Addiction Treatment Center Marketing [No IoT Assets]

Addiction Treatment Center Marketing

Addiction treatment center marketing is a big picture and you need a vision for long-term solutions. Many treatment centers are short sighted with their addiction treatment center marketing spend efforts. I’m not the only one that sees this in the addiction treatment and addiction sales/service markets. So much, that they don’t read, or understand their Google Analytics. Also, many do not have call tracking (CLICK HERE to get) telling them where the call came from (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, organic, paid, etc.). What articles are producing the most calls, and who made the call. You also get their contact information, and much more intel.

Top 5 musts in addiction treatment marketing

Many industry experts are saying that only about 5-10% of all internet traffic is attributable to paid search. While 50-60% is attributable to organic search. Organic searches are results from a search engine that appear because of their relevance to the search terms.

Addiction Treatment Center Marketing Spending Big Dollars

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There are big dollars spent on addiction treatment center marketing in the Addiction Treatment Industry. It takes a lot to get treatment clients and to get sales/service business. According to FORBES Magazine, 40 BILLION Dollars of revenue are generated from addiction treatment alone. If you are savvy in addiction treatment center marketing, you are spending 20% of your revenue on marketing. That means there are over 8 billion dollars being spent on addiction treatment marketing in our industry. Even well-established centers, and especially new centers should have an addiction treatment center consultant guiding, and steering them away from costly mistakes.

Addiction Treatment Center Marketing IoT

There are currently two national shifts occurring in addiction treatment center marketing. National large treatment centers are bullying the small to medium size centers with the GOOGLE ADWORDS market. GOOGLE is laughing all the way to the bank everyday. Consider this, GOOGLE is generating a whopping 100 MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY in ADWORDS. There are about 75 players spending $500,000-$3,000,000 per month in the addiction industry. This is causing major problems for the small to medium size players to be able to play the ADWORDS game. They are scared and don’t know how to resolve the problems. This combined with the new laws that were put into place on July 1, 2017 in Florida. It’s paramount that addiction treatment centers get organized and educated on their marketing practices.

Drive Visitors to Your Website

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It generally takes about 10-15 calls to generate one client in addiction treatment center marketing. The CPA is generally $1500-$3,000 per client depending how you break it down. In that process, there are 100’s that have touched upon their center. The days of being happy getting that one are gone. You need to repeatedly and continually get them back into your referral sales funnel. Also, focusing on a minimum of 4 social mediums (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube) is an absolute must. However, they need an established large audience, and solid content to drive traffic (we drive 500-1000 visitors every 7-10 days) organically growing SEO is paramount. Social media is a must for any treatment center, and they need to learn how to build their own electronic assets.

Addiction Treatment Center Marketing – Adwords

Many small to medium size players have unsophisticated marketing infrastructure in place. They have an overall lack of knowledge with marketing. They have been somewhat successful until now in the ADWORDS sandbox. For these centers to survive they must get smart and have something to show for the $15,000-$25,000/Month marketing spend. They need a long-term plan, with a large marketing mix, that gives them something to show for their yearly spend on marketing.

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With the ADWORDS game once you run out of money or stop paying up to $52 a click, your marketing is totally gone. No more leads, no more lead generation, and no more SEO. There mareting completely stops with nothing to show for their spend. Placing a solid organic model to their addiction treatment center marketing mix would of played better. They would still have a steady “drip” of conversions, and steady Eddy SEO with their audience they own.

Content Models take time to start producing (6-9 months), and 3 years to put your organization in their optimum position. It takes and understanding of social media, email marketing, SEO, call tracking, Google analytics, and much more. Contact Charles Davis at, or 561-235-6195 to make sure you have something to show for your marketing spend in the future.

Addiction Treatment Center Marketing & Consulting

If you are a CEO, or an Executive of a addiction treatment center you must have detailed marketing plan. One with a healthy marketing mix to generate clients. A marketing mix is constantly changing and being modified to the ongoing changes in the market. If you don’t have, you better get one because with the changes on the business side of our industry it has become paramount you have one in place.

Addiction Conference EMP Addiction Treatment Marketing

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All treatment centers should own a targeted audience. Building and owning a social media audience gives a life-time value to your center that pays dividends year after year. If you haven’t, start building your center’s electric assets. Grow a targeted audience that is yours to keep. BHNR is a addiction treatment center marketing and consulting firm. Our team, with over 30 years combined industry experience can increase calls, traffic and revenue. Our 90-day marketing program instantly plugs you into our direct targeted audience on Facebook (100,000), LinkedIn (75,000), and Twitter (14,000). We run your Facebook and LinkedIn for 90-days distributing your quality content to millions. After the 90-days we teach you all the secrets, tricks, and back-doors on these mediums so you can finally have an audience that you own.  CLICK HERE for more information.


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