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Having a good drug rehab SEO professional working for your treatment centers is critical. Drug rehab marketing has incurred many changes with many rehabilitation facilities falling behind on web advertising. Almost the entire industry suffers from drug rehab SEO digital Darwinism. They have solely relied upon a paid advertising strategy. This way of conducting business is not viable anymore.

Drug Rehab SEO Needs to Get Smarter

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Treatment centers for drug addiction need to get smarter to beat the Goliath’s in our industry. The way to do that is with drug rehab SEO. This strategy needs to be at the GEO level. This meas they need to go after the local terms in their city. Terms like;

  • drug rehabs
  • inpatient drug rehabs
  • IOP drug rehabs
  • alcohol detox centers
  • opiate detox

All of these terms with the city of the addiction treatment center after them. These are the keywords that you can beat the big players with and get clients. However, this takes the right drug rehab marketing agency and some time. check out Behavioral Health Network Resources 90-day drug rehab SEO program. This will get you on page one of google in 90-days.

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