey are leading the charge. They will be presenting on bringing drug rehabilitation centers together in our moments of change.

This conference focuses on the business side of behavioral health. It has presentations by substance abuse billing companies educating on upcoming utilization review changes. It also has an industry-leading drug rehab presenting on new insurance. Green Holcomb and Fisher will be educating on mergers and acquisitions that are rocking our industry.

Event Hosts

  • Host
    Behavioral Health Network Resources
  • Co-Chair
    Substance Abuse Billing

Event Sponsors

  • Special Sponsor
  • Special Sponsor
    Atlantic Biotech
  • Special Sponsor
    Greene Holcomb Fisher
  • Lunch Sponsor
    A Bridge to Growth
  • Bag Sponsor
    Twelve Oaks Recovery
  • Badge Sponsor
    Atlantic Biotech
  • Marketing Sponsor
    Wayside House
  • Marketing Sponsor
    Lubell Rosen
  • Pen & Pad Sponsor
    Integrity Billing
  • Prize Sponsor
    AML Diagnostics
  • Coffee Sponsor
    Next Chapter Treatment
  • Coffee Sponsor
    Three Bridges Recovery
  • Coffee Sponsor
    Valle Counseling
  • Coffee Sponsor
    Prime Medical Billing Solutions
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Event Exhibitors

  • MedPro
  • Greene Holcomb Fisher
  • Behavioral Health Network Resources
  • Liberty House
  • Ammon Labs
  • Twelve Oaks Recovery
  • Wellness Resource Center
  • WCA Addiction Recovery Services
  • Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center
  • Art Affects
  • Reach Local
  • Atlantic Biotech
  • AML Diagnostics
  • Clever Maniacs

Event Cost

  • Lunch
  • Engage with a panel of industry Thought Leaders
  • LinkedIn Tips for the industry leader on LinkedIn Charles Davis
  • A chance to win a 39″ Flat Screen TV, or Laptop Computer


Those Interested in Volunteering for Symposium or Quarterly Education and Networking Events email Charles Davis:

Please contact Charles Davis at 561-235-6195, or email him with any questions.

This is an excellent event for your treatment centers, detox’s, private clinicians, and any sales/service related organization.

We look forward to a great event and hope you will join us!

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Event Schedule

February 23, 2016 from 8:30AM to 3:00PM

  • 8:30 AM: Registration
  • 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM: Thought Leaders Business Panel
  • 1:00 PM: Lunch
  • 1:00 PM: Marketing Speaker Sponsor Presentations

* Schedule and Speakers are subject to change. No Refunds Provided.

Please contact Charles Davis at 561-235-6195, or email him with any questions.

Participating Organizations

  • MedPro Billing
  • Acadia
  • Green Holcomb Fisher
  • A Bridge to Growth
  • A Way and Means
  • Advanced Recovery Systems
  • Advanced Stem Cell Formula
  • Addiction Pro
  • Advise Group
  • Aesir Healthcare
  • Amethyst Recovery Center
  • AML Diagnostics
  • Ammon Analytical
  • ARS
  • Art Affects
  • Artis Senior Living
  • A Way and a Means
  • B & L Addiction Training Institute
  • Barry Robinson
  • Beach House Center for Recovery
  • BHNR
  • BHOP
  • Broward House
  • Care Resource
  • Caron Renaissance
  • Clever Maniacs
  • Compulab
  • Concordia Behavioral Health
  • Darryl Strawberry Recovery
  • Detox @ Home
  • Dr. Robert Gunther
  • Dream Consulting LLC
  • Fallen Leaves Recovery
  • Florida Business Consultants
  • Florida Dept of State
  • Fort Lauderdale Addiction Treatment Center
  • Forza Medical
  • Greene Holcomb Fisher
  • HCA
  • Healthy Choices and Lifestyles
  • Infinity Behavioral Health Services
  • Insight To Recovery
  • Integrity Billing
  • Jupiter Medical
  • Lake Haven Recovery Center
  • LCR
  • Lemieux Solutions Unlimited & K2 Visionaries
  • Liberty House
  • Medex Plus Next
  • Meridian Programs
  • MHC Florida
  • Misdemeanor Clinic
  • My Center for Recovery
  • Next Chapter Addiction
  • NAMI Palm Beach County
  • National Labs
  • Premier Healthcare Consulting
  • Prime Medical Billing Solutions
  • Reach Local
  • Reawkenings
  • Recovery Billing Solutions
  • Recovery Forever
  • Red Pepper Group
  • RMI South Florida
  • SAS Group
  • Seacrest
  • Solutions for Life
  • South Ocean Recovery
  • Sovereign Health
  • Stepping Up Recovery
  • Symphony Post Acute Network
  • The Addiction Adviser
  • The Barry Robinson Center
  • The First Step Health Foundation Inc.
  • The Compu Lab Corp
  • The Rehab
  • Three Bridges
  • Twelve Oaks
  • Valle Counseling
  • Waters Edge
  • Wayside House
  • Wellington Counseling & Associates, Inc.
  • Wellness Resource Center
  • YES, Unlimited
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Event Overview

%Drug Rehab SEO Addiction Conferences EMP Panel Series

Addiction Conferences Educating Executives

Addiction conferences EMP series quarterly event at the Herb Skolnick Community Center, in Pompano Beach, FL. It features panels of Executives and Thought Leaders in Addiction and Behavioral Health. It will cover “HOT” business and marketing topics every quarter.

This addiction conferences series gives attendees a chance to “ask the experts” any questions on:

  • better business practices
  • substance abuse billing
  • utilization review
  • drug testing
  • behavioral health licensing,
  • DCF
  • JACHO Accreditation
  • any drug and alcohol treatment centers application
  • drug rehab sales
  • SEO marketing

There are many other aspects of the addiction and behavioral health industry that get covered at these addiction conferences. Each event will also reveal LinkedIn SECRETS, TIPS, and Back-Doors to maximizing LinkedIn by the #1 national drug rehab marketing consultant on LinkedIn.

Addiction Conferences Series Educates on drug rehab SEO marketing

Drug rehab SEO is becoming a must for treatment centers and ancillary services providers. The 40 billion dollars a year industry is tightening up. The money isn’t flowing as easily as it once was. It is becoming more difficult to survive and new strategies are needed. There is a shift in how the behavioral health industry needs to market.

Fixing the common Drug rehab SEO mistakes is becoming a key element for treatment centers advertising. The organizations that adopt new business and marketing strategies will survive these changes. The industry has mainly relied upon AdWords and PPC for their lead generation. Many have also relied solely on “boots on the ground” strategy. These tactics are becoming less successful and the sift is going to SEO and ranking organically on google.

Addiction Conference See Changes Coming for Operators

Drug rehab operators are not prepared for upcoming changes in the behavioral health industry. Regulation is coming and the unprepared will not survive. There are going to be changes in laws, regulations, certifications and the insurance companies are game to billing tactics.

The small players think they can not compete with the big players on the web. REcovery brands and Acadia are spending big money. However, small players need to learn smart drug rehab SEO marketing. Search engine optimization takes time and in this instance that’s a good thing. Getting on board now with SEO will put them in a good position. Learning how to rank on page one of Google organically is going to be key for the small players.

Sponsorship Packages

Panel Thought Leader Presenters (SOLD OUT)

How well prepared are you to survive the changes coming to the Behavioral Health industry?
Substance Abuse Billing Company

As you scroll down this page of registration and sponsorship options, please make note of those which interest you and at the very bottom, you may click on the “Registration” link in order to reserve your spot and/or package and finalize payment.

Event Co-Chair

Proven billing drug rehab billing company


drug rehabs LosAngeles is one of California's best addiction treatment centers
Ten (10) min. (MAX) mic time during lunch

Event Bag Provider

twelve oaks drug and alcohol addiction treatment center

Marketing Speaker

Wayside House drug rehab Lubell Rosen Behavioral Health law Firm for patient brokering

Pen & Pad Provider

drug rehab SEO
Your organization to provide notepads and pens for up to 200 attendees. As this workshop will require participants to take notes, this is an excellent opportunity to have your logo on their notes as they will review time and again prior to mastering all the tricks and short cuts of LinkedIn, as well as the complex process of accreditation.

Prize Providers

AML diagnostics drug rehab diagnostics


Your Organization will be given recognition at the event for one of two prizes; 39″ Screen TV, or a 15″ laptop computer

Badge Provider

Atlantic Biotech drug rehab testing

Coffee Providers

Three Bridges Recovery drug rehab  Valle Counseling drug rehabPrime Medical Billing  Next Chapter Addiction Treatment Center and drug rehab


Wayne Stewart, Specialist in TRICARE Insurance Related Programs Nationally, and National Business Development Liaison for TRICARE

Topic: “Ins and Outs of TRICARE”

Wayne Stewart has spent the past 20 years as a leading voice within the scope of business development on a national level. His vast knowledge and expertise within the medical and behavioral health recovery space comes from having achieved numerous benchmarks with such acclaimed organizations as, TRICARE Health Care Programs (a component of the Military Health System), Aurora Diagnostics and others. In addition, he has devoted much of his time as a Christian Treatment Advocate, a result of having been able to successfully merge his passion for health care services with a love and soulful respect for inner growth and spiritual health.

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Wayne will be presenting on the “Ins and Outs of TRICARE” – the official health care plan of the Military Health System. His presentation will cover numerous key topics highlighting the changing landscape of both private and public health management systems, and will offer practical insights into industry shifts as well as effectively navigating them.

Charles Davis, CEO Behavioral Health Network Resources, National Presenter on “Get Linked for Addiction and Behavioral Health Professionals”, National Conference Provider, and the #1 Connected Addiction and Behavioral Health Professional in the US.

Topic: Ways to utilize LinkedIn for Referrals and Sales

Behavioral Health Network Resources Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Marketing 561-235-6195

Charles combines his 11 years of experience as an Advertising Executive selling an audience, BS degree in marketing. He has extensive experience marketing treatment centers, private clinicians, and addiction related organizations providing the largest marketing arm in the Addiction/BH field. Since entering the addictions field he has built an impressive marketing arm with an email database list of over 80,000 National Addiction/BH professionals, and the largest following of these professionals on LinkedIn totaling over 60,000 professionals.

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Charles started Behavioral Health Network Resources (BHNR) with the concept that no one in the Addiction/BH field has an audience to get reciprocal referrals on a professional level from the hard to reach sources; Private Clinicians, Interventionists, CAP’s, LMHC’s, etc…

The original vision was to assist treatment centers in building professional reciprocal referral relationships. There is and has been an overwhelming response for this service. So much that BHNR now is involved in many aspects of the industry that include;

  • Marketing consultant for several centers producing reciprocal referral relationships, audience building and LinkedIn Training “Get Linked for Addiction Professionals
  • Putting on his own symposiums offering CEU’s, attracting 16-55 Exhibitors, 100-230 Attendees
  • Raised over $250,000 in Addiction and Behavioral Health Scholarships for the Addicts Mom at the Addiction VIP Symposium (January 2015).
  • ADWORDS, SEO, Email Marketing, “Drip Campaigns”,
  • Participated in marketing efforts for Broward County Crime Commission Addiction Conference
  • Marketing Consultant for “Pass It On” a national off-Broadway play featuring Bill W. and Dr. Bob
  • A Consultant for buyers and sellers of treatment centers
  • Marketing consultant and job coach for various private clinicians
  • Past presenter (NAADAC CEU Approved) on “Marketing 101 for Addiction/BH”, and “Get Linked for Addiction Professionals”
  • Owner of 30 rehab marketing social media groups including Facebook Addiction Professional Referral Group 19,000 Members, drug rehab SEO and marketing and Addiction Treatment Marketing.

Mr. Davis will be presenting on ways to utilize LinkedIn for Referrals and sales.

Gregory New, VP of Business Development Med Rep Flow

Topic: New Revenue Generating Service

With the current situation of drug testing reimbursements in our industry, Many treatment centers are searching for new revenue generating streams. Gregory will be revealing an addiction treatment revenue generating service that:

  • Has $0 upfront costs and is completely turn-key
  • Provides a medically necessary service that reduces relapse
  • Is billable through insurance companies
  • Insurance companies are paying for
  • Billing is handled by 3rd party billing company
  • Can generate $10,000’s per month!

Mark Horvick, Principal at Greene, Holcomb & Fischer, LLC

Topic: Key Value Drivers for Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Transactions

Greene, Holcomb & Fisher, LLC is a middle market investment bank. The company focuses on helping business owners maximize the value of their business in sale transactions. GHF has been very active in the substance abuse M&A market, having closed multiple transactions in 2015.

Read More
Mark Horvick has 10 years of M&A experience as both a lawyer and as an investment banker, and has been involved in 50+ M&A transactions ranging from a few million dollars to several billion in value.

Mark will be presenting on key value drivers for substance abuse and behavioral health transactions, including: accreditation, management depth, multi-site/multi-state, in/out of network, continuum of care, revenue from UDS, etc. Mark will also discuss recent trends in the substance abuse M&A market and keys to a successful transaction.