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SEO Rehab Marketing Magic Over Pay Per Click

SEO rehab marketing is only one of the key areas many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers do not understand. Substance abuse marketing is a complicated process. Finding and utilizing ethical business and marketing strategies is critical to surviving the changes in the behavioral health industry. New laws, regulations and the billing companies playing games are going to cause substance abuse treatment centers to close. The days of having a poor business and drug rehab marketing strategy, generating unprecedented revenue are gone.

What is SEO Rehab Marketing?

You not only need a robust marketing mix you also need search engine optimization including correctly optimizing every page on your website. This is the starting point where many drug rehabilitation centers fail. We look at many addiction treatment websites every day and 90% of them have poor or no SEO. Not only are the main pages poor, but the blogs are poor at best. This is also true for substance abuse sales and service organizations.

Without proper website page optimization, many of your marketing efforts are ineffective. Google spiders are looking for keywords in Url’s, H Tags, Alt Tags, and SERP descriptions to name a few. Understanding these areas will push your rankings on Google. The current competitive market for substance abuse recovery centers demands proven marketing solutions. Many addiction treatment centers are suffering from Digital Darwinism with their drug rehab SEO.

Why You Need Drug Rehab SEO Backlinks?

No matter what you have heard link building is still the #1 factor in rankings. And, it’s not the number of links, it’s the authority of the site linking in. However, there are other factors that must be put into place. When link building, there are two areas to look at for ranking. First, look at the keywords you’re already ranking on. These should be on pages 2-50 on google. They will be the easiest to work on. Then write a list of all the keywords you want to rank for. These should be long-tail keywords followed by the city you are located. This is a good starting point for drug rehab SEO. For those of you handling the marketing in the treatment space, you are probably aware of how tough these keywords are to obtain, especially since Google has clamped down the PPC in this business segment.

Google Forces High-Quality Authoritative SEO Rehab Marketing Backlinks

With all the changes that started in September 2017, with Google PPC in the treatment space, it is now more important than ever to rank organically on Google. Optimizing Google local listings is where the small to medium players need to focus. When someone searches for a treatment center in your area you must be found, at the very least, in the Google maps 3 pack. Local search is the key for drug rehab SEO to unlock the potential of Google, organically generating calls for your center. If you are not, you should consider hiring a drug rehab marketing consultant.

Get Your Drug Rehab SEO Marketing Backlinks Increasing Google Rank

In this day and age, it can be tough to find solid back-links increasing SEO for your website.  As Google continues to make changes so should you. However, the problem is that drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers do not know how to get backlinks. Everyone in the industry thinks they must come from listing sites or other treatment centers. Behavioral Health Network Resources has spent the last two years in our SEO laboratory. We studied  SEO Gods like Neal Patel and Moz. These guys are the worlds best at search engine optimization.

For our upcoming Addiction Conferences California EMP Series event, Awakenings Outpatient Drug Rehab Agoura Hills decided to Co-host. They want to send a clear message to California treatment centers. As we’ve seen in Florida if centers don’t get educated, unite and fight against patient brokering they will be closing. This is at the core of BHNR’s addiction conferences and marketing.

Drug Rehab SEO Success Story

Awakenings Treatment has stepped up to help provide probably the most important addiction conference California has ever seen. Substance abuse treatment centers are going close, are you going to be one of them? This leadership captured our attention. BHNR decided to provide 30 days of drug rehab SEO marketing to Awakenings. We also knew they contracted SEO Tuners for some of their marketing. Every time we work in conjunction with SEO Tuners Google magic happens.

The last time we worked with them the contract lasted one year. The client went from ranking for 50 keywords to over 350. They went from 100 calls a month to over 300 calls per month. After taking our SEO training course they are now doing their own search engine optimization.

Awakenings Treatment SEO Ranks in 14 days

Search engine optimization involves an endless amount of things. Google is looking for a combination of signals and road signs. Many different drug rehab SEO consultants and companies work in different areas. However, the goal is the same, to boost online authority. The combination of the SEO work SEO Tuners does with BHNR’s work has proven to be exceptional every time.  Within 14 days Awakenings treatment’s blog posts, LinkedIn business profile and Facebook business profile were on page one of Google. Those are unprecedented rankings and to be honest we are not really exactly sure how this happened. We do know we followed Neal Patal’s and Moz’s recommendations. Here is what they ranked for;

  • #2 for outpatient drug rehabs Agoura Hills with the LinkedIn business page
  • Facebook business page ranked #8 for outpatient drug rehabs Agoura Hills
  • #4 with their LinkedIn business page one for drug rehab Agoura
  • Blog post ranked #10 for drug rehab Agoura
  • #9 with the LinkedIn business page for drug rehab Agoura Hills
  • #5 with LinkedIn Business Page Outpatient drug rehab Agoura Hills

Learn Rehab SEO Marketing at Addition Conferences EMP Series

Behavioral Health Network Resources next Addiction Conferences Executive EMP Series event is on 5/21/19 in Florida. This conference boasts 5 Executive panelists, including SEO Tuners, in several business and marketing areas. They will provide the needed tools and education in business and marketing in our industry. The panelists will mentor and provide solutions you can put into place immediately. If you want to recapture 20-30% of your lost revenue, you need to attend. Many things you can do in-house, and you will get the information needed to check what your current marketing agency is doing. This event will also address the many common substance abuse marketing mistakes including;

  • Legal and patient brokering information for treatment centers in California.
  • Learn about all the money that is left on the table in your billing.
  • Changing your utilization review increase profits by 20-30%.
  • How to use in-network contracts to fill beds.
  • How to effectively deal with insurance companies from an insurance specialist Executive.
  • Proper Website Development Vs. Drug Rehab SEO Marketing (it’s hurting you more than you know).
  • drug rehab SEO In-house or with your agency. Know what to look for.
  • How to get authoritative, respected high PR back-links to improve drug rehab SEO
  • Why you’re not on page one of Google generating 1000’s of calls.
  • Why California treatment centers suffer from Digital Darwinism.
  • Tools for outreach addiction professionals.
  • Power networking with C-Level industry professionals.

We would like to thank all our panelists, sponsors, exhibitors and participants for supporting ethical business and marketing practices in our industry. Without your support, we would be unable to provide critical business and marketing education in this difficult time in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry. We look forward to seeing on January 22., 2018.