Addiction treatment lead generation marketing specialists offering rehab marketing solutions. BHNR is a full-service rehab marketing firm that educates on proven addiction treatment lead generation marketing practices. We help reduce costs, generating more revenue, attract new business, gain new relationships, and implement new, more efficient ideas for better business purposes.

Ethical Addiction Treatment Lead Generation Marketing

addiction treatment lead generation marketingBHNR provides proven addiction treatment lead generation strategies that include website development, SEO and social media marketing. We will promote, represent and take whatever steps are deemed ethically appropriate with our drug rehab marketing to improve existing organizations. We can assist with start-ups, or existing centers. BHNR’s team has a total over 30 years’ experience in the addiction treatment industry. It is critical for treatment center owners to have an in-depth knowledge of website development, SEO and organic marketing. Our organization fixes the leaky marketing processes that have been causing wasted marketing dollars. Many centers have invested in marketing that had no chance of success because the foundation was not put into place correctly. Without proper website structure and SEO, your marketing investment does not stand a chance of success. We facilitate the promotion, brand, and expand the name recognition of your organization and its services.

Drug Rehab Marketing Offering

  • Website Development, Hosting, and Management – We find out what is preventing you from organically ranking on page one of Google
  • SEO – There are many common mistakes made by treatment centers, sober living facilities and sales/service organizations
  • Full-service treatment center consulting firm
  • Correct NAP status across the web
  • Web S.W.O.T. analysis to correct leaking marketing mistakes
  • Addiction treatment lead generation social media specialists (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube)
  • Educate addiction treatment centers and detox’s on how to grow a targeted audience they own on Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Educate billing companies, EMR companies, drug testing labs and all sales/service organizations on how to grow a targeted audience
  • Assist in connecting buyers and sellers of addiction and behavioral health centers
  • Off-Line addiction treatment lead generation marketing
  • Private Equity and Investor Consulting
  • Google analytics specialists
  • Comprehensive PPC Campaigns on Facebook
  • LinkedIn Training, guaranteeing 1000 new targeted level one connections
  • Provide Facebook Training to treatment centers, sober livings, private clinicians and sales/service organizations guaranteeing 1,500 new target friends with our 90-day rehab marketing package
  • With our 90-day addiction treatment lead generation marketing (centers, or ancillary organizations) package we can grow one Facebook group to 2,000 targeted members
  • Demonstrate how to reach 100,000’s of your target market. Grow an audience you own of individuals seeking treatment, and professionals for referrals, or sales of your products and services
  • Snail Mail Marketing
  • Email marketing to BHNR’s 40,000 Addiction and Behavioral Health Professionals
  • Website Development, Hosting, and Management
  • Call Tracking Metrics set-up, and maintenance
  • Full tracking including call tracking, and ROI reporting for your campaign

Lead Generation 90-Day Package

addiction treatment lead generation with digital marketingOur social media marketing footprint is in the millions. We help you market you’re center to individuals seeking addiction treatment. We also provide marketing for sales/service companies. In both cases, we instantly tap you into our built and targeted social media audience, while growing your own audience. This new targeted audience is yours forever (Lifetime Value).

  • Ask about our 90-day package that instantly taps into our targeted addiction treatment lead generation marketing audience, and grows a targeted audience that you own. We also provide social media training that teaches you the secrets, tricks, and back-doors to dominate LinkedIn, Facebook, and Email marketing. Email Charles Davis by CLICKING HERE, or Call Charles Davis at 561-235-6195.

Contact Charles Davis for all your rehab marketing and industry service marketing.

Professional, Honest and Proven SEO Services

Do you know the higher-ranking terms on Google, and how much they cost per click?

  • Drug addiction, 40,000 per month with a cost of $5.07 per click.
  • Substance abuse, 40,000 per month with a cost of $5.00 per click.
  • Rehabilitation center, 18,000 per month with a cost of $31.45 per click.
  • Drug rehab, 12,000 per month with a cost of $52.04 per click.

Interestingly, the highest paid terms we found, were not searched the most. Alcohol treatment centers only receives 2,359 clicks, and costs $74.56 per click. We also found alcohol rehab with 6,600 clicks per month with a whopping cost of $73.57.

These keywords are responsible for thousands of treatment admissions. Remember, only the first three listings are paid, everything else is organic. Search engine optimization is the most effective, and reliable lead source.

The Power of Internet Marketing

You need a healthy addiction treatment marketing mix that is trackable. Many treatment centers are taking short cuts with their marketing efforts. They are mostly relying on “boots on the ground” strategies. While this should be in their marketing mix, it is only a small piece. The big payday is when potential clients come to you. You can achieve this strategy by utilizing Google organic search rankings. This is strategy BHNR has been utilizing in leading the industry marketing trends.

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